5 Popular POS Software Designed For Small Business Use

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4 years ago

Point of sale (POS) software does away with the need for price tags and allows you to quickly change the price of your products. You’re also able to set discounts easily, as well as offer loyalty schemes for your best customers.

If you want to move to a POS model, these solutions below are your best bet. We’ve found them to be the most reliable and intuitive options that you can benefit from. They’re cheap and flexible – perfect for a smaller business.

Best Point Of Sale System For Small Business


James Canzanella from Isolated Marketing Nights:

I’ve been using this tool for many years now and it’s one of the best tools when it comes to creating landing pages and sales funnels that convert. Plus, it’s a very simple software to use so you don’t need to be a tech wizard in order to properly take advantage of its features.

Shopify POS

Jessica Moe from Lilac and Clover Soap Co.:

As a maker and small business owner, I love using Shopify’s POS when I’m away from my computer, and especially for taking payment at handmade markets. Shopify makes it easy to have everything all in one place: online sales, marketing, inventory, and taking credit card payments on the go!

Epos Now / Point of Sale System

Sarah Franklin from Blue Tree AI:

The Epos Now software offers a wide range of help for small businesses with a very affordable price so you do not have to worry about tapping into financial means that are intended for another aspect of growth. They provide great service and features to meet the individual needs of each business and help create consistent success. It’s easy to use and all in one software has really cleared up areas of confusion and promoted new ideas/ expansion in ways we never imagined. Working in the online world with digital marketing and SEO requires a lot of skills and following of current trends that are most effective for business. By using this software, we have more time to spend in areas that we couldn’t reach before. If you are looking to make major improvements in your business I highly recommend Epos Now to help guide you along your sales.

Square mobile POS system

Ollie Smith from Card Accounts:

In my view, the Square mobile POS system is an affordable and intuitive system which adds real value through its integration with the QuickBooks accounting system. This gives any business the ability to not just process payments but manage inventory, control sales information and takes care of consuming accounting activities for you. All a small business needs to take advantage of this functionality is a single smart device – it really is a no-brainer!


Jared Weitz from United Capital Source Inc.:

ShopKeep works for a variety of business needs beyond sales transactions. The data resulting from using ShopKeep drives knowledge of how to better operate overall. Being able to quickly identify top-selling items for retails stores and employee productivity helps to identify where to make adjustments to optimize your business. Use a point of sale system to make quickly adjustable pivots in business. Shopkeep offers all of these advantages with 24/7 customer support that is committed to help.

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