20 Best Energy Healing Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about energy healing ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best energy healing podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Energy Healing Podcasts 2021

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Energy Healing

  • Publisher: Heidi Lane
  • Total Episodes: 43

Energy Healing is a podcast by Heidi Lane, an intuitive energy healer. Tune in for all things intuition, spirituality, and energy.

I AM: Healing Energy – Chakra & More

  • Publisher: Open and Clear, Broadcasting
  • Total Episodes: 15

Enjoy the freedom of consciousness with this powerful verity of helpful meditations. ———————-Save Big on Courses – Join Membership Program http://www.Patreon.com/RevDevEnroll in Courses and More Programs http://www.OpenandClear.com

The Power of Healing Your Energy

  • Publisher: Christine
  • Total Episodes: 139

Your Unconditional Love, Light and your healing! Depression and Anxiety are a side effect of not living your life intuitively, not trusting your gut, the lost connections with self and others! Christine went through her own dark night of the soul. She healed through meditation/intuition development/healthy eating/emotional trauma/inner child work/shadow integration (EGO) Christine guides empaths to unleash their gifts as lightworkers that are masked as depression and anxiety. You will discover that you are magical and that you have gifts. https://24khealing.godaddysites.com

The Energy Healing Podcast

  • Publisher: Harun Rabbani
  • Total Episodes: 37

Like this? CONNECT WITH HARUN Subscribe to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/harunrabbani Connect to Harun onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/harunrabbani528;Instagram: https://www.instagram.com;Twitter: https://twitter.com/harunrabbani; LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/harunrabbani/ABOUT HARUN Harun Rabbani is a spiritual teacher, author and a researcher. He has been exploring the synergy between science and consciousness since 2007, interviewing and working with some of the world’s leading experts. To learn more, visit his blog https://harunrabbani.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Breathe, Love, Heal with Carolyn Harrington | Revealing Secrets To Healing Yourself With Energy | Natural Self-Healing

  • Publisher: Carolyn Harrington – Holistic Health Practitioner, Medical Intuitive
  • Total Episodes: 12

Breathe, Love, Heal podcast reveals the secret to healing yourself with energy medicine. My podcast opens your world to new way of thinking about healing which you can do for yourself and your loved ones. No formal training required. Energy healing is the wave of the future. Get a head start on it with Carolyn Harrington’s Breathe Love Heal Podcast.

Energy Healing

  • Publisher: Amy Gyles
  • Total Episodes: 3

Meditations and energy work to help you align with your true self. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/energyhealing/support

Debbie’s Guided Meditations for Relaxation, Energy, Reiki, Chakras, Massage, Healing and Sleep

  • Publisher: Debbie Boucher
  • Total Episodes: 10

Guided Meditations that help people sleep, relax and enjoy life. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/debbie-boucher/support

Ancient Egyptian Reiki Energy Healing!

  • Publisher: House of Serqet Radio
  • Total Episodes: 14

Join me as we talk about different healing and self development practices! We will be working with many different metaphysical philosophies as well!

Free Life-Changing Energy Healings

  • Publisher: therapyofthesoul
  • Total Episodes: 17

More Spiritual-Awakening Programs @ www.OpenandClear.com ———– I Feel We Need to Talk about Healing. After 10 years, a life changing five year vision quest, a death experience and experiencing beyond the boundary of the physical laws of this universe. I am back joining with you live with free energy healings and reading. Including education on the secrets and laws of the spiritual universe. NOW WITH HIGH SOUND QUALITY! If you would like free work done, or join us live for a reading; EMail us @ [email protected] Or join Email list @ www.OpenandClear.com ———– Private reading, healings and coaching is also available @ www.OpenandClear.com

NEHC Academy Energy Healing Podcast

  • Publisher: NEHC Academy
  • Total Episodes: 1

We discuss how to heal using energy-based healing modalities including sound healing with tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and drums along with other methods like Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanism, distance healing, and crystal healing. We discuss all aspects of energy including space clearing, chakra balancing, ascension, meditation, and setting intention.

The Good Energy Healing Show

  • Publisher: Hilary Crowley
  • Total Episodes: 31

This podcast is your dose of good energy. No prescription needed. Insights and tips from a working energy medicine practitioner surrounded by doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

HUM Talks – Energy Healing

  • Publisher: Sarah Knight
  • Total Episodes: 8

In HUM Talks, Sarah Knight talks to different Alternative Health Therapists about their work in the amazing field of personal health and healing. Alternative healthcare is a very large, and ever-growing, field, but here you can learn a bit more about just a few of the options available to you if you are on your own journey towards optimum health. If you like these interviews, let us know, as we expand even further into the field and conduct more! Questions and comments can be made through the contact page on www.bioenergy-therapy.com

Bio-Touch is a unique, natural energy healing approach for all stages of life.

