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Team building is one essential factor that affects the growth of a business. It creates a professional culture and frequently results in more creativity. The more time you spend with your team, the better it will be.

These activities can help any group of co-workers or employees to communicate with each other on a better level, get to know each other, collaborate successfully, and trust each other’s strengths.

Top 5 Team Building Activities

Team building exercises are a method to improve the skill sets of your team members and to bring the team closer. Here are the 5 most effective team-building activities.

Team Lunch

This is a very convenient and easily organized activity you can try as a team leader. You can arrange a lunch at a restaurant or the office building, or even better, you can ask your team members to dutch in and bring one dish each, and then the whole team can share each other’s lunch. This acts as an ice breaker and can work wonders in removing the initial awkwardness in the group. Having a conversation beyond work will help the team learn different things about each other.

Camp Fire

Another way to increase their understanding and teamwork is by organizing a campfire. Camping helps enhance team playing spirit, decision making, and understanding in a team. You will even notice that some of them stand out as leaders with their leadership skills.

Online Trivia Games

Online trivia games are not just fun but also good brain exercise. Team bonding suggests that online trivia games from Escapely increase the working capacity of your brain by enhancing your problem-solving skills. You can relax your mind by playing these games at the convenience of your house. These are very effective for virtual team building.

Making team timeline

Team timeline can be another fun way to know about each other’s lives and about the skills they possess. You can choose your topics that are related to team members. You will get to know that some of your team members have few things in common. This will help like-minded people to interact better.

Charity events

Charity events are another thing that you can add as a monthly activity for the team. It is found in studies of team bonding in Singapore that people who support charities and volunteer in their events are much happier. Volunteering for charity events will help in better coordination and communication of a team.


Different activities may suit different personalities and teams, but you can use these five options as a place to start. Once you’ve decided on a theme, though, the real work begins: deciding how to divide up your team with all of these activities in mind.

Once you’ve made your decisions and assigned roles for everyone due that are time-focused, a balance must be struck between getting work done and having fun. You’ll have to find that sweet spot yourself—but with these tips in mind, hopefully, you’ll have a bit of an easier time doing so.

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