9 Cyber Security Services that Small Businesses Should know about

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4 years ago

If you are looking into investing in cyber security to protect your small business then these are the services that you should be aware of. There is a service for any kind of small business below, so take a look.

PPC Protect

This product was recommended by Neil Andrew from PPC Protect

Small businesses across the world rely on digital ad spend & media spend to attract new clients, especially on the Google Ads platform. However, what they don’t realise is that they are likely victims of silent ad fraud, and it could be costing them up to 30% of their advertising budgets. This occurs when bots, scrapers, competitors or malicious web traffic clicks on the businesses paid ads, driving up costs and inflating KPIs/metrics. With PPC Protect, businesses can automatically stop this illegal activity and ensure they aren’t part of the $25bn lost globally to ad fraud every year.

Sentinel One

This product was recommended by Milan Baria from Blueclone Networks

SentinelOne is next-generation protection which uses a single agent with small footprint to combat live attacks (zero day threats) with roll-back capability. The platform make available intense forensic data should an attack take place with the ability to roll-back a compromised system and stop it from infecting other computers on the same network.


This product was recommended by Jean Le Bouthillier from Qohash

Qohash, Quebec based cyber-security organisation on a mission to bring digital trust, security and availability of data assets. Qohash have launched their first commercial data security solution, aimed at protecting financial institutions and their sensitive financial data. A recent Risk-Based Security report showed that data breaches went up by 33.3% over 2018, so here’s where Qohash comes in. With a focus on performance, their solution provides lightning-fast and accurate sensitive data classification with support for data risk management and compliance; they aim to significantly reduce the threat of insider breaches for financial institutions.

Spark Databox

This product was recommended by Anantha from Spark Databox

Spark Databox, an online learning startup that offers online courses and certifications on advanced technologies like Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Programming and Scripting, and more. We recommend your readers taking this Master Cyber Security online training which will help them master Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. This course starts from scratch, learn how to use basic UNIX commands after setting up UNIX.

Then, we will learn and create secure penetration testing environment in our own virtual machine and begin footprinting, scanning, and website penetration testing. We will also cover man in the middle attacks, system hacking, WPA2 wireless network cracking, and python programming fundamentals. In the end, we will be creating our own pen-testing tools featuring a keylogger, reverse shell, and bruteforcer and become a real “Ethical Hacking Expert”!

This course is designed for beginners.


This product was recommended by Carmine Mastropierro from Mastro Commerce

Morphio is an AI-driven security software that automatically discovers risks, security flaws, and human errors. It uses technology like predictive analytics, machine learning, and anomaly detection to do so. This allows businesses to focus their effort on important projects and tasks instead of constantly monitoring for problems. Additionally, Morphio is capable of discovering lucrative opportunities to increase revenue like profitable customer segments and channels.

WipeDrive Small Business

This product was recommended by Paul Katzoff from WhiteCanyon

WipeDrive Small Business is the perfect software to erase your old laptops, servers and desktops before you donate or resell them – PROTECT YOUR COMPANY’S PROPRIETARY INFORMATION!

It’s quick and easy to use and is certified by all the major agencies/industries.


This product was recommended by David Walter from Electrician Mentor

Comodo is great if you’re cybersecurity solutions aren’t that expansive, as it offers most of the basic stuff. And pricing is very budget-friendly. You can get services such as malware prevention and app shielding, along with free antivirus and firewall protection, along with many other benefits. It’s a great option for businesses whose cybersecurity needs are rather general and basic in nature.


This product was recommended by David Walter from Electrician Mentor

ESET is more geared toward folks who need a more comprehensive solution. It’s essentially a one-stop shop.. It offers various bundles of services that can help you protect your computers and mobile devices, and it can protect email accounts and file servers. You can also customize what you buy in an a la carte fashion if you have more specific needs.


This product was recommended by Konstantine Zuckerman from CYBRI

CYBRI offers Virtual CISO (also known as a fractional CISO) that is targeted towards small businesses. This offering is designed to provide an experienced CISO who works in a part-time capacity, which is most cost-effective for SMEs.

Small companies can’t fully utilize a CISO who works full time and lacks the ability to keep up, however, a vCISO gives them the ability to have a flexible, yet accessible, CISO who can help them when they need it. In addition to flexibility, the cost savings from a fractional CISO allows smaller businesses to utilize CYBRI’s network of U.S.-based experienced CISOs, who normally would be too costly to hire. Many SMBs find this to be the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice quality or cost.

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