Business Process Automation – Why Does It Pay Off?

Business Process Automation – Why Does It Pay Off?
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2 years ago

With every year, business process automation becomes more and more significant. The interest in it has grown especially during the pandemic, when companies which had already taken steps towards the digital transformation of their activities coped much better with, for example, the mass shift of employees to remote work. Further research in automation shows that companies which make use of the newest technological advances are much more competitive than organizations which did not yet decide to take that step.

Why is it worthwhile to automate business processes?

Business process automation is the future of the functioning of companies. Its implementation allows to make almost every aspect of a company’s operation more efficient and to improve it in many respects. Its main aim is the replacement, improvement, and support of work performed by a human. It concerns mainly the tedious, monotonous, and repetitive actions which, due to their specific character, are especially vulnerable to the so-called human errors. Their occurrence negatively affects the functioning of a company, introduces needless chaos, generates additional costs, and causes the work to slow down.

Business process automation makes it possible to avoid this risk, and its implementation allows to improve work efficiency, speed up the servicing of processes, as well as improve the fluidity of the company’s operation. Implementing business process automation also makes it possible to carefully trace and often also redefine the processes, which introduces a whole new quality of work and allows to eliminate any problems that make it impossible to set a right pace and efficiency of work. It is also the important first step towards a successful digital transformation of the entire company, this transformation currently being a peculiar “life or death” issue in the exceedingly competitive world of business.

How to automate business processes? What tool to choose?

Business process automation makes it possible for the company to focus on generating added business value, on building a competitive advantage, and on a better performance of everyday work. But utilizing the full potential it offers is possible under certain conditions. One of the key issues which one has to keep in mind while considering the implementation of automation is choosing the right software for the enterprise. This is because the huge interest in automation and digital transformation among business users have resulted in a widespread availability of digitalization and process optimization systems. But is each of those systems a solution worth investing in?

Not necessarily, it turns out. A good-quality, future-proof BPA-class system should comply with certain criteria. It has to be an easily scalable solution and to offer key digitalization and business process automation functions. At the same time, is should be a solution that is simple and accessible when it comes to operation also for users who do not have coding skills. All those criteria are met by state-of-the-art low-code platforms which offer business process automation and make it possible to quickly and easily build business applications perfectly fitted to companies’ needs – without coding.

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