  • Publisher: Bio-Touch Healing
  • Total Episodes: 141

Our goal is to encourage all people to take responsibility for their own healthcare, empower them to assist others and create a community of people worldwide dedicated to service, self awareness, and recognizing the equality of all humanity—thus forming a chain which shall go on indefinitely. Research shows that Bio-Touch is simple to learn with quick results to reduce pain and stress and to build immune system responses. It is time to reclaim your birthright to be healthy, happy and loved.

Consciousness and Energy Healing Expert Sherry Anshara’s Your Wake Up Call

  • Publisher: Energy Healing, Consciousness, Stress & Anxiety
  • Total Episodes: 89

Wake Up to Consciousness! Your Host Sherry Anshara covers subjects like Energy Healing, Belief Systems, Clearing Blocks, Removing Lack, Financial Abundance, Chakras, Getting Unstuck, Holisitc Healing, and more. We discuss symptoms that can be relieved and eliminated such as Depression, PTSD, Cancer, Stress, Anxiety, ADHD/Autism, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Addictions, Migraines, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Trauma Release and more. Do You Ever… Wonder…… Even though you know you know better… Why I keep getting stuck? Why I repeat relationships? Why I can’t find my answers? Why I find it difficult to move forward every day? Why I have done so much therapy and it didn’t work? If you answered YES to any of these, QuantumPathic may be the answer you have been searching for your whole life! The QuantumPathic Energy Method Heals the Body and Emotions, and Supports you Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Financially! Your Wake Up Call is similar to other podcasts and speakers, authors and experts like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra , Esther Hicks , Mike Dooley, Joe Vitale , Fred Alan Wolf , Masaru Emoto , C. Norman Shealy , Carolyn Myss , Candace Pert, Joseph Dispenza, William Tiller, Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, Eckhart Tolle, Michio Kaku, Miguel Ruiz, Thomas Campbell, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Dr. Mark Hyman, Gary Zukav. Byron Katie, Debbie Ford, Shakti Gawain, Ram Dass, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, Donna Eden, Judith Orloff, Mona Lisa Schultz, Anthony Robbins, Susan Jeffers, Stuart Wilde, Zecharia Sitchin, Edgar Cayce, Bruce H. Lipton, Larry Dossey, Sondra Barrett, Mehmet Oz, Carol Look, Gary Craig, Guy Finley, Brian Greene, Lisa Randall, Bernie Siegel, Cheryl Richardson, Dale Carnegie, Scott Peck, John Gray, Joan Borysenko, Debbie Ford, Christiane Northrup, Lissa Rankin, Doreen Virtue, Nick Ortner, Amit Goswami, Joyce Hawkes, Anup Kanodia, Neale Donald Walsch, Sonia Choquette, Carol Ritberger, Deborah King, Mira Kelley, Richard Gordon, Phil McGraw, Doc Childre, Karen Drucker, Colin Tipping, Cynthia James, Deborah Rozman, Clifford Kuhn, Brendon Burchard, Pattie Ptak, and Lisa Sasevich. Join Sherry Anshara every day for Your Wake Up Call!

The Inward Matrix Podcast – Healing Through Energy, Sound & Intent.

  • Publisher: David Bottomley
  • Total Episodes: 13

This series is a diverse look at various metaphysical means by which we can heal ourselves, lead more consciously aware lives, find new ideas for health and also to help connect with others on similar paths. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. Namaste – David Bottomley.

New Spirit & Energy Healing Radio with Darius Barazandeh

  • Publisher: Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual healers, teachers and energy experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your life, health and spirit. Every episode contain POWERFUL energy healing work – so catch them all.
  • Total Episodes: 100

Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual and energy healers, teachers and experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your BEST life, health and spirit. Every episode contains POWERFUL energy healing work – so catch them all. Be sure to visit http://www.YouWealthRevolution.com to get your Free 3-Step Energy Awakening Kit to continue your journey to your best self and life!

truly happy and free – Applied Spirituality, Energy Healing, Medical Medium, Human Design & More

  • Publisher: Cäcilia
  • Total Episodes: 1

This podcast is an invitation to go inwards and connect with that true happiness and freedom that exists at our core. The more we start seeing, understanding and allowing us to be who we really are beyond all those layers that have accumulated over the years, the more we get to tap into these states of Alignment in my experience. We get to remove what we have outgrown and share powerful tools (Human Design, the Work of Byron Katie, Medical Medium) and experiences that have supported us along the way. Here, we are sharing the light, the heavy and every part in between this soulful journey.

Energy Healing by Nan Ross

  • Publisher: Nan Dale Ross
  • Total Episodes: 30

Nan Dale Ross, Reiki Master and NLP Practioner, shares her knowledge and personal experiences using energy healing techniques. Her episodes will teach other how to pull layers and resolve negative emotions from past experiences, reprogramming the subconscious mind for changing realities, and healing the heart to attract loving relationships.

Energy Healing With Sharon

  • Publisher: Archive
  • Total Episodes: 5

Learn to go from suffering to joy, peace, and calm to claim your divine birthright for optimal health.

Podcast – Rapid Energy Healing

  • Publisher: Shaun Roundy, MA
  • Total Episodes: 8

Faster, Deeper, Easier Core Healing

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