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Are you wanting to learn more about tax ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best tax podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Tax Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Simply Tax

  • Publisher: Damien R. Martin, CPA
  • Total Episodes: 133

Simply Tax™ cuts through the static of the tax world and doesn’t waste your time by needlessly tossing around technical terms and citing code sections. Host Damien Martin has a knack for boiling down complex issues for business professionals who need a trusted advisor to help strengthen their tax mind.

Talking Tax

  • Publisher: Bloomberg Tax
  • Total Episodes: 195

Talking Tax, from Bloomberg Tax, is a weekly discussion of the most pressing issues facing tax and accounting professionals. Each week the podcast features discussions with lawmakers, federal regulators, practitioners, and journalists. From the courts to Capitol Hill to the IRS, Talking Tax has it covered. Hosts: Amanda Iacone and Jeffery Leon.

Tax Talks

  • Publisher: Australia’s Tax News Podcast for Tax Professionals
  • Total Episodes: 314

Australia’s Podcast for Accountants – Tax Talks – The Podcast To Run and Grow Your Firm

Cross-border Tax Talks

  • Publisher: PwC
  • Total Episodes: 73

PwC specialists share insights and perspectives on key issues impacting the ever-changing international tax landscape. Our podcasts aim to provide quick, easy and up-to-date international tax developments to help you stay current and competitive in today’s challenging business environment. Listen to episodes at your convenience via your desktop computer or smart device.

Tax Notes Talk

  • Publisher: Tax Notes
  • Total Episodes: 173

A discussion of cutting-edge developments in tax, including up-to-the-minute changes in federal, state, and international tax law and regulations.

Tax Readiness

  • Publisher: PwC
  • Total Episodes: 216

Missed a PwC Tax Readiness webcast? This series includes podcast versions of webcasts as well as easily digestible clips covering tax hot topics.You can listen to episodes at your convenience via your desktop computer or smartphone.

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

  • Publisher: Brett Swarts
  • Total Episodes: 111

Thinking of selling your business, investing in real estate, deferring tax, or building long-term wealth? Look no further because you’ve come to the right place. Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast will help you with EVERYTHING you need!Most business and real estate owners get hammered with 30-50% in capital gains tax when they sell their assets including, businesses, high-end primary homes and investment real estate and so much more. Hosted by Brett Swarts, the goal of this podcast is to make complex tax deferral strategies simple. Get clear comparisons for each strategy, deal stories, and financial freedom through wealth building, all so you can create and preserve more wealth or help others do the same. Our laser focus is on the deferred sales trust and to help you or your clients stop feeling trapped by capital gains tax. We want you to have the freedom to retire from the toilets, trash, liability, and managing employees so you can trade them for time, liquidity, diversification, debt-freedom, and passive commercial real estate investing.Brett Swarts started as a multifamily broker with the largest commercial estate brokerage firm in the nation just before the crash of 2008. He saw and felt the pain of a lot of high net worth individuals get hurt when they lost some or all of their wealth when they did not have a backup plan or an alternative to a 1031 exchange. He has learned a lot about Deferred Sales Trust, Delaware Statutory Trust, 1031 exchanges, and other tax-deferred strategies having brokerage over $85,000,000 in commercial real estate transactions and passively investing in commercial real estate with a total value of $100,000,000+.If you’re wondering if the deferred sales trust can be used for the sale of a professional practice, business, primary home, or investment real estate, or whether you’re looking to sell a highly appreciated asset and want freedom and flexibility, the deferred sales trust is for you.In the podcast, Brett will give an overview of the deferred sales trust along with other tax deferral and wealth-building strategies by brining on some rock star guests! Understand how you or your clients can benefit from a deferred sales trust or other strategies, so YOU can make more money when you sell! This podcast and the Capital Gains Tax Deferral Secrets shared within will change your wealth… and change your life!Deferred Sales Trusts are not a recent invention. In fact, they are over 24+ years old (the IRS Section tax code known as IRC 453 predates from the 1920s and is known as a “seller carry back” or “owner financing.”) The simple principles of the deferred sales trust are from this original IRC 453 tax code and are the foundation we still use today. In fact, with the 14 successful IRS audits conducted and completed for the thousands of deferred sales trusts closed, it’s important to understand where we come from, so you can feel secure for where you will stand if you move forward. Brett guarantees this podcast will help you gain clarity for your tax deferral strategy.Are you tired of the feeling trapped by the 1031 exchange? The solution is the deferred sales trust.Listen to the show now and defer tax as you have never done before so you can create more wealth in a smarter and easier way plus so much more! Join us here on the Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast now and learn the secrets of the wealthy with investment real estate and tax deferral so you can create and preserve more wealth.

