Could a second ‘Zoom Boom’ create new investment opportunities and startup growth in the beauty industry?

4 years ago

Reece Tomlinson, Profit 500 business leader and CEO of cosmetic treatment firm Uvence, discusses why an innovative approach to beauty could offer long-term growth as pandemic changes look set to stay.

Since the UK went into a national lockdown several months ago, lifestyle changes such as working from home and Zoom meetings have resulted in a major shift in attitudes towards our physical appearance and the use of cosmetic treatments. Nearly 50% of the UK’s workforce was working from home at the height of lockdown, navigating hours of Zoom meetings which can often lead to intense periods of self-reflection. With millions of people now more conscious than ever about how they look, cosmetic treatment clinics such as the Cadogan Clinic in London are seeing a 100% increase in bookings compared to this time last year.

While the mental strain of working from home, or not working at all, takes its toll on individuals across the country, millions have spoken out about the impact this is having on the way they look. Recent figures found that over 6 million (14%) of British people believe they look at least five years older due to the stress the pandemic has caused them, with over one-third of Brits reporting clear premature signs of ageing, particularly around the eyes. This phenomenon of the ‘Zoom Boom’ has led thousands more people to undergo cosmetic procedures in recent months, contributing to an industry which is already increasing by at least 5% each year.

Now, with the introduction of a countrywide three-tier COVID system in place and an increasing likelihood of home-based working remaining for the foreseeable future, there is considerable potential for new innovations and approaches in the beauty and wellness arena to enjoy dramatically increased demand. One such example of an innovation in beauty is Uvence (, a treatment which offers a 100% natural biofiller (purified and cryogenically preserved extracts of a patient’s own tissue) to induce skin repair and rejuvenation.

Having launched during the national lockdown, Uvence already boasts an extensive waiting list, and is in the process of rolling out its on-demand, natural skin rejuvenation tool to clinics across the UK.  

Reece Tomlinson, CEO and co-founder of Uvence, discusses their breakthrough into the beauty market at an unusual time for the economy, and discusses the new investment opportunities in the beauty arena:

“We have been aware, for some time now, of the rapid growth of the beauty industry during recent years. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, and with many people having culture changes such as working from home, the beauty industry’s growth has sped up at an exponential rate. The first ‘Zoom Boom’ boosted the cosmetic treatment arena and the wider beauty industry massively – now,  with the changes in work and lifestyle brought about by the pandemic seemingly here to stay for some time, there is ample opportunity for new technologies and approaches to flourish, creating more investment opportunities in the sector. 

With this in mind, Uvence launched our innovative new approach to cosmetic treatments to considerable success, in a resistant industry which, rather than being negatively impacted by a global crisis, is continuing to grow. As more people deem cosmetic treatments as an essential purchase, the opportunity to present a natural alternative is significantly prominent.

Uvence is a major breakthrough for the cosmetic treatment industry, eliminating the need for synthetic substances and instead focusing on the rejuvenation powers of our own bodies. I am incredibly excited to be part of this innovative approach to beauty, as the industry is set to see more growth over the coming years.”

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