A Concise Guide to Planning a Company Fundraiser

A Concise Guide to Planning a Company Fundraiser
5 months ago

Regardless of the charity, or the specific individual you are tasked with arranging a fundraiser in aid of, it can often be somewhat difficult to ascertain where to begin.

With that being said, continue reading to discover a concise guide to planning a company fundraiser for maximum results.

Involve Your Employees as Much as Possible

Not only is it perfect for promoting your event, but keeping your employees not only updated on your fundraising efforts and actively involving them every step of the way is crucial.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of fundraiser to suit both your cause and your company, there are a wide variety of different types, but if you are looking for memorial bricks near me, then this is something that every single employee can get involved with.

Book the Venue ASAP

As with any other event, personal or professional, when organizing and hosting a charity fundraiser, the venue itself should be one of, if not the, very first thing you decide upon and arrange.

Ask yourself some basic questions regarding your specific needs and requirements and form a venue shortlist based on the following:

  • The maximum capacity of the venue
  • The licenses held by the venue
  • The size of the actual area you are looking to hire
  • The amenities included within the space
  • The possibility of hiring the venue’s staff if you need them
  • The availability of required equipment such as a sound system

Advertise & Promote Your Fundraiser

Depending entirely on the number of people who are taking part in actively raising money for the cause, you may well have the guarantee that friends and family members will donate and/or sponsor, which is an excellent start.

However, you will want to promote your charity event as much as possible and you should start promoting your fundraiser and acquiring donations and sponsorships as soon as possible.

As you are raising money for a good cause, whether that be for a person who is currently experiencing hardship or problems with their health within the company, a local child who needs help with their medical treatment, or else an established charity, you need to use every means necessary to promote your event.

The Event Itself

Once you have promoted your event as much as humanly possible, the venue is booked and your employees are raring to go, on the day of the event itself you will want the day, or evening, to run as smoothly as it possibly can.

Ensure that all of the public areas are clear and clean, you have as much branding and promotional material around the venue as is usual and you have appointed a member of your team to take care of the cash box, float, and any receipt books.

Additionally, give enough time for a thorough morning briefing before the event begins to check that all sound equipment and other technologies have been tested and are working properly and you have all the documentation you need to bring with you.

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