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First impressions are important. Having a pretty, yet intuitive website forms positive associations of efficiency and clarity for customers, clients or investors. 

That’s the reason website builders have exploded in popularity recently. Being able to create a website that effectively serves its purpose is much easier and needs little knowledge of actual website building.

So we’ve picked the website builders that small businesses will love using. Customer service, support and updates is excellent for all these services. Whether you want more specific things like more features (and more of a learning curve), that’s up to you. Just read our quick descriptions of each website builder and see which matches your business and strengths.

Best Website Builder For Small Business


Perry Toone from Thexyz:

We tested several website builders for our clients at Thexyz. We ended up going with Weebly. It is a great platform that allows us the host the files for users while using the Weebly builder.


Sam Carter from YetiPromos:

The best website builder platform we use is WordPress, hands down. This allows you to fully customize a website with as many features and plugins as you want. If you want to look professional, that is the platform to utilize. WordPress also has plug-ins that make building a website very easy, so that anyone can do it. You can get access to wordpress for free after getting website hosting.


Tony Wang from LocalWord:

Maintaining a WordPress website requires some technical knowledge, and if your business doesn’t have the personnel or resources to invest, Squarespace offers a pretty easy to use, drag and drop website builder experience. Just as importantly, they take care of hosting and maintenance, making it a relatively simple affair to have a website. Flexibility is more limited compared to WordPress, and if you’re considering SEO (search engine optimization) it’s definitely not as friendly as WordPress. But for cost and simplicity, it’s a good option to consider. There are several other companies that offer similar services, but Squarespace has been the best at providing a good overall package, easy to use and hosting with decent performance.

Divi Theme

Paul Purczel from Ace Web Design:

I consider the best website builder for small businesses to be Divi Theme on top of WordPress. If wanting ecommerce then using Woocommerce is a good one to use in this stack. Divi features a front end visual editor which makes it easy for small business owners with little website experience to make changes. The Divi theme is also progressive in that the team at Elegant Themes are continually making improvements which make things like animations and customizations a breeze.


Deborah Sawyerr from Sawyerrs’ House Money Lifestyle:

I am suggesting Blogger as the best website builder for small business because it is very easy to learn how to set it up. It’s also power by Google, therefore, it cuts out the need for plug-ins. Furthermore, because it is owned and powered by Google, it integrates very well with other Google products such as YouTube. Most importantly, Google has great customer service and a plethora of information on how to manage the backend. Did I also say that Blogger doubles up as a website and blog, coupled with it being easy to have an element of eCommerce.


Jessica Rhoades from Create IT Web Designs:

Brizy is a newer website builder on the market that has a vast amount of functionality. They’ve simplified website building with creative and beautiful templates. I find it quick to build a website on Brizy along with it being SEO friendly.


Aaron Smolen from MyBestWebsiteBuilder:

While this might not come as a surprise to anyone, to this very day, Shopify is still the best website builder, both for small and bigger businesses alike. The builder comes packed with a variety of different designs and templates, is extremely easy to use and manage, and has various sales and product management tools integrated within. Shopify sites also boast an amazing 99,98% uptime, with the most basic site taking below 2 seconds to fully load! While pricing might be a bit above what many would expect out of a builder, granted that it’s a sales-oriented platform, the prices really do make sense. Also, you can choose a plan depending on the size of your business, and take it from there. An all-around amazing tool for eCommerce-oriented business development!


Harris Brown from HFB Advertising:

This is a very easy and intuitive website builder to use. A long list of features to use that will enhance your site capability. Everything is easy to understand and they have customer service help if you run into any kind of trouble for assistance. You have total design freedom to create anything you want and even templates if you need a helping start. Also, have a great designer section by professional site designers if you need the extra help. You will be covered from a desktop to a responsive mobile website that is professional to present to your clients. The best thing is that hosting plans are already included in the price.

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