10 Companies Providing Cyber Security Services For Small Businesses – Recommended in 2020

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4 years ago

This list provides a great range of companies that provide various different cyber security services. We’ve put together this list with small businesses in mind so we hope you’ll be able to find the perfect match of cyber security services for your business below.

SecurIT360 Remote Workforce Cyber Security

This product was recommended by Steven Solomon from SecurIT360

As the fear of the Coronovirus spreads, governments and companies are looking to reduce human contact. Exposed cities are on lockdown, forcing any work to be done remotely. SecurIT360 offers security consultations and assessments that start at $2,500 to help organizations securely transition their users to work from home.

Learn how to reduce your security risks and protect your remote users from cyber attacks.


This product was recommended by Jesse Crouch from Never Astray

There is no greater mistake I see among small business owners than their password management methods. If you use the same 1-3 passwords, write them down on a post it, or have trouble remembering your passwords – you’re doing it wrong. 1Password lets you store everything in one place and protects you against the #1 greatest password vulnerability: repetition.

It creates extremely secure passwords for you and stores them in a way so you don’t have to remember them. If you use same 1 to 3 passwords on every website, it is guaranteed that you will get hacked. Simply put, if one website is compromised and the attacker is able to access your password information, then everywhere else you use the same password is vulnerable as well. If that doesn’t sell you, then maybe having a way to remember passwords will.

It is inevitable that whenever I set up web-based services (email, website, phones, ads, review websites) for small business owners they will always need to reset a password because they can’t remember it. 1Password stores everything in one place so you don’t have to.


This product was recommended by Konstantine Zuckerman from CYBRI

CYBRI is a U.S.-based cybersecurity company that specializes in Penetration Testing and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO) services for small and medium-sized businesses. By analyzing a company’s needs, CYBRI provides the perfect combination of skill, technology, and industry experience from its network of highly-vetted U.S.-based cybersecurity experts, penetration testers, and Red Team members. CYBRI’s offerings find and remediate critical vulnerabilities and improve cybersecurity posture.

Untangle NG Firewall 15

This product was recommended by Heather Paunet from Untangle

Untangle offers all-in-one security solutions for small businesses and enterprises. Their flagship product Untangle NG Firewall 15 is the #1 choice among IT Pros. Small business owners can easily employ comprehensive solutions available in the Untangle Command Center, including SD-WAN routing capabilities to easily manage network security across multiple business sites. Alongside their newly released threat detection app, Untangle NG Firewall 15 is the cost-effective solution for enterprises.


This product was recommended by Perry Toone from Thexyz

It was designed for families in mind but has recently been popular with people adjusting to working from home or setting up an online service. With this bundle you are buying 3 different services from 3 different vendors. All for one low price.


This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from Tacuna Systems

Cloudfare is a Cost effective tool specially created for protecting websites. It protects your company website from several types of malicious attacks. It not only detects and prevents such attacks but also provides detailed reports on all activities. This tool also allows you to monitor users on your site and sniff out potential hackers. You can also activate site encryption.


This product was recommended by Benjamin Grant from Lapidux

KeePassXC is a fork (variation) of KeePass, which is an open source program used to securely manage your passwords. KeePassXC runs natively on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and supports features such as autotype (it will type your details into websites for you), adjustable encryption/security settings, and offline database storage (no trusting the cloud needed). Having a password manager is paramount in 2020, and any business not already using one should transition immediately to a free or paid solution.


This product was recommended by Gabe Turner from Security

ExpressVPN will encrypt your employees’ web traffic which is perfect for when they’re working remotely and are more susceptible to being hacked. Their IP addresses will be replaced and their web activity will be completely hidden in an encrypted tunnel, protecting any sensitive business or customer information they might be working with.


This product was recommended by Gabe Turner from Security

Dashlane is a password manager that will remember all of your employees’ work-related passwords for them, storing them in an encrypted vault. It makes it easy to share passwords securely, as well as generate new passwords that are long, complicated and unique to each account. On top of that, Dashlane prevents unauthorized users from accessing employee accounts with two-factor authentication, which requires employees to enter a passcode sent to their phone, or multi-factor authentication, which is fingerprint or facial recognition.

Dashlane will even provide an audit on their current passwords to make sure they are strong, and with premium plans, they throw in a scan of their inboxes and the dark web for their credentials along with a VPN, identity theft insurance, credit monitoring and more.


This product was recommended by Gabe Turner from Security

PrivacyGuard is an identity monitoring service that can protect your employees from identity theft by monitoring their credit reports, bank, credit card and investment accounts, as well as the dark web and other criminal activity areas. They’ll be notified of any mention of their names on public records, neighborhood watch reports, registered offenders locator, and more. This will keep your employees safe so that they can continue to work at their highest capacity.

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