A Comprehensive Guide to Thermo Compression Bonding Technology

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3 years ago

Thermo compression bonding technology is the most efficient and effective process to connect two ultra-fine wires of similar or different diameters and materials. Besides connecting two similar wires in diameter and material, this process also allows the manufacture to join a wire with another 12 times thinner wire and of different materials.

In order to join two wires, traditional soldering and welding methods were very common. However, for connecting ultra-fine wires that are about 9 microns in diameter, the Thermo compression process is the most useful method. Then again, the demand for microscopic and miniaturized parts for components, such as transducers and sensors is increasing and for building these components, it is required to connect ultra-fine wires. Traditional soldering and welding methods are not useful to overcome the constraints of ultra-fine wire connections. Therefore, besides using the Thermo compression process, the manufacturers also require using state-of-the-art micro-motion position and controlling systems.

In the case of connecting two ultra-fine wires, several physical and environmental factors create constraints for the final component. Therefore, to overcome these constraints and meet ultra-strict tolerance requirements, we can not rely on the traditional methods for joining ultra-fine wires.

Thermo-Pressure Bonding Connections

With the help of the compression bonding technology, we can have several useful connections, such as

  • The connection between ultra-fine wires and miniature copper thermocouples.
  • The connection between two different metals of the micro-coils with the help of thick intermediate wires to a printed circuit board.
  • Using the metal-plated terminals, connecting a support system with the micro-coils.

Advantages of Micro Compression Bonding

Micro compression bonding technology offers several advantages, such as-

  • This technology relieves strain at the joints.
  • Noise levels can be reduced by the Thermo pressure bonding.
  • The production process becomes very safe with this technology, and it eliminates the risk of damage to sensitive components.
  • Thermo compression bonding technology helps to offer corrosion-free and highly reliable joints.
  • As this technology can easily integrate with mass production, manufacturers can minimize the production costs with the help of this technology
  • The automated manufacturing process of this technology helps to avoid human errors.

Traditional Methods and Constraints

The two major traditional methods for joining ultra-fine wires were-

  • Welding method that involves melting of the metals using an electric current, and
  • The soldering method includes the application of an external heat source and a filler metal to the joint.

However, there are several physical constraints and other issues associated with the traditional methods, such as

  • The traditional methods can destroy the ultra-fine wires due to heat spread.
  • The ultra-fine wires and surrounding areas can be oxidized.
  • Traditional methods can cause degradation and physical strain in the connections. Therefore, the traditional methods can affect the reliability of the connections.


Thermo compression bonding technology is effective to prepare active implants and navigation and orientation sensors. In the case of therapeutic applications, for instance, to prepare the devices for electricity-based ablations and electrophysiology treatments, this technology is useful. Thermo compression bonding technology has substantial applications in diagnostic, orthopedic, and dental treatments.

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