Common Pallet Racking Mistakes That Can Damage Stock

Common Pallet Racking Mistakes That Can Damage Stock
1 year ago

When it comes to a warehouse or storage area, learning how to best set up your racking is important for your business’s success. Good pallet racking can significantly improve efficiency and productivity across your entire storage area. However, bad racking mistakes can damage your stock and lead to money loss. Consider some of the common mistakes people make in the racking area.

Narrow Aisles

One issue that a lot of storage places struggle with is limited space between their pallet racks. This makes it difficult for workers to navigate and move pallets, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries during regular operations. To prevent this problem, you should only use about 25 percent of your space for racking, and the rest should be for your workers.

Improper Rack Size

Racks come in many different styles and sizes to accommodate the variety of products on the market. Using the wrong size can lead to injuries and broken stock as pallets overfill or slip inside the racking. This is why you should learn how to choose the right pallet size, so you can use pallets that match the size of your racks and vice versa.

Incomplete Inspections

Every storage area with racking should run regular inspections of their workspaces. Equipment breaks down and items shift, which leads to dangerous situations for both your stock and workers. That’s why weekly inspections are so important to catch and correct any hazardous situations that might arise.

Minimal Traffic Flow Control

Some common mistakes that leads to property damage are those bumps and accidents that occur as workers navigate the aisles of pallet racking. If you can create a proper traffic flow in your storage space to help workers maneuver without running into each other, you can reduce damage to your stock. Try using signs to help guide workers through your aisles safely and efficiently.

These changes will help reduce a lot of the common issues that cause property damage in your warehouse. Additionally, your employees will be safer as they avoid accidents and have enough room to work. This is why avoiding these mistakes is so crucial for the growth and health of your company.

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