20 Best Surveying Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about surveying ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best surveying podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Surveying Podcasts 2021

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Surveyor Says! The NSPS Podcast

  • Publisher: SurveyorSays
  • Total Episodes: 82

Surveyor Says! Featuring all things surveying.

Chaii Lab

  • Publisher: Fatima, Muna, Laabiah & Naman
  • Total Episodes: 45

Chaii Lab aims to create a virtual space of the feeling of being sat with friends for hours drinking tea and delving into deep convos about life. An experience that transcends background, nationality & language. From convos about culture, society & race to laughs about relationships, life crises and careers plus everything in between. We’re 4 muslim women from the UK, US, Middle East & Canada working in healthcare, science, law and surveying. Much like the unique spices that come together in a perfect chai, our differences & similarities make our fun convos what they are w: chaiilab.com

The Another Europe Podcast

  • Publisher: Another Europe is Possible
  • Total Episodes: 75

Hosts Zoe Williams (@zoesqwilliams) and Luke Cooper (@lukecooper100) are joined by guests with a left take on Brexit, Europe and more. Surveying the big transformative ideas of the age, interrogating the tough questions, and opening up new horizons radical thinking and policy, the Another Europe podcast confounds the expectation that ‘pro-Europeans’ just want to defend the status quo. Brought to you by the Another Europe Is Possible campaign, the podcast is a vital tonic for those despairing at the state of Brexit Britain.  Praise for the Another Europe podcast  “A bracingly honest post mortem on the remain movement, especially its relationship with Labour, by people who were a vital part of it. I found it insightful and weirdly cathartic”  —– Dorian Lynskey, writer and Remainiac  “Provocative… highly balanced and critical… a much-needed space for critical reflection and nuanced discussion”  —– E-International Relations 

Advance: An NCEES podcast series

  • Publisher: NCEES
  • Total Episodes: 6

In our everyday lives we take a lot of the things that professional engineers and surveyors do for granted. Professional engineers and surveyors are constantly working to help protect the safety and welfare of the public. In this podcast series, NCEES highlights the work of licensed professionals within the engineer and surveying fields. The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing professional licensure for engineers and surveyors. Since its founding in 1920, NCEES has focused on providing services to advance licensure and facilitate mobility.

The Cartography Podcast

  • Publisher: Cartography Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 21

The Cartography Podcast is redrawing maps, and resurveying the narrative to chart a path through the noise.

SurveYOUR Podcast (@survpod)

  • Publisher: James Baker (Invise Ltd) & Jon Lever (DeLever)
  • Total Episodes: 21

Anything surveying, training, APC, RICS, CPD, hot topics, industry guests

Reality Capture Guy

  • Publisher: Paul Burrows
  • Total Episodes: 17

The Reality Capture Guy podcast is your one-stop-shop for the latest in reality capture news, events and information from around the world. We cover everything from surveying to VR/AR and digital twins. We look at the trends in the world of BIM and digital construction, plus the technology sector in general and how these developments might feed into the wonderful world of surveying… We look forward to your feedback!

Surveying with Robert

  • Publisher: Robert Martin, P.S.
  • Total Episodes: 4

Surveyors talking about everything surveying.

How to Build a Tunnel

  • Publisher: Trimble Tunneling
  • Total Episodes: 3

Topics on the process for building tunnels with a focus on land surveying workflows and technology. Hosted by Trimble Geospatial.

Greenhorns Radio

  • Publisher: Heritage Radio Network
  • Total Episodes: 298

Greenhorns Radio is radio for young farmers, by young farmers. Hosted by acclaimed activist, farmer and film-maker Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Greenhorns Radio is a weekly phone interview with next generation farmers and ranchers, surveying the issues critical to their success. We hold no punches. Greenhorns is a six year old grassroots cultural organization with a mission to recruit, promote and support young farmers in America by producing media, events and stunts that connect and and inspire.

The Surveyors Hour

  • Publisher: America’s Web Radio
  • Total Episodes: 46

Jeffery N. Lucas, JD, PLS, Esq.: Jeff is a licensed land surveyor in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. He is also a licensed attorney in the State of Alabama. Jeff is a recognized expert in land boundary law, riparian rights, and land surveying liability issues. He has practiced land surveying throughout the five southeastern states in which he is licensed. Jeff is also an author, columnist, lecturer and seminar presenter. He has authored three books on surveying, has over 100 nationally published articles and over 30 titles in his seminar library. Jeff has presented continuing education seminars at conferences from Alaska to Florida, from California to Nova Scotia, and most places in between. More information on Jeff can be found at: www.lucasandcompany.com

Content With Media

  • Publisher: Content With Media
  • Total Episodes: 43

Our podcasts focus on bringing you insights from the construction and plant sectors, sharing knowledge and information from those working across the spectrum of this important industry sector. The podcast is hosted by Peter Haddock, with individual series or episodes sponsored by organisations like Leica Geosystems, the surveying and 3D machine control equipment specialists, Ritchie Bros the auctioneers, and leading equipment manufacturer, Liugong Direct UK You can get in touch with Content With Media by emailing [email protected]. We hope you enjoy listening

The A-Z of Building Surveying Podcast

  • Publisher: Cardoe Martin
  • Total Episodes: 9

This Podcast is ideal for people who are looking to learn more about the world of Building Surveying. Tune in for regular episodes that will cover a wide range of interesting topics that will help you and your property. Make sure to check out our othe podcast – Cardoe Martin’s For Professionals podcast.

