20 Best Destination Services Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about destination services ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best destination services podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Destination Services Podcasts 2021

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Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose

  • Publisher: Glenn Ambrose
  • Total Episodes: 193

“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a means of travel.” This podcast is an open discussion with Life Coach Glenn Ambrose, of Life Enhancement Services of Rhode Island. We’ll be discussing the things that really matter in life, the lessons we learn from what happens to us/what happens for us, and finding peace, joy, and laughter along the way. You can learn more about Glenn at: www.life-enhancement-services.com

The Golf Trip Authority

  • Publisher: by TripCaddie.com
  • Total Episodes: 35

From the creators of TripCaddie.com, The Golf Trip Authority is bringing the experience of the buddies golf trip to life by entertaining, informing and inspiring golfers with critical information for planning their next buddy golf trip. We interview key experts with knowledge about the greatest golf resorts, courses, products and services that make golf trips truly memorable! Subscribe today to get weekly golf trip goodness delivered straight to your earbones! When planning your next golf trip, make TripCaddie.com your first destination!

The Iceland Travel Podcast

  • Publisher: Iceland Travel
  • Total Episodes: 13

Welcome to the Iceland Travel Podcast with your Icelandic host, Skúli Arason. In this podcast we learn something about Iceland from people who can offer some great insights for tourists or anyone interested in Iceland. A wide range of topics are discussed, so there should be something for everyone. There are many informational blogs and articles about Iceland on our homepage icelandtravel.is and we encourage you to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for travel inspiration and more. Since 1937 Iceland Travel has been the leading travel company, tour operator and destination management company (DMC) in Iceland, offering top-quality services. We take great pride in our diverse portfolio of tours in Iceland. We also offer high-quality tours and experiences in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. We are your proud local hosts!

HPE Data Unleashed

  • Publisher: Guy Smith & Nick Dyer
  • Total Episodes: 3

Guy Smith, head of technology solutions at CDW talks with Nick Dyer, HPE’s global storage field CTO and technologist, about current challenges and developments in the data centre and the cloud. Topics covered include: * The challenge for IT of “doing more with less” * The growth of intelligent storage * Is digital transformation a destination or an evolution? * The need to modernise while “keeping the lights on” for legacy applications * Making on-premises data centres “boring” * How platforms get connected to the cloud in order to span applications and data and make the best use of public cloud services * Developers and shadow IT as drivers of cloud adoption * Why DevOps like containers * New technology is making containers simpler to implement Orchestration between the data centre and the cloud (and across clouds) * IT as a Service * Orchestration, automation and DevOps.

School of Travel

  • Publisher: Konrad Waliszewski
  • Total Episodes: 32

The School of Travel podcast keeps you updated on the newest travel tips, trending stories, unique destinations, travel hacks, and industry insights that could help (or hurt) your next trip. I make sure you are in the know for the the best gear, tech, and services that is shaping the future of travel. – DM me on Instagram: @gokonrad – Get a personalized, always up-to-date travel guide for your next trip with the TripScout app for iPhone: https://tripscout.app.link/schooloftravel

