20 Best Climate Change Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about climate change ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best climate change podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Climate Change Podcasts 2021

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Reversing Climate Change

  • Publisher: Nori
  • Total Episodes: 203

A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/reversingclimatechange/support

America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast

  • Publisher: Doug Parsons
  • Total Episodes: 137

A changing climate presents humanity with only one option: adapt. Join your host, Doug Parsons for America’s leading podcast on climate change – America Adapts! Each episode, Doug sits down with scientists, activists, policymakers, and journalists to discuss the tough questions facing this country and the world as we confront humanity’s greatest challenge. Question your assumptions, refresh your perspective, and become part of the climate movement that will determine our planet’s future, right here on the America Adapts podcast.

Climate Change (Audio)

  • Publisher: UCTV
  • Total Episodes: 117

Climate change is here; it’s happening. Find out what that means, why scientists are so sure and what we need to do now.


  • Total Episodes: 44

We have the important (sometimes) uncomfortable conversations that more people need to be having.

Bionic Planet: Reversing Climate Change by Restoring Nature

  • Publisher: Steve Zwick
  • Total Episodes: 66

We’ve entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene, and nothing is as it was. Not the trees, not the seas – not the forests, farms, or fields – and not the global economy that depends on all of these. What does this mean for your investments, your family’s future, and the future of man? Each week, we dive into these issues to help you Navigate the New Reality.

South of 2 Degrees – The Science Behind Climate Change

  • Publisher: Brian Barnes
  • Total Episodes: 36

Dedicated to bringing scientific research to the forefront of the climate conversation in order to help individuals around the globe, regardless of political affiliation, make informed decisions on the greatest issue of our generation.

Planet A – Talks on climate change

  • Publisher: Dan Jørgensen
  • Total Episodes: 22

A podcast on climate change hosted by the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jørgensen. Inviting some of the world’s leading experts, policy makers and activists to share their thoughts with us. Not only to address the challenges and dilemmas inherent in climate change. But also to talk about its possible solutions.

Climate Change Weekly

  • Publisher: Climate Change Weekly
  • Total Episodes: 14

Climate Change Weekly is a podcast that picks some of the week’s most important climate change related news for discussion, includes a topic of the week (which is thought provoking and often controversial) and encourages listeners to do their part to tackle climate change. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for making the podcast better or you would like to suggest a topic of the week. You can contact me via an email to [email protected] or on twitter using @WeeklyClimate.

Talking Climate Change with Yash Negi

  • Publisher: Yash Negi
  • Total Episodes: 44

My name is Yash Negi, I am a CSE student. I am studying on climate change from 2018 and I have decided to come with my own podcast channel on climate change which is “Talking Climate Change with Yash Negi.” This podcast is very different from the other podcast as you will hear only me telling you about each and every single topic associated with climate change. You can follow me on Twitter for daily climate change news, and you can give me suggestions to improve my podcast on the email ID given below. Along with the podcast I do have my website in which I post my blogs on climate change and technology.Twitter: https://twitter.com/realyashnegiEmail: [email protected]: climatology.in

Groundwork: Climate Change & Culture

  • Publisher: Groundwork
  • Total Episodes: 2

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by climate change. Climate change is not just about greenhouse gases, technology, policy, and renewable energy. Climate change is a relational problem rooted deep in our culture and the ways we see our world. It comes from our relationships with the ecosystems and people who make up our complex world. It comes from our relationships with ourselves as we navigate an increasingly fast-paced and consumeristic world. Groundwork is a podcast exploring culture’s role in climate change and how it relates to us as individual people.

The ClimateReady Podcast: Adapting to Climate Change & Uncertainty

  • Publisher: The Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)
  • Total Episodes: 31

The ClimateReady Podcast features interviews and segments on emerging trends in the intersection of climate change and water. International experts in policy, engineering, finance, and other sectors will provide cutting-edge perspectives on climate adaptation advances, challenges, and stories. This podcast is a product of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA).

Shaping The Future – From Pandemic To Climate Change

  • Publisher: Nick Breeze
  • Total Episodes: 34

Interviews with environmental / climate change experts discussing the choices we collectively face in determining what future we will shape for ourselves, future generations and all other life within the biosphere. The podcast is produced by Nick Breeze and hosted on the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series website, climateseries.com, as an appendage to the series that itself in jeopardy due to the disruptive nature of the pandemic. Please subscribe to the podcast. Thanks, Nick Breeze

Field Notes on Climate Change

  • Publisher: Climate Impacts Research Centre / Emma Brisdion
  • Total Episodes: 7

A climate change podcast from the front lines of Arctic research

Climate Conversations: A Climate Change Podcast

  • Publisher: ClimateX
  • Total Episodes: 51

Climate Conversations was a weekly climate change podcast from two MIT alumni and MIT Open Learning, as a part of their ClimateX project. ClimateX was an online platform that facilitated climate change learning, connection, and action. You can also find us on iTunes at http://bit.ly/ClimateConversations

Climate Action Now – An Ørsted podcast on climate change and the solutions

  • Publisher: Ørsted
  • Total Episodes: 6

We know it’s alarming. Our streets and cities are flooding, our forests are burning, sea levels are on the rise. Our shared home, planet Earth, is threatened by man-made climate change. But did you also know that we already have the solutions to stop the escalating climate crisis? In this five episode podcast series we explore the solutions and dive into why the key to reaching our collective climate goals lies with the global energy sector and a systemic, swift transition from black to green energy. You will meet experts and strategists driving green transformation and understand the different components needed to get there in time to protect our home. Ørsted, the worlds most sustainable energy company, is publishing this podcast series to inspire everyone to take action now.

Cleaning Up. Leadership in an age of climate change.

  • Publisher: Michael Liebreich
  • Total Episodes: 42

Once a week Michael Liebreich has a conversation with a leader in clean energy, mobility, climate finance or sustainable development. Informational, inspiring and fun!

Climate Change (Video)

  • Publisher: UCTV
  • Total Episodes: 117

Climate change is here; it’s happening. Find out what that means, why scientists are so sure and what we need to do now.

Climate Change

  • Publisher: Mariam Aref
  • Total Episodes: 2

The Earth is counting on us. Now it is time for us to help it back. I couldn’t have this podcast without Yangchen, Jaden, and Abdoulaye.

Climate Change Challenges & Solutions

  • Publisher: David Lilley
  • Total Episodes: 2

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world. None of the leading scientists in the world would debate this statement and there is a race to try and reduce the carbon emissions that will cause a tipping point in 10 years time if the plan signed up to by world leaders is not accomplished. Almost every human being in the world has a part to play and every business and organisation has a responsibility to understand both understand their carbon footprint and to create a plan to reduce it. We debate the challenges and the solutions.

Climate change

  • Publisher: Yesenia Cardenas Osornio
  • Total Episodes: 1

Climate change

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