The Surveyors’ Trust

  • Publisher: The Surveyors’ Trust
  • Total Episodes: 8

Five years from now, The Surveyors’ Trust will be a vibrant community of spatial professionals, pooling collective royalties and investing in capital and education projects to achieve sustainability for the surveying and spatial industry.

The Land Survey Junkie

  • Publisher: Matthew Vielbaum
  • Total Episodes: 2

This is where we talk about Land Surveying in general, and hopefully answer a few questions like what is Land Surveying? Who are Land Surveyors? Why are Land Surveyors important? And for those of us in the industry this is a place for open discussion and a place for learning something new, reviewing new equipment and techniques and discussing how the industry is changing. The show will mostly be me, your host, Matthew Vielbaum California PLS 9506 with a few interviews thrown into the mix. If you would like to be on the show contact me we would love to have you.

The NSPS Radio Hour

  • Publisher: America’s Web Radio
  • Total Episodes: 123

Curtis W. (Curt) Sumner Curtis W. (Curt) Sumner is the Executive Director of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), serving the interests of professional surveyors nationwide, and internationally. A longtime NSPS activist, he served on its Board of Governors (representing Virginia) from 1987-1994 (Chair 1993 and 1994); progressed through the NSPS officer chairs, serving as President in 1997. In mid-year 1998, he took on the roll of Executive Director of NSPS (as well as Executive Director for its then-parent organization, ACSM). ACSM was merged into NSPS in 2012. Mr. Sumner is an invited presenter and keynote speaker throughout the U. S., and his articles routinely appear in many national and state publications. He worked in the private sector as a licensed professional surveyor in Virginia and Maryland from 1980 through 2000, including being owner of Sumner Consulting. NSPS is….. The recognized national voice of the surveying professional. Continually seeking to respond to the challenges presented by new technologies, government, and industry activities by providing a forum for its members to use their expertise and knowledge to confront those interests that are common al all surveyors. Responsible for the evaluation of surveying related educational programs in colleges and universities seeking to establish or renew accreditation through ABET. The organization that provides the surveying perspective on matters of collective interest through coalitions, and membership in organizations representing geospatial professionals. A partner with the American Land Title Association in the adoption and promulgation of the ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Requirements. A conduit for input from the National Association of County Surveyors, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), and the State Surveying Society Executives Council. The NSPS holds spring and fall business meetings, and sometimes these meetings are held in conjunction with a conference held in conjunction with other organizations. Contact information for Curtis Sumner is 240-439-4615, ext. 106 or [email protected]. Coming Shows! Your Sponsors of the NSPS Radio Hour

The Hustling Artist’s Podcast

  • Publisher: Mesia Austin
  • Total Episodes: 11

The Hustling Artist, Created by Mesia Austin The Hustling Artist was created for the heart and mind of the working artist. Its purpose is to provide a safe space for creatives to speak and share knowledge around the daily grind of the freelance world, surveying the perspectives of both emerging and established artists across a wide span of disciplines. The conversations are as much about the artist’s actual craft as they are about the individual’s unique navigation of their own respective industry. The artists featured here may be your peers, mentors, or heroes—each an expert on their own life, journeying towards balance between personal and professional success, whatever that may mean to them. The Hustling Artist aims to uncover the real and raw experiences we all face as art makers. Led by musician Mesia Austin, these interviews discuss the business, the struggles, the creativity, the passion, and the survival necessary to our personal lives and profession industries of the 21st century Hustling Artist. By forging this particular dialogue, it is our hope that listeners will gain perspective, encouragement, and resources applicable to their own hustle, further creating a community of shared learning, reflection, and progress. (Music by: Squashy Nice: https://open.spotify.com/artist/02mx181VRNrAz6e3nMDhCg) (Artwork by: Max de Rohan Willner – https://unsplash.com/@2derohan)

The Land Surveying Hour

  • Publisher: America’s Web Radio
  • Total Episodes: 5

Tony Nettleman is a Land Surveying Engineer and Attorney. He has held distinguished professorships at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and Troy University. Tony currently teaches continuing education courses for attorneys and land surveyors, provides online test preparation modules to help land surveyors become licensed in all 50 states, and serves as an expert witness in boundary, easement, title and riparian disputes. He holds a BS, MS and PhD in geomatics and a law degree. Tony has helped over 100 land owners resolve land disputes. He lectures to thousands of professional surveyors, and has helped many people obtain their PLS licenses. Tony also publishes articles in peer-reviewed journals and professional trade magazines each year. He is licensed as a surveyor in Florida, Texas, California, New Mexico, and South Dakota professional surveyor. He is also a licensed attorney. Tony can be contacted through www.CNettleman.net.

