Benefits Of Using Text-To-Give To Raise Funds

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2 years ago

Text-to-give strategy has been with us for some time, with many fundraisers reaping its benefits. It is, more or less, a means through which funds can be collected from donors. This giving method became popular after the sad Haitian disaster in 2010. It is now vastly used by several non-profit organizations during their fundraising campaigns.

That should tell you there is something about the text-to-give option – and this is worth exploring. In this article, we dwell on the benefits of the text-to-give fundraising and other relevant areas.


The number #1 benefit of using Text-to-give is that it brings to the fore is convenience. Donors can easily make their donations from anywhere – no holds barred. Distance is hardly an issue when one uses this particular mechanism. 

Text-to-give removes the bottlenecks associated with the conventional ways of raising funds. For instance, the need for things like fundraising envelopes is eliminated with text-to-give. Donors do not have to struggle to get their donations (in physical cash) across to you. Again, you won’t have to wait for days before retrieving funds donated through the text-to-give mechanism.

Paves Room To Include A Specific Call To Action

Another thing text-to-give does is that it allows you to include a call to action in the message body. This is an essential part of text-to-give. You can be sure of sending pointed messages to prospective donors with text-to-give activated. Your audience won’t read a text-to-give request and confuse it for something else.

You may, however, have to learn how to draft a concise message as the number of words/characters allowed might be limited. It is even good to know that many providers present clients with templates of the fundraising message to send. This provision will make your work easier and save you some time.

Allows You to Receive Repeat Donations

The possibility of getting repeat donations is increased with text-to-give. This happens as donors will readily have your text-to-give information saved on their phones. Moreover, text-to-give numbers are usually short and easy to remember. It is against this backdrop that the text-to-give mechanism may help in building a strong network of lifetime donors. 

But then, finding ways to keep such donors posted on your fundraising projects will be helpful. You may need to encourage them to join your fundraising campaign page on social media.


Text-to-give fundraising mechanism certainly ticks the right boxes in terms of cost. For one, you do not have to break the bank to have one set up for you. More so, the charge for the service is usually within the reasonable or affordable limit. There are a few text-to-give providers that deliver incentivized services at no extra cost. You can look out for any of such providers.

Still, on its cost-effectiveness, text-to-give is easy to manage with no stress or delays. Furthermore, this method of raising funds is quite secure, which cuts out the concerns over data tampering. In essence, your data or those of the donors will never be in harm’s way. 

Encourages Quick Donations 

One cannot discuss the benefits of text-to-give without hinting at how it allows for quick donations. This is all thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones. Donors can conveniently press and dial the required button – provided they already have your text-to-give details – and get funds transferred to you. 

More extensively, text-to-give allows donors, who might have been discouraged by the rigors of traditional old-time fundraising mechanisms, to get in the flow. The chances of losing interested donors are minimized by using a text-to-give strategy. Impulse giving is even more realizable due to the promptness of text-to-give. 

The Best Times To Use Text-To-Give

Text-to-give fundraising idea cuts across periods, occasions, and events. It has become that significant in the sphere of fundraising. Besides, its effectiveness speaks undeniably, and many fundraisers can attest to this. So, let us now consider some of the best times text-to-give can be viewed as a fitting fundraising mechanism: 

Charitable Organization Fundraising Campaigns

Charitable organizations attempting to raise funds for relief purposes can leverage text-to-give. This will ensure that they get the needed funds as quickly as possible. They can easily have their text-to-give details shared on their social media pages. This will be more successful if the fundraising goal and organization’s vision are communicated. 

Church Donations

Churches can also utilize text-to-give as they look to generate funds for their projects. With such a strategy, churches will be better positioned to receive funding from non-members – and members too. People do not have to visit the church to drop their donations. 

The text-to-give method will enable churches to receive tithes and offerings from members who may not be physically present in the church. This is even more appreciable when one considers that several churches have extended their services to virtual spaces after COVID-19.   

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns come with substantial financial weight. This explains why individuals vying for political offices sometimes embark on a fundraising drive. And, text-to-give will, no doubt, do them a lot of good in this respect. 

The text-to-give information can be displayed on branded items – shirts, caps, etc. – volunteers go on fundraising rallies. It can be incorporated into social media posts, campaign websites, and so on for increased awareness.  


The benefits gotten from text-to-give cannot be waved aside. No serious fundraiser will undermine the value of this giving mechanism – the jury is certainly out there. That said, if there’s a fundraising resource you have to consider as you aim for success in your campaign, then it should text-to-give. It has justifiably become the leading choice in the fundraising communities today. 

Nevertheless, you should endeavor to do your due diligence to reap the many benefits. This should begin with you reviewing the different options of text-to-give service platforms or providers. You will also have to work on the message you will be sending out. Additionally, you should form a habit of following up on the donors. You will not regret using text-to-give if you put these details into consideration.

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