CRM Implementation in Business – Customer Relationship Management

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Industry CRM takes into account functions that simplify the work of a sales manager with a specific product, solve certain business processes in a given industry. But at the same time, the number of users of industry CRM is less than the number of users of universal systems. This means less investment in the product and fewer updates.

What CRM functions will help develop a business

CRM is a sales manager’s customer relationship management method. The use of business process relationship management systems is a doubly successful methodology, because it allows not only managers to manage clients, but also the manager to manage personnel. If you correctly regulate the entry of information into CRM, then you will be able to “read” the thoughts of the sellers.

What does this mean: often in a scheduled task, the manager writes “call the client”. The employee fixes such a plan without thinking. And if the plan says what he wants to get, he starts thinking, “What can I negotiate with the client?” Thus, the manager can “read the minds” of the sales manager, analyze weak points and bottlenecks.

The CRM system and email marketing software for small business also helps in setting up a sales funnel. And they, as you know, cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand: there are marketing funnels that, based on past experience, help analyze where you need to reduce the cost of a lead – this is a retrospective funnel.

And in sales, you need a funnel that looks forward, that is, prospective. Thanks to her, in the middle of the month, the manager understands whether the company will fulfill the plan or not. Such a funnel must be factual, that is, there must be a condition for the transition of the transaction from stage to stage. It is difficult for a manager to make a mistake in this case. So, for example, agreeing on technical specifications, conducting an audit, signing an agreement is a fact. Thus, if the funnel is prospective and factual, then the company will easily enter the plan.

Another CRM function allows you to distribute and transfer customers from manager to manager. From practice I can say that one manager has up to 500 clients. The question arises of how an employee can communicate with so many clients. It is obvious that making even three hundred calls a day is an impossible task. The manager must contact someone in six months, and call someone several times a day. In this case, it is important that in CRM there are only those customers with whom we are working closely.

CRM and CRM nonprofits allow you to automate your routine. Processes such as invoicing, sending out a brief, and preparing a quotation can be configured in CRM.

How to customize CRM for effective use

A mandatory function for the comfortable use of the CRM system is the separation of access rights: the manager must see only his clients, and the head of the sales department must see the clients of the department only.

Setting up a prospective fact funnel is easy. It is only necessary to rename the name of the stages, they must answer the question: “What am I doing now in this transaction?” And if the name of the stage is not a status, but an action, it will become much easier for the sales manager to navigate.

The funnel should have 4 to 7 stages. Less than 4 is too coarse division, and more than 7 – the funnel will become too branched. In the latter case, it will be more comfortable to use a checklist.

Accounting for key indicators for CRM – these can be indicators of:

  • intensity (calls, meetings);
  • performance indicators (sales plan);
  • intermediate or leading indicators (the client signed the terms of reference). The manager must first of all establish these indicators, and the manager must enter information on them in CRM.

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