5 Online Data Collection Methods To Improve Your Business Intelligence

5 Online Data Collection Methods To Improve Your Business Intelligence
3 years ago

Data heavily influence today’s modern era. Every business is dependent on insightful data to make decisions for organizational growth. The more data you have about your customers, the better you can understand their wants, needs, and interests. This can help in enhancing your understanding of your customers’ expectations and allows you to create products and messaging that appeal to them.

Read below for some of the common data collection methods you could try.

1. Surveys

Online surveys are the most common and time-tested ways to collect data from your customers and prospects. This is because they are easy, powerful, and customizable to make. It’s also allowing secure data collection from a broad user base with little effort.

It can improve the accuracy of data since information is ‘structured.’ It allows you to procure answers from both close- and open-ended questions. It also helps in generating a lot of data and leads if properly designed.

An effective survey consists of a list of queries that participants can easily understand and answer. It could be done in just one or two words and usually gives participants a list of responses for them to choose from. You can create an online survey you can host on your site or with a third party. You can also share the link to that survey over email, on social media, and in pop-ups on your website.

2. Online Tracking

Your business’s website and app are excellent tools for collecting valuable data. This is because when someone visits your site or app, it creates as many as 40 data points.

In general, your web hosting provider can collect this kind of data. However, you can also use specific analytics software such as Google Analytics. You can gain valuable insights into user behavior, tracking lots of data including demographic reports, page views, event hits, and so on with Google data collection. Also, you can use tracking pixels and cookies to further monitor the activities of your website visitors through numerous sessions.

5 Online Data Collection Methods To Improve Your Business Intelligence

3. Transactional Data Collection

If you’re selling products or services online, your transactional data can provide valuable insights about your customers. You can store transactional records in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. These data may come from your eCommerce store or your third-party contract with an online store.

The information collected can provide you with an idea of how many products or services you sell, the types of products and services that are most popular and least popular, and how often consumers purchase from you.

4. Subscription And Registration Forms

Registration and subscription forms mean to offer customers something in return for providing information about them. For instance, you can ask customers for their email in exchange for a valuable eBook or discount vouchers.

This method allows you to obtain information from site visitors and customers who want to sign up for an email list, rewards program, or other similar programs. One benefit of this collection method is that the leads you’re getting are more likely to convert since they actively demonstrated an interest in your business.

When creating this kind of form, make sure you only ask for a balanced amount of data. Asking too much can discourage users from participating. On the other hand, not asking enough means your data might not be as useful as it should be.

5. Social Media Monitoring

Every modern business should have a presence on social media. Social media platforms can also be used for collecting reliable customer data and it’s not just for bringing awareness and building your brand.

You can get useful data from various aspects of social media. For instance, you can measure customer engagement with your posts through the number of likes, comments, and shares. Built-in social media data tracking also allows you to analyze the activities of your followers, how they interact and respond to your page, and you may even segment them accordingly. You can also use a third-party social media analytics tool to act as your data collection tool for social media data.


Every business can be made more efficient and successful by making use of insights obtained through data collection. The above options are some of the methods available. The right one to use will depend on your goals and the kind of data you’re collecting.

With the right data in hand and the right tools to analyze and process that data, you can turn those data into valuable information. This could help you make more educated and informed decisions for your business.

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