20 Best Presentations Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about presentations ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best presentations podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Presentations Podcasts 2021

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Unforgettable Presentations

  • Publisher: Darren LaCroix, Mark Brown
  • Total Episodes: 89

Attention experienced corporate presenters, public speakers, professional speakers and pastors. Do you want to deliver a good, a great or an unforgettable presentation? Get insights from behind the scenes on some of the most unforgettable presentations ever delivered. √ What’s the story behind the presentation? √ Where did the idea come from? √ How did they prepare it? √ How did they execute it? Join World Champions of Public Speaking, Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix. They have been world-class speaking coaches for over a decade and have trained presenters in over 14 countries. You’ll love their chemistry and wisdom. What will you hear? Some episodes will be rock-solid content, some episodes will be interviews with presenters who delivered an unforgettable presentation.

Fearless Presentations

  • Publisher: Doug Staneart
  • Total Episodes: 166

Want to eliminate public speaking fear and become a more poised and confident presenter and speaker? Then Fearless Presentations is the answer. This podcast is based on our famous two-day presentation skills class offered in cities all over the world.

AudioVerse Presentations (English)

  • Publisher: AudioVerse
  • Total Episodes: 4395

AudioVerse Presentation in English

Intelligent Speech – interviews, conversations and presentations of ideas

  • Publisher: Roifield Brown
  • Total Episodes: 81

Intelligent Speech where Roifield Brown speaks to friends and interesting people with the backdrop of great tunes. Imagine a poor mans Mike Pesca from The Gist doing Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Big Presentations

  • Publisher: Mike Gibson
  • Total Episodes: 23

Whether you are presenting a simple update, introducing a new idea, selling a product, requesting additional resources, or lobbying for a top position, The Big Presentations Podcast will equip you to stand and speak with well-prepared, well-practiced confidence.

Lectures and Presentations

  • Publisher: Swinburne Commons
  • Total Episodes: 853

A collection of lectures and presentations delivered by Swinburne staff and guest presenters.

THE Presentations Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Japan

  • Publisher: Dale Carnegie Training
  • Total Episodes: 236

THE Presentations Japan Series is powered by with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The show is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of presentations, who want to be the best in their business field.

Oral Presentations

  • Publisher: Chris Wood
  • Total Episodes: 73

A low pressure learning podcast. Hosted by a guy who sounds like he’d offer you whippets at a tailgate.

Better Presentations – More Sales : Helping you grow revenues by sharing enhanced in-person and virtual sales and presentation skills, tips and ideas. Hosted by Trevor Lee : Presentation Coach and Sales Growth Champion

  • Publisher: Trevor Lee
  • Total Episodes: 162

Presentation and Sales skills are fundamental to business success. We present ourselves, our company, our products/services all the time – client interactions, sales pitches, product demos, at events, webinars, internal and investor briefings etc…With the help of an array of high profile global guests this podcast aims to help you deliver better presentations that combined with enhanced sales skills convert into more sales.Show host Trevor Lee is a presentation and sales coach and fills a gap for growing companies who don’t have a sales director.

Manager Tools – Presentations

  • Publisher: Manager Tools
  • Total Episodes: 22

This feed contains the presentations guidance from Manager Tools. From deciding what to include, to “pre-wiring” to ensure you get a slam dunk, to what to wear, we have all the guidance you need. Manager Tools is a weekly business podcast focused on helping professionals become more effective managers and leaders. Each week, we discuss specific actions for professionals to take to achieve their desired management and career objectives. Manager Tools won Best Business Podcast Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2012 as well as the People’s Choice Award in 2008. The Business Podcast Award is now named after Manager Tools. Go to http://www.manager-tools.com/testimonials to read what others are saying about the impact Manager Tools has had on their careers and lives. Our goal: Every Manager Effective (TM).

Presentations Podcast

  • Publisher: Madison City Channel
  • Total Episodes: 154

Speeches, Ceremonies, and Panel Discussions of Civic Interest.

The World of Presentations

  • Publisher: 356labs
  • Total Episodes: 71

Preparing, designing and delivering a truly effective presentation is a challenging task. That’s why every week we are bringing you the best storytellers, presentation & data designers and public speakers in the world so that they share with you practical tips & ticks and help you become better presenter! Get your tickets for Present to Succeed Conference: presenttosucceed.com Find us all over the web: Website: 356labs.com Facebook: facebook.com/356labs Instagram: instagram.com/356labs LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/356labs YouTube: youtube.com/356labs Dribbble: dribbble.com/356labs

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Publisher: Fidel Ondricka
  • Total Episodes: 1

PowerPoint Presentation Tips. Don’t let PowerPoint decide how you use PowerPoint. Create custom slide sizes. Edit your slide template design.

P3 – The Perfect Presentations Podcast

  • Publisher: Doug Borsch – Presentation Expert
  • Total Episodes: 11

The Executive Resource to Plan, Develop and Create Presentations that Wow.

Urban Design Group Presentations

  • Publisher: UrbanNous
  • Total Episodes: 681

Insights into urbanism, urban design, architecture, planning, landscape and engineering design.

St. Mary’s: Homilies, Reflections, and Presentations

  • Publisher:
  • Total Episodes: 492

Homilies, Reflections, and Presentations from Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia.

Speaking with TJ Walker – How great leaders communicate through the media, public speeches, presentations and the spoken word

  • Publisher: Public speaking expert TJ Walker
  • Total Episodes: 432

Speaking with TJ Walker. How great leaders communicate through the media, public speeches, presentations and the spoken word.

Make More Money W/ Better Presentations

  • Publisher: Toula’s Tips For Caregivers
  • Total Episodes: 25

It’s time to MAKE MORE MONEY BY GIVING BETTER PRESENTATIONS. Our host, certified communications coach and 3 time Distinguished Toastmaster Fred Haley, and his expert guests share their professional advice and feedback to guide you to make more money by inspiring and motivating your audiences. Learn to overcome your nervousness and rambling. Speak with confidence, connect with your audiences and find more success. And now, it’s time to MAKE MORE MONEY GIVING BY BETTER PRESENTATIONS.

GlidewellDental.com – Clinical and Product Presentations from Glidewell Laboratories

  • Publisher: Glidewell Laboratories
  • Total Episodes: 95

GlidewellDental.com – Glidewell Laboratories offers free clinical and product presentations in order to contribute to the overall knowledge of practicing dental professionals.

Chicks, Flicks, and Other Unrealistic Representations

  • Publisher: Chicks and Flicks
  • Total Episodes: 19

Young adult movies can vary from ridiculously improbable to decently down-to-earth, and we’re here to tell you what’s what. We being Padma and Kayla. Follow our podcast to listen to your favorite teen movies, from Netflix Originals to Oscar Nominees, get chopped, baked, and served. Lukewarm. Every Friday/Saturday. Bone app the tilt.

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