3 Tips To Ensure a Cleaner Commercial Bathroom

3 Tips To Ensure a Cleaner Commercial Bathroom
2 years ago

Providing a welcoming and sanitary restroom experience for students, employees, and patrons is crucial for any building/facility. Alternatively, a poorly maintained restroom can put the health and well-being of others at risk, along with hurting your image and reputation. Here are three tips to ensure a cleaner commercial bathroom in your building.

Address Bathroom Problems ASAP

There are many common problems with commercial bathrooms that building/facility owners and custodial staff deal with on a daily basis. While these issues are normal, it’s crucial that you deal with them immediately. For instance, allowing clogs and drainage complications to fester will lead to leaking sewage and persistent foul odors in your restroom.

Additionally, failing to fix a faulty hand-washing station increases the spread of bacteria, causing more illness throughout the building. Even poor water pressure and irregular water temperature negatively impact the bathroom experience. When you notice a problem with your commercial restroom, fix it ASAP!

Routinely Refill Bathroom Supplies

There’s nothing worse than a stall that doesn’t have enough toilet paper, a hand washing station without enough soap, or an empty paper towel dispenser. Unfortunately, these are all common commercial restroom scenarios!

You should regularly refill bathroom supplies to ensure the cleanest and most inviting experience for others. Even having custodial staff inspect soap/toilet paper/paper towel dispensers every hour or so will ensure you have a fully stocked restroom. Most importantly, this ensures better sanitation in the bathroom and the building as a whole.

Accessorize Your Urinal

Men’s bathrooms have a reputation for being gross, mainly because of urinals. Luckily, there are a few urinal accessories you can use in your restroom to keep this area clean. First, consider using urinal mats to keep the ground below your urinals dry—these are effective in schools, sporting venues, or other commercial bathrooms that see heavy use.

Additionally, consider implementing urinal cakes, which help trap the bacteria in urine that causes foul odors. Lastly, place urinal shields in your urinals to prevent people from flushing unwanted items and causing plumbing problems. This tip is exclusive to the men’s room but extremely helpful for problematic bathrooms.

Use these three tips to ensure a cleaner commercial bathroom experience for others. Remember that a restroom that provides enough supplies for its patrons is always more sanitary than one that doesn’t!

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