3 Disaster-Proof Ways To Improve Your IT Infrastructure

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2 years ago

There’s no denying anymore that the transition to digital infrastructure is the now and future of any prosperous company out there. Nowadays, when we’re well into the digital age, information technology, otherwise known as IT, has to be a necessary function that goes right for any company to work regularly and succeed in the current technology-driven climate in its respective industry.

Manufacturing, finance, healthcare, or tourism, no matter what your industry actually is, IT plays a significant role these days. The ability to store and transmit data, the security of your clients and prospects, and the functionality of your digital features are all primary concerns for the IT department of a given business. After all, having to handle data, money, and business in the digital space requires more attentive consideration than it would on a personal level. For that reason, having a robust IT infrastructure can make all the difference in the world in achieving that.

So, if your company runs on old hardware, outdated software, or you haven’t updated any of your IT infrastructure in quite some time, you definitely need to consider how you can improve it and improve it fast. To make things easier for you, here are three proven ways to achieve that in a short amount of time and help your company in the long run.

Take Advantage Of Cloud Computing To Streamline Your IT Infrastructure

Throw a rock in the virtual world, and chances are, you’ll find some mention of cloud computing online. However, the recent rise and popularity of cloud computing are well deserved, as switching to cloud-based services and choosing to partner with companies like TechBrain, which offer cloud-based solutions, can help you empower your company to streamline digital operations.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of cloud computing is making it easier and faster to access cutting-edge software. Everything is online, so you won’t need to purchase and install it in your offices physically. In addition, you will also reduce the amount of on-site storage when all files can be stored and are easily accessible on the cloud.

Another top advantage of cloud computing is that it stimulates remote work, which proved to be crucial for millions of businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, forward-thinking business leaders will continue embracing remote work even after the pandemic comes to an end, as it will allow them to reduce overheads by cutting the number of workers physically present on their premises, freeing up space, and going fully-digital thanks to cloud computing.

Implement Data Backup To Reduce Your Risks

Unexpected data loss can be a massive problem for your company, as you could lose critical files relating to finances, client work, and trade secrets. Days, weeks, or even years of work may be severely disrupted by unforeseen data loss. As a consequence, clients may lose trust in your business if they’re inconvenienced, and that could severely impact your business processes and revenue. Likewise, any additional work you might need to undertake to recreate lost work may decrease your company’s efficiency, productivity, and will probably cost you a lot of money you hadn’t planned to spend.

Data loss could be caused by numerous human inflicted or unavoidable casualties like accidental deletion by an employee, viruses, physical damage to hardware due to fire, floods, or other unexpected crises, and power outages, among other things. The good news here is that you can update your IT infrastructure and create a cloud backup which is a simple way to secure your data online and access it at your convenience.

So, no matter if a tornado ruins your premises and your computers, this way, you’ll still be able to work on assignments from anywhere with an Internet connection, and your team can stay efficient and productive even if their usual hardware and workplace are temporarily unavailable. Although implementing cloud storage and continuous data backups into your IT infrastructure may seem complex at first, once you reach out to a service that provides recovery services you’ll find out that it’s actually much simpler and more affordable than what you may initially think. In addition, you can also think about utilizing a rackspace disaster recovery backup service to rent an additional physical location where you can store your backup data servers.

Think About Adding More Server Capacities

If you lack network capability in your IT infrastructure, consider adding more servers to your business operations and improve in this IT area tremendously. Unfortunately, even if you might not realize it, your business servers are likely far outdated as well.

Servers are something that’s usually not looked at regularly because you don’t really see them every day, unlike your computers, towers, and even routers. However, by adding more server capacities and improving your servers (while you’re at it, check your routers, too), you can strengthen your company network and enable your company to store more data and enjoy faster processing power. You might even consider adding more server capacities because that way, you won’t be susceptible to lapses in operations if one of them goes down.

Final Thoughts

To acknowledge where to invest your hard-earned money best to improve your organization’s IT infrastructure, you need to invest yourself in understanding new technologies, how they work, and where they are going in the future. Once you uncover what your company needs and the things worth investing in, make sure that you also understand the total costs of these additions over the long haul and whether the added technology is in complete alignment with your long-term strategy.

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