Best ERP Software and Solutions For a Construction Company

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4 years ago

This article showcases our top picks for ‘ERP Software For Construction Company’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Lucas Robinson from Crediful

The #1 Cloud ERP in the world, Oracle NetSuite has built-in business intelligence, reporting, and renders real-time visibility across your organization. Providing a combination of financial management, CRM, project management, inventory management, and a robust network of partners and customers, NetSuite enables the industries to reduce IT costs, unleash growth, and eliminate operational incompetence- allowing you to focus on revenue-generating choices, rather than your back-end systems. NetSuite, though not designed for the construction industry, is a solution that is flexible enough to deliver. With the help of a skilled implementation partner, construction firms can get exactly what they need from this product.


This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

Offering supply chain management, manufacturing, and sales and marketing features, Epicor is a market leader in construction ERP solutions. It can be installed locally, self-hosted, or be used on the cloud. Epicor is highly customizable; users should take advantage of their add-on modules for CRM, QPM, and PLM, especially. Epicor is made by, which prides itself on tailoring software solutions to each company’s needs. Pricing starts at $4,000 and scales with each added module.


This product was recommended by David Wolverton from Uncommon Developers

WorkerSense provides you with actionable health, safety, and production-related insights via a wearable sensor platform that uniquely engages all parties on-site, from the project management team, to the workforce itself.

Cerebrum Infotech

This product was recommended by Ganesh Verma from Cerebrum Infotech

Cerebrum Infotech, a leading custom software development company. Cerebrum cater to every small detail and you can rely on us for tailor-made software solution, especially as per your business requirements. Cerebrum Infotech has clients around the world that vouch for exceptional services of the company.

Jonas Enterprise

This product was recommended by Oren Falkovitz from Jonas Construction

Jonas Enterprise is a market leading all-in-one construction ERP that is designed to simplify your processes and help you run a more profitable business. This complete solution boasts features such as accounting, job costing, work orders, document management, payroll and more. Jonas connects all your employees, software, and data—so everyone on your company has access to everything they need on one platform.

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