5 Classy Gifts For Successful Promotional Marketing Campaigns

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2 years ago

If you want your promotional marketing campaign to be truly inspiring, you need to consider what type of gifts you can give out that scream class and value. If you succeed in this effort, people will begin to associate your brand with success, after all. To get you started, here are five classy gift ideas for successful promotional marketing campaigns that you can consider:

1. Polo Shirts

There are tons of wearable promotional items you can use during a high-class promotional marketing campaign. One of the most versatile and easy-to-giveaway wearables, however, is a well-branded polo shirt gift. These are fantastic because nearly every type of audience you’ll be marketing to will wear a polo shirt if it’s designed in a classy, attractive fashion. You can add your logo prominently, but at a small size, on the chest pocket area where most polo shirts typically have their logo, and create a highly unique look for your customers. This will ensure they wear their branded polo shirts in public and advertise your brand to every person that they pass on the street.

2. Sunglasses

If you want to stay classy, stylish, and cool, you need to consider giving out branded sunglasses during your next promotional marketing campaign. People have always loved sunglasses, ever since the first pair debuted. Sunglasses come in a ton of different styles, but there are plenty of certified classic frame styles that never get old. Choose the frame style that you see as being the classiest, and you’ll have the ability to once again subtly put your logo onto the frame, and turn your customers into “walking billboards” that will quickly spread the word about how radical your business (and its products and services) is. Consider combining your sunglass gifts with discounts for posting them online to social media for an extra bang for your marketing buck.

3. Scarfs

During these winter months, many of us try to stay as warm as humanly possible every time that we go out. Scarfs are perfect for being both stylish and warm during these bitter winter months, so they make a great, and classy promo item for companies that can afford them. They are a bit more expensive to buy in bulk than other wearables, but they will quickly demonstrate your brand’s worth to every customer that you gift them. The trickiest part about designing a branded scarf, however, is finding out where to actually place your logo so that it remains visible. But with the right effort, you can design a classy-looking, easy-to-wear branded scarf for your audience.

4. Paperweights

Businesses looking to gift their business-minded clients with an exciting promotional gift need to look into buying a bulk order of branded paperweights. Paperweights have been a sign of business class for decades, and help business folk keep their papers and tasks in order when tasks pile onto their desk. If you can make the paperweight look cool with your brand emblazoned upon it, you’ll have an even more promising and class-filled gift to give out to your business-minded clients. Just make sure you go with a high-quality build when investing in paperweights, as you want to ensure that they’ll be heavy enough to truly give your customers the value you’re looking to generate. An ineffective gift can become a liability, after all.

5. Cocktail Sets

For an extra fun and classy promo gift, you should look into the many different varieties of affordable and delicious cocktail sets you can order in bulk. These are perfect for your most loyal customers and are easy to brand effectively as well. Be sure to taste test the cocktail sets you’re considering, however, as you once again want to avoid sending out a gift that customers will be unimpressed by. Thankfully, taste-testing cocktail sets can be a ton of fun in and of itself, so your staff members will be happy to help complete this important step in the promo marketing campaign process. You can even invest in cocktail sets that come with a variety of different cocktails if you’re willing to spend a little more to craft the perfect promo gift for your high-roller customers during your next campaign.

Here’s to Your Next Promo Marketing Campaign

Now that you have an idea of the many classy gifts you can give out to your customers, you’re ready to put together a successful, fun promo campaign for the new year. Businesses have been using promo campaigns for decades, and this has helped many well-known companies create a much wider, more loyal user base. With this power in your company’s hands, you can finally reach the business goals you’ve been dreaming about.

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