20 Best Excavation Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about excavation ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best excavation podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Excavation Podcasts 2021

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Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Menopause

  • Publisher: Decolonizing The Crone
  • Total Episodes: 19

Black women are negotiating the different stages of menopause along with their ever evolving identifies, relationships, careers, responsibilities and societal tropes. This is a curated intergenerational exchange, a space for exploration, mentorship, intimacy and vulnerability around life, identity and change. It’s the excavation of the things that you need to know, but were never told. It’s the guide we wish we all had access to no matter our age.

The Mariner’s Mirror Podcast

  • Publisher: The Society for Nautical Research
  • Total Episodes: 33

The world’s No.1 podcast dedicated to all of maritime and naval history. With one foot in the present and one in the past we bring you the most exciting and interesting current maritime projects worldwide: including excavations of shipwrecks, the restoration of historic ships, sailing classic yachts and tall ships, unprecedented behind the scenes access to exhibitions, museums and archives worldwide, primary sources and accounts that bring the maritime past alive as never before. From the Society for Nautical Research, Presented by Dr Sam Willis.

Wild Soul Medicine Radio w/ Jody England

  • Publisher: Jody England
  • Total Episodes: 184

A depth-filled, revolutionary talk show for soulful women to participate in meaningful inquiry, inspired conversation, and the excavation of Essence.We challenge prevailing paradigms, lean into our tender places, and explore the edge of Becoming.

Oriental Institute Podcast

  • Publisher: Oriental Institute
  • Total Episodes: 44

The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago is a leading research center for the ancient Middle East. The museum houses some 350,000 artifacts — around 5,000 of which are on display — excavated mainly by OI archaeologists. Founded in 1919, at a time when the Middle East was called the Orient, the OI has pioneered innovative excavations and comprehensive dictionary projects that chronicle ancient civilizations. The Oriental Institute Museum aims to understand, reveal, and protect ancient Middle Eastern civilizations.

Excavations with Connie Chen

  • Publisher: Connie Chen
  • Total Episodes: 2

A current graduate student at Harvard, Connie shares intellectual excavations in art, literature, culture, and religion with an intentional focus on marginalized bodies and voices.

Mississippi Thing

  • Publisher: Julian Rankin, Corey Christy
  • Total Episodes: 5

We had some language here about the Mighty Mississippi, irreverent excavation of the American imagination, and the cultural significance of one of the country’s most oft-misunderstood land masses. Our people told us stop using all them big words. “…Mississippi is anywhere south of the Canadian border.” – Malcolm X


  • Publisher: WBRU
  • Total Episodes: 30

An audio excavation project from WBRU x Now Here This. Join us as we dig through the archives. Now Here This is a student audio storytelling collective based out of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. WBRU is a radio station with a student podcast team.

The Butterfly Excavation

  • Publisher: Kali Ann
  • Total Episodes: 15

Soul Excavation through art, yoga and expression.


  • Publisher: Zoë Kontes
  • Total Episodes: 5

On Looted: The Podcast, we uncover the hidden stories of ancient artifacts and their journeys in the illicit antiquities trade. I’m Zoë Kontes, and I’m an archaeologist. When we archaeologists dig, we carefully record what we find so we can make the best sense of the evidence. But go to any museum, auction house, or dealer with an antiquities collection and you’ll be sure to find objects that have been removed from the ground without this kind of proper excavation. Looting destroys the context of artifacts, and while they may look beautiful in a display case, we lose any information about their significance or function in the culture that made them. This is a loss of our common human history, and it affects us all. Check out http://www.lootedpodcast.org for all episodes and more information!

Xpertdale Podcast

  • Publisher: Umangkumar Panchal
  • Total Episodes: 14

Your host Umang Panchal introduces you the Mission of the Xpertdale and his broad vision for Xpertdale Podcast. At Xpertdale we will get united to embark our journey of self excavation. Despite of your routine life, make some time to learn lessons, techniques and skills to make your life worthwhile. Xpertdale helps you to define the path of your Alchemy by anecdotes of the monks, entrepreneurs, mentors, scientists, doctors and life coaches. You will get addicted and feel thrilled with us only at Xpertdale Podcast. Please visit us at Facebook, Instagram and blogs. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/umangkumar-panchal8/support


  • Publisher: Ryan Lanser
  • Total Episodes: 4

A Podcast about up and coming technology in the earthwork and excavation industry, including software, machine control, drones, and takeoff software.Interviews with up and coming go getters in the industry, that are building there companies and crushing it utilizing the latest tech.


  • Publisher: jhbryan
  • Total Episodes: 7

The study of American History through the excavation of discarded items, exploring people’s attics, flying drones, and stuff….

The North Carolina 811 Podcast

  • Publisher: northcarolina811
  • Total Episodes: 11

Since 1978 North Carolina 811 has provided you a fast and easy communications link with your local utility providers. You give us information about your excavation, we transmit the information to the utilities and then they send out locators to mark your publicly managed underground lines for FREE. Contact 811 or 1-800-632-4949 three working days before you plan on digging. #SafetyFirst

Ancient Paths with Jonathan Patterson

  • Publisher: Charisma Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 1

Charting a course or direction requires three key elements – where you are coming from, where you are at and where you are going. In “God Speak” (spiritual terms), Ancient Paths represents the ‘template’ – a gauge, pattern or mold to use as a guide. It’s laying out the ‘map’ of the past, under the ‘radar’ of the present and superimposing the ‘GPS’ of the future, to give a multidimensional perspective of God’s original intention. Join Dr. Patterson on an excavation mission of eternal proportions down the ‘Ancient Paths!’


