5 Unique Finishes To Apply to Your Product Packaging

5 Unique Finishes To Apply to Your Product Packaging
1 year ago

Designing a graphic for product packaging involves much more than creating a design and printing it on a material. Adding coatings and finishes can take your graphics to the next level for a more visually attractive design. Unique finishes to apply to your product packaging can provide an exclusive experience for your customers while protecting against damage such as scratches or cracks. Choose between the finishes we list below to enhance your packaging designs!

UV Gloss Coating

Many businesses use UV gloss coating for product packaging because it’s protective and looks sleek. This coating gives your products a shiny finish that helps the graphics on the package pop while preventing damage from the UV rays in sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight could cause your packaging to fade in color, lose strength, and potentially crack. UV gloss coating will help prevent this damage while enhancing the appearance of the package!

Soft-Touch Finishes

To oppose glossy coatings, soft-touch finishes create a matte and buttery finish on your product packaging. Unlike UV gloss coatings, there are two types of soft-touch finishes: soft-touch coating and soft-touch lamination. While both methods achieve the same results, you will need to determine which is best for your packaging. Regardless of your choice, soft-touch finishes all provide a velvety texture for a more elegant-looking product.

Embossing and Debossing

Are you looking to create a tactile experience for your customers through your packaging? Give your packaging and graphic design texture with embossing and debossing. Embossing involves raising specific design elements from the surrounding materials, while debossing involves stamping a particular design into the surrounding materials. Both are unique finishes you should consider applying to your product packaging to create a 3D design!

Foil Stamping

When you want to add a minimal finish to your product packaging without overpowering the entire design, foil stamping is a great option! You can pick and choose certain design elements to foil while leaving the rest as-is. This is another way to add dimension to your package for a luxurious finish. Like soft-touch finishes, you can use two different methods for foiling stamping. You can choose between cold and hot foil stamping, but both achieve the same results.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the anomaly on this list because it isn’t exactly a finish or coating you can apply to your products, but it provides a different aesthetic that affects the finish. Add layers to your design by cutting out a few shapes or letters. For example, you might use die cutting to cut out your brand name on the package. Use a different pattern or design underneath the die cut to add a small pop of color!

Regardless of what you choose, adding a finish to your packaging is a great way to add more style and texture to the graphics. Not only do finishes and coatings add style, but they can protect your package by preventing scratches and fingerprints too. Which finish will you choose for your packaging—UV gloss, soft-touch, foil stamping, or die cutting?

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