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4 Antivirus Programs To Defend Your Mac Computer

Mac’s certified list of virus annihilation software.

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There’s always the potential danger you might catch when leaving your house to go experience the real world out there. Just as there’s also a potential danger when navigating the web to observe what’s happening all around. You need to prepare for those dangers.

You don’t need to understand how malware, spyware, and general viruses work to defend yourself from them at all. You just need the correct piece of antivirus software to do that for you. There are numerous offerings out there, but we put forward only the best Antivirus available on the market for MAC computers. Here they are.

#1 Free Antivirus for Mac – from Avira

Free Antivirus for Mac - from Avira
Who suggested this product?
The Free Antivirus for Mac – from Avira was recommended by Rich Mullikin from Mullikin Communications. You can find out more about Rich Mullikin here or read their product recommendation below.

Free Antivirus for Mac is powered by a combination of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and Avira’s endpoint antivirus scanner. Avira protects your private data against all types of malware including ransomware, Trojans, and spyware.

#2 MacKeeper

Who suggested this product?
The MacKeeper was recommended by Marty Rogers from Lead Peep. You can find out more about Marty Rogers here or read their product recommendation below.

I have used MacKeeper since I moved from Windows to a MacBook Pro back in 2015 and I wouldn’t bother with anything else. Keeps me and my business safe, looks great, great name and has all the features you need to feel protected. It’s very affordable, too, which is a real bonus.

#3 BitDefender Antivirus

BitDefender Antivirus
Who suggested this product?
The BitDefender Antivirus was recommended by Kulwant Nagi from BloggingCage. You can find out more about Kulwant Nagi here or read their product recommendation below.

BitDefender antivirus for all my Mac machines (4 machines) since 2014. The protection, security, privacy and speed I get by using this antivirus is way beyond awesomeness.

I have used this same antivirus on my windows machines for more than 8 years.

This antivirus can help your Mac stay secure and don’t disturb your Mac’s performance because of it’s small size.

#4 ESET Endpoint Protection

ESET Endpoint Protection
Who suggested this product?
The ESET Endpoint Protection was recommended by Michael Schenck from Manhattan Tech Support Com, LLC. You can find out more about Michael Schenck here or read their product recommendation below.

For General Protection, I am a big supporter of ESET. I have it running on multiple devices – Mac, PC, Servers, Mobile (android and iOS), and a chromeOS. Its simple to use, has a business management and MSP management format. It utilizes the best in breed detection – both classic definition based hunting and heuristic based methods.

As far as success in cleaning/detecting malware, it keeps up with Malwarebytes without the resource overhead, and as Malwarebytes is often the go-to service for malware cleanup – post breach, ESET isn’t as aggressively targeted by hackers trying to bypass detection. Additionally the versions I’m recommending include additional options like a firewall and network threat detection, and is good as anything else at stopping ransomware.

A complete solution for anyone taking their computer security seriously.

Who contributed to this article?

Rich Mullikin from Mullikin Communications

Marty Rogers from Lead Peep

Kulwant Nagi from BloggingCage

Michael Schenck from Manhattan Tech Support Com, LLC

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