  • Publisher: FOLK
  • Total Episodes: 25

FOLK is the nomadic voice for soulful stories and purposeful excavation. Our deepest desire is to give Houston a soundtrack and rhythm for real life from real lives.


  • Publisher: Killian McRae
  • Total Episodes: 45

The only way to save the future is to decode the past. The only way to decode the past is to save the future. Archaeologist Sheppard Smyth has staked his career and the honorable memory of his wife and partner on proving his widely panned theory: Cleopatra VII, the last sovereign pharaoh of Egypt, was not a victim of suicide as history suggests, but of a well-concealed murder. When a statue of the doomed Queen is unearthed in a pre-Columbian excavation site in Mexico, Shep rushes to investigate and, hopefully, find the proof that has evaded him for so long. The statue, however, is only the first clue suggesting a mysterious connection between Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, and possibly – beyond. Suddenly thrust into the heated rivalry between sexy and enigmatic antiquities thief Victoria Kent and the infamous Russian mafioso Dmitri Kronastia, Shep finds himself a common pawn played by forces working to see out a quest older than the pyramids and cloaked in the Mayan Doomsday prophecy of 12.21.12.

History Of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Vol. 3 by MASPERO, Gaston

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 42

History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria is the masterwork of one of the fathers of modern egyptology. This work, in twelve volumes, was translated from the French original, “Histoire ancienne des peuples de l’Orient classique” by E. L. McClure and published in 1903-1904. Maspero was a largely self-taught master of hieroglyphic translation. In November 1880, he was placed at the head of a French archeological mission, which developed later into the Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale. Maspero then succeeded Mariette as director-general of excavations and of the antiquities of Egypt.“Aware that his reputation was then more as a linguist than an archaeologist, Maspero’s first work in the post was to build on Mariette’s achievements at Saqqara. He expanded their scope from the early Old Kingdom to the later, with particular interest in tombs with long and complete hieroglyphic inscriptions that could help illustrate the development of the Egyptian language. Selecting five later Old Kingdom tombs, he was successful in that aim, finding over 4000 lines of hieroglyphics which were then sketched and photographed.“As an aspect of his attempt to curtail the rampant illegal export of Egyptian antiquities by tourists, collectors and agents for the major European and American museums, Maspero arrested the Abd al-Russul brothers from the notorious treasure-hunting village of Gorna, who confessed under torture to having found the great cache of royal mummies at Deir el-Bahri in July 1881. The cache was moved to Cairo as soon as possible to keep it safe from robbers.“In 1886 he resumed work begun by Mariette to uncover the Sphinx, removing more than 65 feet of sand and seeking tombs below it (which he did not find, but have later been found but not opened).”Maspero went on to sponsor and expand the system of national museums and presided over the growing collection of the Bulak Museum. Maspero gave a 17 year old Howard Carter his first Egyptological job – and it was he who recommended Carter to Lord Carnarvon. Carter and Carnarvon would go on to doscover the tomb of King Tutankhaman.In the third volume of this master work, Maspero tackles ancient Chaldea, her gods and temples, and the civilization of Chaldea. (Summary from Wikipedia)

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel by APPLETON, Victor

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 25

The Titus Brothers Contractors company have won a government contract in Peru to blast a tunnel through a mountain and connect two isolated railroad lines. The deadline is approaching, and the contractors have hit a literal wall: excessively hard rock which defies conventional blasting techniques. The company is under pressure to finish, or else the contract will default to their rivals, Blakeson & Grinder. Mr. Job Titus has heard of Tom Swift and Tom’s giant cannon, which is used in protecting the Panama Canal, and wants to hire Tom to develop a special blasting powder to help them finish the excavation.Mr. Damon, Tom’s very good friend, arrives in the middle of this conversation, and is unaware of the situation. By coincidence, Mr. Damon is invested in a business which procures cinchona bark from Peru, but production has all but ceased, prompting Mr. Damon to invite Tom to accompany him to Peru and discover the source of the problem.Tom, Mr. Damon and Mr. Titus (along with Koku, Tom’s giant) embark for Peru. On the way, they encounter Professor Swyington Bumper, who is on a life-long quest to locate the lost city of Pelone. Professor Bumper returns to Peru each season, and has thus far been unsuccessful. When Professor Bumper discovers that Tom is headed to the same general area, Rimac, Professor Bumper decides to join the company. (Introduction by Wikipedia)

Digging up the past

  • Publisher: Various
  • Total Episodes: 16

The University of Nottingham has an acclaimed team of archaeologists. Get up close and personal with some truly remarkable projects, from excavations in the UK to undersea research projects.

Get Ready to Self-Excavate !

  • Publisher: Chiquita Toure
  • Total Episodes: 1

A featured podcast to accompany the book entitled Self-Excavation: Unearthing You: A 21 Day Devotional

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