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Small and medium enterprises or SMEs are rapidly inching to greater heights with the help of technology. An increase in productivity, improved flexibility, and eliminating errors in production really helped business owners to increase their profits. Streamlining processes and reaching more clients through many channels made it easy for small businesses to reach their target goals and attain business objectives.

Today, applications are continuously being developed to aid businesses with their specific needs. Operational efficiency, enhanced customer service, creative marketing strategies, and gold-standard workforce used to be audacious goals, but at this day and age almost all small businesses can easily attain all these developments with the help of technological solutions.

If you’re a small business owner, here are some tech solutions you may utilize for your business:

1. Network Security

Cybercriminals target even small businesses. Almost 60% of small companies that have been subjected to cyber-attacks go out of business in six months. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t know how vital network security is and only realize its importance when problems arise.

Cyber-attacks can happen in many forms. A data breach is one of the costliest and highly destructive among all other cybercrimes. Stolen client data will not only cost you a massive amount of money for credit monitoring expenses but will also destroy your client’s trust, which is one of the essential values of customer service.

A ransomware attack is also one brutal way that cybercriminals can commit against businesses. Until you pay the ransom money, they will hold all vital information hostage and threaten you until you give in. These terrorizing acts can be avoided if you have built a strong network security to defend you against these attacks. If you need help in strengthening your network security, an IT company near your vicinity, such as IT company Mississauga can provide the best service and support that you’ll need.

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2. Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is a tedious process, and manually accomplishing this task makes it prone to human errors. An app that will help you track, monitor, update, and process the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) will be a massive weight off your shoulders.

Getting the app will help track fast-moving products so you can replenish them fast, customers will be rightfully informed of the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), your par levels will be complete at all times, and you don’t need to spend many hours counting units at the end of the month.

Time is an asset that you cannot retrieve when lost, so spending many irrelevant hours on tasks you can delegate to technology will give you more opportunities to look at the other aspects of your business that needs attention.

3. Remote Workforce Software

Managing the productivity of a handful of employees in the office may be easily attainable. Still, the transformed landscape of the workforce has made it possible to hire staff from different areas of the world, and managing them remotely may seem to be an arduous task.

The presence of remote workforce software can make it easy for business owners to track employee time, monitor their projects and their completion, and access their work output for approval at a click of a mouse. These apps can take a screenshot of your staff’s computer screen to view what they are working on and know if they are trustworthy. Payroll may also be linked with the software to process your employees’ wages on time efficiently.

4. Payment Processing Software

The global rise in e-commerce has made it possible for small businesses to tap the entire world to feature their products. So, even if you are in the most remote part of the world, you can sell to just about anyone on the planet with the power of the internet.

Platforms that process payments online securely and fast will be a great help for small enterprises. A payment processing software that accepts different payment modes will also be beneficial as many consumers now hold a variety of payment methods in their wallets and computers.

5. Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software

CRM software will be a great tool to monitor your customer journey and enhance the customer experience. Most CRM software have contact management, sales process tracking, events tracking, and reporting abilities.

The powerful integration of CRM software with other tools will provide a seamless operational workflow as you can easily transport data and utilize this as you see fit. Connecting with your clients promptly and addressing their concerns efficiently will elevate the customer experience and build your brand in a positive light.


Dreaming big for your small business is something you can definitely do. If you have a great product, a positive mindset, and incomparable ingenuity, this will give you an edge among others. And with the help of technology, nothing is impossible. Tech solutions are created to provide business owners, big and small with tools to help them navigate and succeed in the world of business.

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