5 Reasons To Offer Lash Lift Services in Your Salon

5 Reasons To Offer Lash Lift Services in Your Salon

The lash lift is a super popular treatment that has caused a storm in the beauty industry. Given the demand for this service, you may be contemplating offering it at your salon. If you’re on the fence, here are five reasons to offer lash lift services in your salon that may convince you to take the leap!

Quick and Easy to Do

You can easily learn how to perform a lash lift. There are countless tutorials and training sessions available online for licensed professionals.

Once you get used to doing them, you can finish treatments quickly. Most lash lift treatments take less than half an hour from start to finish, which means you can get clients in and out of your salon quickly. And the more clients you see each day, the more your profit soars!

Great ROI

Lash lift supplies are cost-friendly, and you can offer the treatment at a high price thanks to the demand. A lash lift kit, which usually costs between $150 to $250, treats 20 customers on average. The average price of a lash lift treatment is $100. That means that, with just one kit, you can make well over $1,000!

Beautiful and Natural-Looking Results

Lash lifts give clients beautiful, natural-looking lashes. Therefore, lash lifts are perfect for people who want to accentuate their natural lash rather than use unnatural-looking extensions.

Low-Maintenance and Affordable Treatment

Lash lifts cost half the price of extensions but last just as long. Plus, lash lifts are low maintenance. All your clients need to do to maintain their lashes is avoid touching and rubbing them, avoid water for the first 24–48 hours post-treatment, and only use oil-free makeup on and around the eye.

Suitable for Most Eye and Lash Types

Extensions aren’t compatible with clients who have thin, short, or sparse lashes. But anyone can get a lash lift and see results. It works on clients with thin lashes, short lashes, or sparse lashes—it even works on men’s lashes! Because this treatment is universal, you can attract a wide variety of clients with it.

Those are our top reasons to offer lash lift services in your salon. As you can see, this treatment has many benefits for both your salon and your client base. Why not give it a try to see if it works for you?

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