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Are you wanting to learn more about nuclear ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best nuclear podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Nuclear Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

  • Publisher: Bret Kugelmass, Energy Impact Center
  • Total Episodes: 323

A podcast featuring interviews with experts throughout the Nuclear Energy field, covering advanced technology, economics, policy, industry, and more.

My Nuclear Life

  • Publisher: Shelly Lesher
  • Total Episodes: 13

On July 16, 1945, in a New Mexico desert, the Trinity Test ushered in the Nuclear Age. No other piece of technology has penetrated the American consciousness like the nuclear bomb and found a place in everything from culture to medicine. This podcast explores how nuclear science has impacted and changed our world in both beneficial and destructive ways. We explore the intersection of nuclear science and society using interviews from historians, policymakers, experts in their fields, and first-hand accounts to weave a picture of your nuclear life. https://mynuclearlife.com

Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story

  • Publisher: Deep Isolation
  • Total Episodes: 11

At Deep Isolation, we believe that listening is one of the most important elements of a successful nuclear waste disposal program. A core value of the company is to seek and listen to different perspectives on the matter of nuclear waste, nuclear energy, and disposal solutions. We have created this series to interview experts and stakeholders that represent aspects of nuclear waste. Our hope is to bring clear picture of Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story.

The Nuclear Life

  • Publisher: The Nuclear Life
  • Total Episodes: 14

Welcome to The Nuclear Life Podcast. We are a husband, a wife and two crazy daughters. A traditional family in an increasingly non-traditional world. [email protected]

Nuclear Hotseat hosted by Libbe HaLevy

  • Publisher: Libbe S. HaLevy
  • Total Episodes: 519

Nuclear news from a different perspective, including safeguarding from radiation, interviews w/leading activists, and how you can help stop the nuclear madness. Nuclear Hotseat is produced and hosted by 3 Mile Island survivor Libbe HaLevy.

Older feeds The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine podcast-

  • Publisher: Rob Williams
  • Total Episodes: 140

Older feeds new feeds at nuccast.com This podcast is for nuclear medicine professionals and PET professionals This is one of the worlds longest running medical podcasts. Please email suggestions for topics, offers of interviews, bouquets and brickbats. [email protected]

The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine podcast

  • Publisher: Rob Williams
  • Total Episodes: 52

This podcast is for nuclear medicine professionals and PET professionals The worlds longest running medical podcast.

Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Podcast

  • Publisher: Rob Williams
  • Total Episodes: 31

This is a subset of the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine podcast. This just contains the cardiac related podcasts. The parent podcast is at http://nuccast.com This is one of the worlds longest running medical podcasts. ITUNES LINK Please email suggestions for topics, offers of interviews, bouquets and brickbats. [email protected]

Super Nuclear Presents

  • Publisher: Super Nuclear Group
  • Total Episodes: 179

Remember the cartoons you loved as a kid? Do you, like us, remember mid-2000s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network with a mix of fondness and terror – or, if you don’t, do you want to know what the fuss was about? Join Mary, David, and Ben as we revisit the cartoons that shaped us in an episode-by-episode deep dive, as well as the Internet fan culture as it was then and is now. How do these nostalgic shows hold up? What do we think of them now, as not kids but sad adults? How has the zeitgeist and Internet following evolved along with us? We set out to answer these questions and also to be incredibly hilarious and physically attractive. We started in 2017 with Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective, which ran from 2017-2019 and makes up the first part of this feed. Second was The Ultimate Reprise, which ran from 2019-2020 and covers Oban: Star Racers. Now we’re on The Avatar Recycle, hot on the heels of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Netflix debut! Join us wheresoever you like. Watching along is not necessary – but highly encouraged – and we try to keep spoiler free up to the current episode! Follow us on Twitter at @super_nuclear, or send us your feedback at [email protected]!

Nuclear Podblast

  • Publisher: The official Nuclear Blast Records podcast
  • Total Episodes: 13

The official podcast of Nuclear Blast Records. Exclusive interviews, brand new music and news from our artists with every episode. Hosted by Drewcifer.

The Nuclear Peninsula

  • Publisher: IntraPacifica
  • Total Episodes: 10

Nuclear weapons, the Kims, and North and South Korea. Making geopolitics accessible to everyone. Welcome K-pop fans wanting to learn more about the hotbed home of Hallyu, and budding young lovers of politics. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thenuclearpeninsula/support

Aa Nuclear Knuckle Head

  • Publisher: Deo Gee
  • Total Episodes: 144

Come on in…Just thinking out loud. Email [email protected]

Our Nuclear Family – Parenting Ideas for an Explosive World

  • Publisher: Matthew and Kathryn
  • Total Episodes: 12

A podcast to fuel your parenting reactor and energize your mission: to enjoy raising responsible kids in an unpredictable world. Listen in as a homeschool mama chats with her nuclear launch officer and leadership author hubby to encourage other parents through real conversation. They welcome you to their at-home centrifuge where their fusion of ideas brings child-rearing encouragement to critical mass.