Science Sisters: Stories of Success in STEM

  • Publisher: Shenandoa Toote
  • Total Episodes: 8

Get inspiration, advice. Learn tips from like-minded minorities on similar journeys in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Eavesdrop as Shenandoa Toote (MS in Vision Science, Certified Coach) interviews women across the US. Find support, shortcuts. Optimize your focus. STEM fields come with challenges for everyone. Professional perspectives of colleagues just ahead of you in reaching goals are invaluable. Minority women, like Hidden Figures, have impacted STEM opportunities. Successful black scientists had community in competitive career paths. And you? Living with unexpected roadblocks: money issues, homesickness, men who believe women are not critical thinkers, lack of classroom skin color and gender diversity, when to use a resume vs a CV, knowing who is your advisor, mentor, or sponsor…these discussions equip you to make decisions, give you ideas for internships, research/laboratory or work experience, provide insights on career paths outside of academia (professorship/tenure) & industry, like corporate business. Info for students in high school/college beginning to plan for higher education, recent university graduates, or post-doctoral fellows. Get practical insights, suggestions, tricks. Celebrate black & women’s history months, international day of women & girls in science. Cell Biology Zoology Genetics Pharmacology Toxicology Ecology Drafting Physiology Civil Design Biochemistry Pathology Operations Astronomy Nuclear Surveying Statistics Physics Psychology Atmospheric Experimental Natural Conservation Immunology Veterinary Industrial Computational Manufacturing Mining Safety Medicine Military Meteorology Quantitative Applied Space Aerospace Marine Sustainable Agriculture Dairy Livestock Poultry Agronomy Horticulture Breeding Protection Integrated Pest Range Chemistry Environmental Wetlands Urban Forestry Pulp Fish Wildlands Communication Animation Video Effects AI Informatics Programming Vendor Certification Analyst Page Digital Modeling Warehousing Database Graphics Modeling Virtual Environments Simulation Telecommunications Networking LAN WAN Security Assurance Multimedia Webmaster Project Bioengineering Ceramic Biomolecular Structural Transportation Highway Hardware Laser Mechanics Mineral Architecture Petroleum Textile Construction Mechatronics Robotics Automation Laser Integrated Circuit Instrumentation Robotics Heating Ventilation Conditioning Refrigeration Solar Quality Wastewater Recycling Hazardous Plastics Welding Semiconductor Occupational Automotive Hydraulics Fluid Software Packaging Nanotechnology Structural Photo Radiation Radio Biophysics Botany Phytopathology Histology Developmental Embryology Bacteriology Virology Parasitology Mycology Entomology Behavior Ethology Wildlife Microbial Eukaryotic Genomics Endocrinology Reproductive Cardiovascular Exercise Vision Optics Oncology Cancer Molecular Biometry Bioinformatics Biomathematics Biotechnology Aquatic Limnology Systematics Epidemiology Neuroanatomy Neurosciences Algebra Functional Geometry Topology Financial Probability Airpower Art Naval Strategic Signal Geospatial Joint Media Cyber Warfare Combat Directed Energy Acoustics Observables Stealth Operational Undersea Warfare Ground Aircraft Armament Explosive Bomb Disposal Task Force Missile Munitions Ordinance Radar Communications Biopsychology Nutrition Interaction Sustainability Astrophysics Planetary Climatology Dynamics Inorganic Organic Polymer Geology Geochemistry Geophysics Seismology Paleontology Hydrology Petrology Oceanography Geosciences Atomic Particle Plasma Temperature Condensed Matter Acoustics Biotechnology Power Cognitive Psycholinguistics Comparative Social Psychometrics Cyber Forensics Counterterrorism Archeology Econometrics Geographic Cartography Aeronautics Aviation Cytotechnology Pharmaceutics Pharmacognosy Pharmacoeconomics Cosmetic Preventive Epidemiology Health Infectious Diseases Actuarial Computer Research Electronics Technologies CADD Soil Wood Water Child

How to Improve Your Writing

  • Publisher: Mason
  • Total Episodes: 10

Featuring interviews with bestsellers like Andy Weir, Jodi Picoult, Greg Olsen, and more, “How to Improve Your Writing” presents an uncommon but effective method of becoming a great writer.How do you get better at writing?The “write a lot and read a lot” method of improvement is insufficient. Writing and reading are both necessary, of course, but if that’s all you do, you’re eventually going to hit a plateau. What then?Engel has the answer. Actually, he has seven. After conducting an online survey, asking over 1,000 writers how they improve their fiction, Engel grouped the answers into seven main categories, 7 Drills to help you write better. With these writing habits, you can level up your craft and reach your publishing dreams. If, that is, you have the secret sauce.The 7 Drills are effective in their own right, but to get the most out of them, you need something called deliberate practice. Pioneered by the researcher who coined the “10,000-hour rule”, deliberate practice is practice on steroids, crafted from several principles. This book explains those principles in the context of the 7 Drills, gives real life examples, and provides a step-by-step guide for how to convert your knowledge into effective habits.Take ownership of your talent. You *can* be better. You just need the right drills.“After surveying the working methods of over 1,000 writers and researching best writing process techniques in available literature, Mason has distilled that information into a very solid, practical, clear, and accessible approach to writing.”-Steve Adams, Pushcart-winning author and writing coach

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