ClickUp Vs BQE CORE – What’s The Difference?

ClickUp Vs BQE CORE – What's The Difference?
2 years ago

Project management is a big process and it’s not easy. It can be a big hassle to track time, organize tasks, and follow up with the right people. Luckily there are many applications out there that can help manage projects. Both BQE Core and ClickUp have their own software solutions that you can use to manage your projects. So, which one do you choose? Let’s compare.


ClickUp is an online project management and collaboration tool designed to help businesses manage their projects and improve productivity. ClickUp software creates a digital workspace that enables teams to work together, set tasks, track progress, chat, and share documents—all in one place.

ClickUp Features


  • Views like the Gantt Chart, Calendar, and Kanban Board so one can get a clear picture of what needs to be done when it’s due and who has been assigned what.


  • ClickUp’s Automations let you automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on the things that matter. Use pre-built automation methods or customize them based on your needs. Moreover, you can automate any task, from sending reminders to your team members to updating clients and making invoices. You can also automate common tasks like sending out invoices and reminders, updating clients, adding new team members, etc.


  • Templates save time and improve efficiency. You can easily create lists, views, tasks, docs, and more. Use templates to manage common workflows. Share templates with your team members so that everyone can quickly create the same information at once.


  • ClickUp allows you to create connections between tasks, documents, integrations, and more. You can create a visual database of everything you need to complete a project. You can also use them to connect tasks, making it easy for your team to see how one task leads to the next.


  • ClickUp integrates with your favorite apps and services. ClickUp’s integrations are easy to use and help you stay organized and productive, whether you’re working on a team or flying solo.

Collaboration Features

  • Collaborate on your projects with built-in whiteboard tools. Draw on the canvas and add comments as you go.
  • Add comments to any page or directly on an image or file attachment. 
  • Check the content and approve changes before they’re published with proofing tools built into ClickUp.
  • Share files via email directly from ClickUp.


  • Docs feature is a great way to collaborate with your team and clients. With Docs, you can create, share, and edit documents. You can further create documents on the go, share and edit your notes, and ideas, or research with others in real-time.


  • Dashboards bring important project indicators into one place. You can see what’s going on in real time, so you always have an idea of who’s working on what, when they started working on it, and how much time they have left until completion. You can also create custom reports by filtering out specific information or creating filters based on specific criteria (such as due date or assignee).

Time Management

  • The time tracking feature allows you to keep a track of all your tasks and projects. You can see the status of each task or project such as completed, pending, and due dates. The time tracking feature also allows you to add multiple tasks to the same project, which helps in managing them efficiently.


BQE Core is a time tracking service that is part of a combined software platform that also incorporates features around expense tracking and project management (PM) as well as invoicing and accounting.

BQE CORE Features

Project Management 

  • The project Management feature is used to manage multiple projects and resources, and monitor the progress of the project. It helps you to track project status and see risks, deadlines, budgets, and deliverables.

Accounting Feature

  • Accounting helps you manage your projects by providing detailed information on costs, expenses, and other aspects of your projects. It is designed to help you make informed decisions in real time by providing up-to-the-minute information about the status of your projects.

Reporting and Analytics 

  • Reporting & Analytics feature provides a real-time and historical view of your organization’s data, helping you identify trends and patterns to make better decisions faster. This feature is designed to be intuitive so that even the most novice users can quickly find what they need.

Time and Expense Tracking

  • Manually tracking employee hours can be a huge burden on organizations. It’s not just inaccurate – it’s also inefficient, which slows down your business’s cash flow. Time and expense tracking solve these problems by streamlining the process of entering data into an online system, so you can focus on running your business.

Billing and Invoicing

  • This feature provides the ability to create invoices and bills using various templates. The invoice template can include multiple items, each item with a description and price.

Human Resources Feature

  • Human resource is a critical function of every company. With this feature, you can automate and streamline people management by integrating your HR processes with your other business systems, so you can get a complete view of employee information in one place.


  • The CRM module allows you to manage the entire customer lifecycle from pre-sale, sale, and delivery to post-sale support. The system lets you track your customers’ activity and automate your process.


  • BQE CORE is designed to provide all of the features you need to run a successful business. But we also understand that at times you may need additional functionality to help you run your operation more efficiently. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to integrate BQE CORE with key tools such as Quickbooks, Office 365, Dropbox, and more.


The two software programs are quite different. BQE Core is a powerful time-tracking and project management service that is part of a comprehensive software platform for accounting, project management, and expense tracking. BQE Core can also automatically send invoices to clients and track employee productivity and performance.

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management software that allows users to create tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, and break down tasks into subtasks. It offers integrated features for managing employees and projects and is integrated with QuickBooks, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

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