  • Publisher: RadioNuclear
  • Total Episodes: 36

The nuclear science podcast

The surge of nuclear power

  • Publisher: Connor
  • Total Episodes: 3

Connor explains why nuclear power is bad

Nuclear Hotseat

  • Publisher: Lonnie Clark
  • Total Episodes: 52

Meet Libbe HaLevy, M.A.Producer/Host, Nuclear HotseatLibbe HaLevy produces and hosts Nuclear Hotseat, the weekly international news magazine on all things anti-nuclear. She has been a TEDx speaker, an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, hosted rallies, and led media workshops at anti-nuclear conferences around the country. She is also the co-creator of Radiation Awareness Protection Talk, or RAPT (www.RAPTawareness.com), an audio series on how to best protect from the negative impact of radioactivity on our health.Nuclear Hotseat has been in weekly production since June 14, 2011. As of May, 2016, every month the program is downloaded in 112 countries on six continents and has received as many as half a million hits in a week. The show provides nuclear news through serious reporting as well as comic relief (“Numnutz of the Week” for Nuclear Boneheadedness), jingles and sound effects. Libbe’s insightful interviews w/nuclear experts on all aspects of the issue have broken national stories in mainstream media and been translated into German and Japanese.The Mission Statement of Nuclear Hotseat:Provide only verifiable information as news, so it can be trusted to be as accurate as possible.When mistakes have been made, issue retractions and corrections immediately.Provide context and continuity on stories, so that individual factoids and incidents can be seen as part of an overall pattern of nuclear policy, philosophy and danger.Do whatever I can to keep the activist community in good heart.HISTORY: Libbe was visiting friends one mile from the nuclear reactors at Three Mile Island inMiddletown, Pennsylvania, when the nuclear accident happened on March 28, 1979. Libbe is author of the Amazon #1 best-selling nuclear memoir, Yes, I Glow in the Dark! One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Beyond, available as an ebook on Amazon.com and coming out as a physical book in 2017.During an extensive career in broadcasting, Libbe worked for WGN-TV, WGBH-TV, 20th Century Fox Studios, Norman Lear’s production companies, and many local radio stations. A accomplished playwright and librettist, her plays and musicals have won awards, been produced internationally, and optioned for Broadway. For more than 20 years, she ran a musical theatre development organization, Broadway on Sunset, and produced shows for Joan Hotchkis and Tearsheets Productions. Now an experienced life and business coach (clients include stage and screen legend Julie Andrews), as well as a popular storyteller and sought-after public speaker, Libbe’s dream is to take Nuclear Hotseat international via satellite, cable or broadcast and continue to be a catalyst to help end all things nuclear. Along the way, she’d make a great Nuclear Pundit for any of the broadcast or cable comedy shows , as well as a consultant on nuclear issues for the film, television and entertainment industry. www.nuclearhotseat.com

Nuclear Worriers

  • Publisher: Alton Lu & Tammy Nguyen
  • Total Episodes: 6

A podcast about nuclear issues in our world. Find us at nuclearworriers.com Contact: [email protected]

Our Nuclear Now

  • Publisher: Emily Pugh
  • Total Episodes: 4

What are nuclear weapons, and how have they changed international relations since World War II? In this series sponsored by The Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College, we will explore the theory and risk of using nuclear weapons today – and whether we should continue using them in the future.

In Time Of Emergency: A Citizen’s Handbook On Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters by US OFFICE OF CIVI…

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 8

A major emergency affecting a large number of people may occur anytime and anywhere. It may be a peacetime disaster such as a flood, tornado, fire, hurricane, blizzard or earthquake. It could be an enemy nuclear attack on the United States. In any type of general disaster, lives can be saved if people are prepared for the emergency, and know what actions to take when it occurs. This handbook, “In Time of Emergency” (1968), contains basic general information on both nuclear attack and major natural disasters. This general guidance supplements the specific instructions issued by local governments. Since special conditions may exist in some communities, the local instructions may be slightly different from this general guidance. In those cases, the local instructions should be followed. (Summary from Introduction)

Nuclear Power Podcast Project (L.S.) (T.E.)

  • Publisher: L.S.
  • Total Episodes: 1

Logan Shore and Tim Eden‘s podcast project on nuclear energy

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