5 Reasons Aspiring Global Entrepreneurs Love The Italian Investor Visa

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2 years ago

Italy is an excellent country to start a global business as an immigrant. You need not worry a lot about laws and regulations, taxes, and market feasibility. The road is easy for foreign entrepreneurs because the business landscape is favorable on all fronts. Even better, you can explore wider markets across the EU. Another thing that makes Italy attractive is the ease of immigration. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend the investor visa as the ideal immigration option for aspiring entrepreneurs. There are valid reasons for this recommendation. Let us share why global entrepreneurs love the Italian investor visa.

Flexibility in investment options

When you opt for an investor visa, a massive investment is a given. But things are a tad easier with the Italian investor visa because you have multiple options. You can start with a minimum of €250,000 as an investment in an innovative startup and go up to €2 million by buying government bonds. There are other options as well. You can invest €500,000 in an established business or donate €1 million to a philanthropic project. As an entrepreneur, things are easier when you get the choice when it comes to such large amounts.

The process is a breeze

Another reason for the popularity of this immigration route is the ease of the process. It takes just two steps to get your investor visa. You have to apply for a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment to prove your investment capacity. After obtaining the certificate, you can apply for the investor visa at your local consulate right away. The entire journey is painless and hardly takes a few months.

Opens the opportunity to expand globally

Global entrepreneurs have the vision to expand to various countries, and the Italian investor visa opens this opportunity. After getting your residence permit, you can travel freely across the EU. Whether you want to travel to meet clients, test the market, or attend an event, you can do it without the hassles of complex travel formalities. It boosts the growth of your business and broadens your reach.

Start a new life with your family

The investor visa lets you do more than set up and expand your business venture in Italy. It enables you to bring your family along and start a new life here. The best part is that you need not invest additional funds for the immigration of your loved ones. You only have to prove that you can support them while in the country. They also get residence permits and can enjoy the rights and benefits of local residents.

Long-term stay with citizenship

An Italian investor visa enables you to stay in Italy for the long term with Italian citizenship. Consider it the golden ticket to one of the most powerful passports in the world. You only have to hold your investments as you run a business in the country for a decade. It qualifies you for citizenship by naturalization option. You can stay here for good and build a thriving conglomerate.

Aspiring entrepreneurs have good reasons to choose the investor as their immigration route. It is fast and easy, so you can focus on planning your startup launch rather than worry about immigration formalities.

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