Women’s Industry Giants Flourishing in Barcelona: A Catalonian Perspective

6 months ago

Women entrepreneurs in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain are making a mark for themselves in various industries including wellness, healthcare, fashion, rental services, and more. These trailblazers are pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes, and creating products and services that are not only revolutionary but are also making a positive impact on society. These companies, despite their diverse verticals, all have one common goal: to empower women and contribute towards their growth and well-being. Here are some companies that are taking giant strides in the Women’s industry.

Catalonia, with Barcelona at its heart, is a hotbed for start-ups. Its vibrant start-up scene, coupled with its inclusiveness and multiculturalism set, the perfect stage for companies in the women’s industry to flourish. Let’s delve into the world of such successful women-led companies that have risen from the heart of Barcelona and are reaping success with their disruptive ways of functioning.

Whether it is Tech, Lifestyle, Healthcare, or Fashion, women entrepreneurs in Barcelona have ventured into diverse business categories and are leading the way with their innovative solutions. This article will throw light on some of these companies that are not merely reshaping businesses, but are also transforming lives in the process.


Leveraging technology to improve women’s sexual happiness, Emjoy is a health and wellness company. Founded by Andrea Oliver and Daniel Tamas, the company provides a platform for women to access educational audios. Apart from increasing sexual satisfaction, these audios also contribute towards enhancing relationships and promoting body acceptance. Furthermore, Emjoy has been successful in creating a safe and judgement-free platform where women can explore their sexuality. Connect with Emjoy on @letsemjoy, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Dana, by a thousand colibris SL

Dana, an initiative by a thousand colibris SL, represents a progressive stride in the sphere of mental health care for women. Co-founded by Sven Dr. Mulfinger and Verónica Montesinos, it specifically addresses the mental health concerns of women transitioning through motherhood. Dana offers an app developed with features like psycho-educational content, emotional self-assessment tools, tele-consultation services, and a community for mothers. It aims to counter the under-diagnosis and lack of treatment often associated with perinatal mental health disorders. Learn more about Dana on its LinkedIn page.

Cotton High Tech SL

Cotton High Tech SL offers an entire gamut of feminine hygiene products made with ecological cotton. The company highlights the importance of personal hygiene and empowers women by lending them access to premium quality hygiene products.


Revolutionizing intimate apparel for women, COCOROINTIM SL designs absorbent underwear for menstruation, vaginal discharges, and minor urine leaks. The company is the brainchild of Clara Guasch, Cristina Torres, Eva Polío, and Laida Memba Ikuga. COCOROINTIM SL’s products represent an intersection of technology, feminism, and sustainability. Follow COCOROINTIM SL on @cocorointim, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Her Roomies

Her Roomies is a rental platform focused on female tenants. From property verification to relocation support, Her Roomies takes care of everything. With an emphasis on creating a community for women, it provides exclusive deals for members. You can find out more about Her Roomies on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Femmefleur is an e-commerce platform that provides products and services focused on women. They aim to empower women by offering products that cater to their unique needs.


BROWNIE is a consumer goods and e-commerce company that caters to women’s lifestyle and fashion. They are devoted to serving their customers with stylish and quality products. You can explore more about Brownie on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Ruby Cup

Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup that addresses the concerns many women have about their periods. Co-founded by Julie Weigaard Kjær and Veronica D’Souza, its eco-friendly solution not only helps women manage their menstrual cycle but also adds to their wellness. You can follow Ruby Cup on @rubycup, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Provital manufactures beauty and cosmetic products. Keeping the essence of nature in mind, they provide quality products that make a difference. Learn more about Provital through their LinkedIn profile.

Almas Libres

Almas Libres is a charity and non-profit organization founded by Laura Jones. Focused on uplifting women, Almas Libres believes in the collective power of community service. Stay updated about Almas Libres by following them on @almas_libres_es or on their LinkedIn page.

Sensual Intim

Sensual Intim is an e-commerce platform offering healthcare products and services for women. The company aims at providing convenient, quality, and affordable healthcare solutions. For more information, follow Sensual Intim on @sensualintimesp, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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