Best Cities for IT Specialists in 2022: A Data-Backed Analysis

Best Cities for IT specialists in 2022: A Data-Backed Analysis
2 years ago

Today let’s look at such an important detail as to where does an IT specialist live best? We all want a beautiful life, but it’s pretty hard to decide where it’s best. For example, you can be inspired by a beautiful house on some website, but you do not know if it will be profitable for you to live there and earn money?

That’s why we’ll devote quite a bit of time to such an interesting question so that you’ll have an easier place to relocate. Some of these cities are known to everyone, but some will surprise you. So let’s dive into this topic.

Main Findings

It probably won’t be a secret that Seattle, San Francisco, and New York are cities of advanced technology and big names. No wonder they come to mind when you think of a successful career as a software developer. But it’s also worth considering that these are some of the most expensive cities to live in the United States.

Well, let’s delve into this question and identify the winners. We’ll run through not only cities in the United States, but also look at other places in the world where we’d like to live and work. Do not forget to pay attention to what well-known companies have their headquarters and offices in a particular city. It also has great value in choosing a place to work and live.

However, it’s worth remembering that this is a list of the best cities in general, but that doesn’t mean that any of these places will be right for you. Perhaps the best option for you would be houses for sale in Honolulu, which you can view at Who knows, maybe a pleasant city on an island will suit you better than a large and noisy metropolis.


Of course, our list is opened by such a wonderful city as Seattle. It has long rivaled Silicon Valley as the best place for IT professionals, and quite successfully. Another interesting fact is that Seattle is the home of Microsoft, but that’s not the end of it. It is also home to such famous companies as Valve, Amazon, and many others, which makes for a gigantic demand for specialists. Yes, wages in this city may be a little lower than in San Francisco, but it benefits from the fact that housing is affordable and the cost of living is not high.

San Francisco

We just can’t talk about IT professionals and not mention Silicon Valley. So let’s focus on it a little bit. Oddly enough, San Francisco has more IT professionals than any other city in America. According to a recent Glassdoor survey, the city is the 2nd highest-paying for IT professionals, with more than 3,500 job openings in the city alone. Also, consider that some of the most famous and successful companies in the technology industry are located here.


Berlin is also the birthplace of some of the world’s technology giants. This city is a treasure trove of knowledge and an ecosystem of start-ups, where the demand for IT professionals never fails to grow. Moreover, life in Berlin is cheaper if we compare it to San Francisco or Seattle, which also makes it attractive to experts.


Oslo can be called a fairly promising city for living and working IT professionals. The companies that have opened here have very quickly made this city one of the best places to work in the field of technology. Although it lags behind San Francisco and Seattle in terms of salaries, but you can get a more diverse work and life experience here. While it’s a great city to work in, job opportunities here are still limited.

Tel Aviv

Are you familiar with companies like Microsoft, Google, or IBM? All of them have offices in this city, and many other successful companies have offices here as well. This is definitely a big plus, as their presence makes Tel Aviv one of the main places of work for IT professionals. Also here the salaries are high, but the standard of living is quite acceptable.


We looked at the best cities to work and live with IT professionals that will allow you to reach the next level. While money is not the only factor to consider when it comes to where you want to live, it is undeniable that money is an important part of the equation. We hope we’ve given you some food for thought about where you’d like to live financially. 

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