Best Promotions To Increase Holiday Sales

Best Promotions To Increase Holiday Sales
3 years ago

It can be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses to keep up with the intense holiday sales that big-box stores offer. If you’re not even sure which discounts to offer this season, consider choosing from these best promotions to increase holiday sales. These deals are what customers engage with most during the holiday shopping season.

Exclusive Discounts

Hands down, discounts are the way to go when it comes to holiday promotions. You may not make as much off the same product when selling it at a discount, but these promotions have the potential to bring in more customers and more purchases per customer. And even if you can’t run heavy discounts season-wide, consider offering a flash sale or limited-time sale to increase customers’ sense of urgency.

Free Gifts

Free gifts are a great perk to offer your customers during the holiday season. You could add in an extra product with any purchase of a certain amount. Additionally, consider creating branded merchandise to give away with your customers’ in-store purchases or online orders. Everyone loves merch, and it will be an opportunity to increase your customer appreciation and brand awareness in one. You could even embrace some unusual designs to help promote your retail store, like going all-out with seasonal clichés like ugly Christmas sweaters or festive hats.

Free Shipping

If you have an e-commerce store, don’t underestimate the power of a free shipping promotion. Free shipping offers can be useful for increasing sales any time of that year, but they’re especially effective during the holidays. If you can’t afford to give free shipping to all purchases, consider offering it to orders over a certain amount. This incentive will also encourage customers who might be close to that free shipping amount to purchase an extra product or two.

Offer your customers these best promotions to increase holiday sales this year. These deals are some of the best you can offer, resulting in the highest customer engagement and overall holiday sales. So if you need some last-minute sale ideas, consider adding these promotions to your marketing.

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