3 Main Types of Weighing Scales for Your Business

3 Main Types of Weighing Scales for Your Business
2 years ago

Every business relies on precision and development to provide good service or products to its customers, whether that is another business or an individual. The right equipment could save you time and money and help to avoid problems with wrong or inconsistent results.

Depending on your main activities, the three main types of weighing scales for your business will help you achieve better results and development. Each has unique characteristics that apply to different circumstances, but they all provide precise results with modern technology and processes.

Crane Scales

This type of scale is ideal if you have limited space and need to weigh heavy, irregular objects with precision and simple handling. Crane scales are smaller in size and are easy to set up in various locations with the right height and space; these scales have a strong system and characteristics that can hold up to 400,000 pounds, depending on the size of the scale.

Crane scales are easy to calibrate, and their system is reliable and consistent. Hanging heavy objects requires the help of a small lift and equipment to handle this safely. Crane scales take little space; you must store them without hanging them to avoid damaging the sensors when they are not in use.

Platform Scales

This is one of the most popular weighing scales because of their versatility, simplicity, and reliable results that work with digital sensors. Platform scales are useful for farms to weigh cattle, transportation businesses to ensure truck safety, and storage warehouses to avoid problems with products on shelves.

Platform scales are simple to set up, you can choose between removable or permanent depending on your needs, and they’ll provide instant solutions. Maintenance of platform scales to keep them active is essential, especially when these handle weights up to 10 tons.

Pallet Jack Scale

This type of scale is ideal for warehouses where your must constantly move and rearrange products to utilize the space the best way possible and avoid accidents. Pallet jack scales provide two services simultaneously: transportation and weight options with highly-developed sensors.

Maintenance is important because the sensors could get damaged after some time due to the constant movement of heavy objects. This weighing scale for your business will save you time and money with an investment that will last for a long time.

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