20 Best Teaching Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about teaching ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best teaching podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Teaching Podcasts 2021

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Teaching Hard History

  • Publisher: Learning for Justice
  • Total Episodes: 55

What we don’t know about American history hurts us all. Teaching Hard History begins with the long legacy of slavery and reaches through the civil rights movement to the present day. Brought to you by Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) and hosted by Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Teaching Hard History brings us the lessons we should have learned in school through the voices of scholars and educators. It’s great advice for teachers and good information for everybody.

Teaching to the TOP

  • Publisher: TEACHING on the DOUBLE
  • Total Episodes: 74

Two teachers dedicated to helping you master your time, organization, and productivity!

Teaching in Higher Ed

  • Publisher: Bonni Stachowiak
  • Total Episodes: 623

Thank you for checking out the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. This is the space where we explore the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning. We also share ways to increase our personal productivity, so we can have more peace in our lives and be even more present for our students.

Brave New Teaching

  • Publisher: Marie Morris & Amanda Cardenas: Teachers and Education Content Creators
  • Total Episodes: 59

Join hosts Amanda Cardenas (Mud & Ink Teaching) and Marie Morris (The Caffeinated Classroom) in discussions about being brave, trying new things, and all things teaching! As seasoned classroom teachers, Amanda and Marie bring their experience, insight, energy, and oh, so many opinions and ideas… It’s time for all teachers to take their classroom and teaching practice into their own hands!

Reaching While Teaching

  • Publisher: Shanine Alessia Young
  • Total Episodes: 56

This Christian Teacher provides you with beneficial tips & advice on how to live your best life. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shanine-alessia-young/support

Teaching Middle School ELA

  • Publisher: Caitlin Mitchell
  • Total Episodes: 120

How do I create engaging and rigorous lessons for my students? How can I better manage the planning, grading, and paperwork required of me as a Middle School English Language Arts teacher? How can I create strong and passionate writers? Most importantly, how can I create a work-life balance that allows me to enjoy weekends and pursue the career I love? Welcome to the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast where, each Tuesday, we will answer these questions and more! Each Tuesday, join hosts Caitlin Mitchell and Jessica Cannata as they deliver curriculum and lesson ideas, share classroom stories, and interview fellow educators who are experts in the field. If you teach reading and writing to middle schoolers and want to get inspired with some fresh ideas, productivity tips, and top-notch pedagogical strategies, then this is the podcast for you!

Tea for Teaching

  • Publisher: John Kane and Rebecca Mushtare
  • Total Episodes: 187

Informal discussions of effective practices in teaching and learning.

Teaching With Power

  • Publisher: Benjamin Wilcox
  • Total Episodes: 61

“Teaching with Power” will help you teach or study the scriptures with more impact, relevancy and power. Its primary audience is members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using the Come, Follow Me manual to teach at home or at church. It supplements but should not replace the manual. My name is Ben Wilcox and I have taught the scriptures in many capacities for 20 years, primarily the youth. I have a BA and MA in English literature which lends to my more literary approach to studying the scriptures.

Triple R Teaching

  • Publisher: Anna Geiger
  • Total Episodes: 45

It’s time to reignite your passion for teaching! Triple R Teaching provides simple strategies and practical tips for PreK-grade 3 educators. Anna Geiger, M.Ed., will show you how to make small changes to improve how you teach math and literacy. Look forward to episodes about Anna’s transition from balanced literacy to the science of reading, and expect episodes that will help you understand the research while giving you practical tips that you can implement today. Hit subscribe, and get ready to transform your teaching!

Empowered Teaching

  • Publisher: Vanessa Taborda-Cronin
  • Total Episodes: 71

Welcome to Empowered Teaching. The podcast for teachers who are ready to embrace their imperfections, so that they can become their better selves in and out the classroom. To be empowered means to show up for yourself, and to consciously decide what you listen to, what advice you take and how you perform. Empowered teaching is the kind of teaching that gives teachers the ability to recognize the power that already lives within them, so that they can show up for their students, and bring them to success by teaching in their own terms.

Teachers Talking Teaching

  • Publisher: CatFish Education
  • Total Episodes: 112

John Catterson (@jfcatto) and Pete Whiting (@mr_van_w) are two Australian Flipped Educators. Together they talk education, pedagogy and current practice. Find more of Pete and John: Website – www.catfisheducation.com YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/MrCattersonScience YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/PWhiting

The Teaching Space

  • Publisher: Martine Ellis
  • Total Episodes: 120

A fortnightly podcast for teachers and trainers who want to love their jobs and be amazing teachers without sacrificing their own time, mental health and wellbeing.

Teaching Your Brain to Knit

  • Publisher: Margaret and Catherine
  • Total Episodes: 125

Margaret and Catherine talk about what they are learning from their knitting, something about the brain or learning, Behind the Redwood Curtain, the area where they live along the Northcoast of California, and a knitting tip


  • Publisher: New Community Church: Wildwood, MO
  • Total Episodes: 788


Teaching Today

  • Publisher: Center for Professional Education of Teachers
  • Total Episodes: 44

Teaching Today is brought to you by The Center for Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) at Teachers College, Columbia University. In conversation with teachers, researchers, and school leaders, we’re dedicated to breaking down the problems, policies, and promising practices that define teaching. Uniting theory and practice, CPET promotes rigorous and relevant scholarship, and is committed to making excellent education accessible worldwide.

Teaching Meditation

  • Publisher: Upasaka Upali & Dr. Tucker Peck
  • Total Episodes: 12

This is the only podcast we know of devoted to the teaching of meditation. We interview teachers and others about the process of teaching, how they became teachers, their thoughts on who should and shouldn’t teach, tips for new and veteran teachers, and more. While teachers and prospective teachers of meditation will of course find lots to learn here, this is also a great resource for anyone who wants to peer behind the curtain of being a meditation teacher. You can learn more about your hosts Upali over here https://upalimeditation.com/ and about Tucker over here https://meditatewithtucker.com/

Effective Teaching

  • Publisher: Dan Jackson
  • Total Episodes: 113

Through research and interviews Dan looks at all things education in order to help teachers implement strategies that focus on developing student capacity to be self-sufficient learners as well as providing other tips for teachers to enhance their effectiveness.

Teaching for today

  • Publisher: The Christian Institute
  • Total Episodes: 277

Biblical teaching to help you be a Christian influence in a secular world.

Teaching Learning Leading K-12

  • Publisher: Steven Miletto
  • Total Episodes: 229

Providing ideas and resources for K-12 teachers and school-based administrators.

The Teaching Series with Brad Gray

  • Publisher: Brad Gray
  • Total Episodes: 234

The Bible can be challenging to understand and apply because most people have never been taught how to engage the Bible the way it was intended in its original context. It’s why Brad created The Teaching Series, which is a weekly video series that explores some aspect of the Bible in its original context and then talks through how people can apply it well to their our own context. This podcast is the audio version of those highly visual video teachings which are housed at walkingthetext.com. So if you find an episode particularly helpful, check out the video version as well.

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