On Tax

  • Publisher: Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP
  • Total Episodes: 5

On Tax brings together professionals in the Cravath network for conversations about their life and work in the world of tax. Hosted by Cravath partner Len Teti, the show focuses on the often-forgotten human side of tax, highlighting the people, connections and stories that make the space such a fascinating and dynamic area of practice. Learn more about On Tax at cravath.com/podcast. Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP is a premier U.S. law firm that has been at the center of many of the world’s most significant transactions and disputes for more than two centuries. Learn more about the Firm at cravath.com, and explore its bicentennial at 200.cravath.com. (On Tax is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does not establish an attorney-client relationship between any person or entity and Cravath.) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Small Business Tax Savings Podcast

  • Publisher: Mike Jesowshek, CPA
  • Total Episodes: 145

The Small Business Tax Savings Podcast is designed specifically for small business owners. We focus specifically on tax savings and ways to have a financially sounds back bone to your small business. Hosted by the JETRO and Associates team led by Mike Jesowshek, CPA. This is a quick hitting podcast aimed to get you important information without all the fluff. JETRO and Associates is a digital accounting firm servicing clients across the country focused exclusively on small business bookkeeping, tax, and payroll. You can find more information on them at: www.JETROTax.com

The Tax Maven

  • Publisher: Steven Dean
  • Total Episodes: 18

The first podcast from the Graduate Tax Program at NYU Law, the Tax Maven, introduces listeners to the people and the ideas that draw so many of us to work in tax. Tax scholars learned long ago what makes tax law both powerful and deeply human. The Tax Maven features conversations with professors from a range of disciplines, revealing tax law’s connection to prosperity, poverty, and history. Each episode will feature a guest—a Tax Maven—sharing the fruits of her scholarly work in a format that will make you think, laugh, and wonder, offering an answer to the perennial question: “Why tax law?”

Federal Tax Update Podcast

  • Publisher: The Ohio Society of CPAs
  • Total Episodes: 132

Federal Tax Update Podcast Series

Current Federal Tax Developments

  • Publisher: Edward Zollars, CPA
  • Total Episodes: 266

Weekly update on federal income tax developments

Future of Tax

  • Publisher: KPMG Global Tax & Legal
  • Total Episodes: 50

Podcast series for tax leaders: Short podcasts addressing some of the most pressing issues and opportunities facing tax departments in the modern business world

tax break

  • Publisher: Miller & Chevalier
  • Total Episodes: 19

tax break is a podcast about tax law, brought to you by Miller & Chevalier and hosted by Steve Dixon and Loren Ponds. We’ll provide you with perspective on select tax issues that will go deeper than what the tax press covers, but not so deep that you’ll have to pull out your regulations or read treatises to follow along. The aim of tax break is to focus only on the tax law issues that we find interesting.

The Taxcast by the Tax Justice Network

  • Publisher: Tax Justice Network
  • Total Episodes: 116

The Taxcast is a monthly podcast/radio show from the Tax Justice Network sizzling with the latest developments in the corrupt world of tax havens, financial secrecy and tax dodging. We explore these most challenging ethical and economic issues of our times, with transformational economic analysis you won’t hear anywhere else.

Tap into Tax

  • Publisher: PwC
  • Total Episodes: 31

Tap into Tax is PwC’s podcast series covering current regulatory, legislative and technology hot topics through the lens of our tax technical leaders as well as process and technology subject matter specialists. As tax department’s navigate today’s disruptive events and position your business to thrive, our podcast series will provide timely tax technical and operational updates to help you mobilize your response and recovery efforts, transition into a return to work, and set a path for the future. We provide the experience and foresight to help activate your tax strategy and become a leading tax function of the future, while moving your business forward with confidence. Hosted by Julie Allen, National Tax Services Market leader, Margie Dhunjishah, US Tax Reporting & Strategy leader, and Pat Brown, International Tax Policy leader, this podcast features discussions with some of our leading minds around Tax, trade, and domestic & global policy. Stay tuned to our regular updates and subscribe to our series to get notified as new episodes are published.For more information, visit PwC’s tax podcast series page at pwc.com/us/taxpodcasts.

Sales Tax & More

  • Publisher: Michael Fleming
  • Total Episodes: 51

Sales Tax & More is the weekly show that talks about everyone’s favorite topic…Sales Tax! Listen in each week as we talk with experts, professionals, and more to help you understand this often-overlooked tax.

Tax Justice Warriors

  • Publisher: William Schmidt
  • Total Episodes: 154

A podcast that focuses on tax controversy, Low Income Taxpayer Clincs (LITCs), educating the public, news and interviews about taxes.

KPMG Tax Now

  • Publisher: KPMG Australia
  • Total Episodes: 16

The KPMG Tax Now podcast series offers you unparalleled access to key analysis and discussion in tax, economics, regulation and compliance.

People in Tax Podcast

  • Publisher: American Bar Association Section of Taxation
  • Total Episodes: 46

The People in Tax Podcast is a production of the American Bar Association’s Section of Taxation. For more news, read ABA Tax Times at ambar.org/abataxtimes.

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