Join The Tribe with Saeed Younan

  • Publisher: SAEED YOUNAN
  • Total Episodes: 55

DJ, producer and Younan Music label head Saeed Younan releases his debut full-length artist album of original tracks titled, MORPH (https://fanlink.to/morph35). As a sought after remixer for many years, Younan’s production skills shine as he journeys from the signature dancefloor percussive rhythms to meditative soundscapes. A world class globe-trotting DJ, a recording artist, a sought-after remix producer, and head of his own record label (Younan Music), Saeed Younan has excelled as a true artist in the global dance scene. Without showing complacency, Saeed Younan does not cease to amaze, always looking to astound. As a DJ, Saeed’s performances are renowned for his technical abilities and precision. He effortlessly weaves and morphs tracks together into a seamless blend of house and techno. Enhancing his music into a warm and sexy vibe, while building momentum by allowing the music to ebb and swell. Always a guaranteed good time watching and listening to Saeed work a room and build a vibe. As DJ MAG puts it “Saeed Younan is one of the few DJ’s that really know how to serve it up well”. No surprise why Carl Cox chose Saeed as his goto DJ to open for all his US tour dates, including his Las Vegas residency (2014 & 2015). Carl Cox also invited him to play his arena in numerous festivals, including EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Miami, Electric Forest, Escapade Canada, Digital Dreams Canada, and the legendary closing of SPACE Ibiza final chapter (September 2016). In testimony to his worldwide appeal, Saeed was nominated one of America’s Top 100 DJ’s, entering America’s Best Top 50 DJ Poll six years in a row (DJ Times Magazine U.S.A). Beatport nominate Saeed Younan for best tech-house track (Beatport award). He was also nominated for Best Breakthrough DJ at the 2003 Dance Star Awards. These milestone events gave him the global recognition and provided the opportunity to push his sound further and captivating audiences worldwide. Saeed has headlined at prominent clubs across the globe in exotic locations such as Ibiza, Egypt, Bulgaria, Dubai, Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Madrid, Russia with the list going on and on. As a producer, Saeed is currently entering the busiest period of his career. Not only is he playing at different destinations on a weekly basis, but he also stepped up his production and remix work. He’s had numerous top 10 singles on Beatport, traxsource, and other reputable digital download services; released six mixed albums; and worked with some of the biggest dance labels in the industry. Born in Iraq but living in Washington DC since the early 80’s, Younan grew up listening to a variety of ethnic music. As a result, his musical sound resonates with percolating beats and sonic grooves. His production have been dubbed “timeless” by top DJs and even referred to as a “change of heart for dance music.” His vision is clear, yet simply stated: “I just want people to enjoy my music as much as I enjoy playing it for them.” Saeed Younan is certainly a busy man with many jobs, but armed with his fierce work ethic and an unlimited passion for music, he welcomes each new challenge. “It’s a lot of juggling,” he admits, “but I’m used to it, I’ve done it all my life. I’m excited about the future, about my label and my production work. I wake up every morning and ask, what is going to keep me going? What can I do that nobody else has done yet? What’s next?”

Nomad Business & Lifestyle

  • Publisher: Robert Ross
  • Total Episodes: 14

10 years ago Robert Ross sold everything he owned packed up a suitcase, 6 surfboards and his dog and moved to a small surf town called Montañita, Ecuador where he built and operates a large Hotel and Real Estate business @montanitaestates, ME Hotel & Villas – Montañita Estates. Do you want to follow your passion and walk away from your 9-5 corporate job but curious how other people afford to their lives traveling and living in exotic locations? Before, leaving the United States, Robert lived in Los Angeles, worked in financial services and used every vacation for 12 years traveling to exotic surf destinations in Central, South America and Asia scouting the world for the ideal place to live on a beauitful beach and leave his corporate life behind. Today, he focuses his energy on spending every minute of the day on exactly what he wants to do, time with his family, Surfing, Kiting and growing the ME Hotel. A long the way Robert has spent countless hours meeting and talking to others who have traded in their corporate lifestyle to take control of their future enjoying the life of the nomadic traveler and business abroad. Robert seeks to share his experiences and that of others that are doing business while traveling and living abroad on this podcast.

ICS Connects | The Future of Exchange

  • Publisher: International Conference Services
  • Total Episodes: 19

Are you wondering what the future of exchange will look like? ICS Connects reveals unscripted insights, forming genuine conversations with global meeting experts. Join Mathias Posch, the Host of ICS Connects, and President of International Conference Services, for trending topics and 360 meeting views. Bridging the connection between associations, convention centers, tourism bureaus, destination marketing organizations, and thought leaders in the MICE industry. Explore emerging ideas, challenges and strategies as we navigate this transformative meeting landscape and continue to move forward in our pursuit to connect people and facilitate change.

BookIt! The Podcast

  • Publisher: Lost City Library
  • Total Episodes: 22

Welcome Bibliophiles, cocktail connoisseurs, and cigar enthusiasts to the Lost City Library’s “BookIt! The Podcast. Your only destination for creative pairings of books, drink, and cigars! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @Lost City Library and BookIt! As always, catch up on each episode of BookIt! The Podcast right here and on all major streaming services. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lostcitylibrary/support

The Guided Retirement Show

  • Publisher: Dean Barber
  • Total Episodes: 44

The Guided Retirement Show is here to be your guide as you travel to and through a successful retirement. When you go on a vacation, you may think it’s something you can do on your own and that may be true. If the destination is the Grand Canyon and your only goal is to stand on the south rim of the Grand Canyon to see it, then it’s probably easy enough without a guide. But what if you’re taking a trip to the Amazon and you’ve never been there before? You know the rivers can be dangerous, there’s all kinds of crazy animals out there, and you don’t know your way around. In that situation, it would probably be a good idea to hire a guide. The same rationalization can be applied to your retirement. Learning to navigate the Amazon takes years of practice, likewise, navigating your retirement is no different. That’s why it’s important to have a guide to help you through your taxes, estate plan, insurance, Medicare, Social Security, and the many other precarious situations retirement brings your way. Your guide on The Guided Retirement Show, Dean Barber, has been in the financial services industry for almost 32 years, focusing on financial planning for people that are getting near retirement or are already retired. Retirement is not just about money, it’s about your life and your goals!

Destination Everywhere

  • Publisher: Andy McNeill & Todd Bludworth
  • Total Episodes: 31

Come along for travel adventures of a lifetime, as we join hospitality and travel entrepreneurs Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth in search of the world’s best meeting and travel destinations. They’re checking-in with celebrities in the know, hospitality experts and native connoisseurs to discover inspirational venues and things to do. Explore the world’s most unique and desirable hotels, exotic foods with top chefs, and must-do experiences along the way. Andy and Todd go back to their favorite travel destinations and explore new places, while bringing you along. Andy and Todd are the founders of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), a global meetings management and destination sourcing firm that has led them to event production in over one hundred countries. Andy McNeill, AMI’s CEO and Founder, has over 30 years of experience in the global meeting management and hospitality services, making him a thought leader in the hospitality and meetings industry. Born and raised in South Florida, Andy began his love of travel by experiencing the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands as a child with his family who were avid boaters. Seeing different cultures lit the passion of travel. When he started AMI, the company compelled him to travel extensively, exposing him to the best hotels and locales in the world. He is a true veteran of the hospitality and meetings industry, and contributes to a weekly blog series on the topic of professional meeting management. Bringing a wealth of event management knowledge to the AMI team, Andy firmly believes in the strategic meeting management model, and provides the practice as a consulting service to Fortune 500 clients.Sharing the mic with Andy is his business and life partner Todd Bludworth. As an Army brat, Todd has lived abroad his entire childhood, including Germany, Florida, Hawaii and Kansas, before his family settled down in the Washington, D.C. area. His father traveled the world as Army Liaison for the US Senate, and always brought exciting gifts home to the family. This fascinated Todd, and his desire to see the world never waned. In Todd’s early career, he managed a political campaign, then later became a Special Events Manager in South Florida for an Anheuser-Busch distributor. He spent seven years working on some of the state’s largest and most successful sporting and social events, before he started traveling the world to produce meetings and events on almost every continent. In 2005, Todd joined AMI as Chief Marketing Officer then became a Principal owner in 2006.Whether you’re seeking a corporate meeting venue, or simply have a passion for unique travel experiences, hear from Andy, Todd and their special guests: Business experts, historians, hotel general managers and famous chefs from the region… all know their way around the greatest places to stay, the best activities, and the top restaurants to provide the best overall meeting or destination travel experience. So come along to the best places to stay and the most amazing adventures to do through The Destination Everywhere Podcast.

The Aftermath with Shay

  • Publisher: Shalonda Yankaway
  • Total Episodes: 4

I am a mental health enthusiast who created this platform to introduce and remind individuals the importance of self care and the impact mental health can have. I welcome you on this journey of discovery on what mental health means and how it can look in various aspects of our lives. The journey to healing and discovering the best version of ourselves. I want this destination to be a place where you find Hope, Inspiration, Determination and ultimately PLAN A LIFE YOU 🖤 DISCLAIMER: I’m not a licensed therapist. If in need, please seek a medical provider for additional services or support. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theaftermathwithshay/support

Travel Business Owners Podcast

  • Publisher: Madeline Jhawar, Travel Beyond the Obvious
  • Total Episodes: 3

If you know a destination locale like the back of your hand and want to learn how to turn your knowledge into money, this podcast is for you. Every week Madeline Jhawar, founder of one of the most successful custom travel planning services around, Italy Beyond the Obvious, talks with travel business owners and other experts about how they did it. This podcast is sponsored by Travel Beyond the Obvious which offers an 8-lesson video course where you can learn everything you need to build your own travel planning business. Go to travelbeyondtheobvious.com to find out more and to download free samples from every lesson!

Coachella Valley Chronicles

  • Publisher: iHub Network
  • Total Episodes: 12

Coachella Valley Chronicles is a highlight of the individuals and visionaries who started the growth of this Valley and have turned it into oneof America’s most desired geographies. Whether it’s discussing the history of construction and new development in the region or the growth of it as a center for Arts and Entertainment, Randy wil talk to the people who were there and who built this oasis! The program will be one hour weekly and also be available as a podcast. Host Randy Florence, whose 35 years in the financial industry brought him to the Coachella Valley nearly ten years ago, joins the iHub Radio line-up in January with an all-new show that will focus on the movers and shakers who have shaped the region over the past several decades. The program is called Coachella Valley Chronicles and will turn a spotlight on the communities that stretch from the San Gorgonio Pass to the Salton Sea and the many people who have been instrumental in creating the oasis that is home to nearly a half-million people and the travel destination of several millions of visitors each year. In addition to his work in financial services, Randy has immersed himself in the community as a member of Leadership-Coachella Valley, inspiring his interest in the region’s history. He has also been a Board Member with the Boys & Girls Club of the Coachella Valley, is a member of the National Board of Directors for HomeAid, and he is presently the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP). Randy Florence was also a 2018 Storyteller as part of the USA Today/Desert Sun Storyteller program. And, he sang with the band Heatwave for the Boys and Girls Club of the Coachella Valley.

OrthoCarolina Radio

  • Publisher: OrthoCarolina
  • Total Episodes: 13

As one of the nation’s leading orthopedic practices with offices across the region, OrthoCarolina is your destination for comprehensive orthopedic care. Leveraging our physicians’ expertise in the areas of foot and ankle, hand, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, spine, sports medicine and pediatrics; and providing services that include physical therapy, MRI and post-surgical support; we can offer you a continuum of care unmatched in the region. OrthoCarolina. You. Improved.

Meetings Made Easy

  • Publisher: Meetings Made Easy
  • Total Episodes: 3

A modern day hotel site selection company and meeting services company. Our podcast is meant to be informative for Event Planners. We cover destinations, contract terms, hospitality news, and the Meeting Industry.

Glo Skin Spa

  • Publisher: ESPN 100.9-FM
  • Total Episodes: 2

Glo Skin Spa is the premier beauty destination in Midland, Michigan. Listen as their professionals discuss Glo’s procedures, products, and aesthetic services. Each episode makes all they have to offer easily understood so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Money4Vehicle – Sell Your Car for Cash, NJ

  • Publisher: Ilanit Eli
  • Total Episodes: 2

Cash for Cars – Welcome to Money4Vehicle.com to sell junk cars for cash. This is a one-stop destination for selling junk/used cars in New Jersey. Over the years we have been involved in junk car removal services and have been paying cash for scrap cars to people like you! 973-321-3003

Padu Brandt

  • Publisher: Padu Brandt
  • Total Episodes: 14

Patrick S. Brandt is strong believer in excellence of service and that positivity, hard work and not making excuses is an unstoppable force of power. He has a holistic understanding of major sporting events, destination management, business aviation, lifestyle and luxury services. He is passionate about Portugal.

Impressico Digital

  • Publisher: Impressico Digital
  • Total Episodes: 1

Impressico Digital is the leading web design and development company that offers the best UI/UX design services. For an excellent, stress-free and hassle-free website designing and development experience, Impressico Digital is the right place. We are a one-stop destination to meet all your business’ online marketing requirements. From website development services, UI UX design services to SEO, SMO and PPC, to developing excellent content for your website, we do it all!

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