ERP Systems That Small Businesses Will Find Useful 2021

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5 years ago

ERP systems help to keep businesses organized and ensure that all business operations are running smoothly. However, small businesses and start-ups may find it difficult to discover systems that are within their budget, useful and efficient. Below are flexible systems that small and new companies will find particularly useful.

#1 NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP
Who suggested this product?
The NetSuite ERP was recommended by Sanjay Patoliya from Teclogiq. You can find out more about Sanjay Patoliya here or read their product recommendation below.

NetSuite provides a flexible business solution that is cost-effective and can scale to the needs of a fast-growing company. It is able to streamline front and backend processes and comes with all the necessary tools to help you manage critical areas of your business like accounting, finances, inventory, resource planning, payroll, HCM and more.

NetSuite ERP is a modern, cloud-based ERP platform designed to scale as your business grows. The product is from Oracle which guarantees that you get only the best software from a global leader in business technology solutions. NetSuite’s ERP system is being implemented by more than 16,000 enterprises of various sizes and industries in more than 160 countries, earning for it the title of the world’s most deployed cloud ERP solution.

NetSuite ERP brings you all the tools and modules you need to automate business processes such as accounting, demand planning, manufacturing operations, billing and invoicing, financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, warehouse administration, and inventory management. It provides you full visibility into all functional and operational areas across your the organization through KPIs, business intelligence, and accurate reporting. These are intended to guide you in making well-informed, data-backed decisions.

Small Business Benefits:

  • Business finance made simple through automation and a fast, proven solution.
  • Real-time insights to give you a complete picture of your business.
  • Grow new products, channels, and markets with agile features and capabilities.
  • Get rid of on-premise IT costs with an ERP system that is flexible, scalable, and always current.

#2 Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics
Who suggested this product?
The Microsoft Dynamics was recommended by Syed Ali Hasan from Film Jacket. You can find out more about Syed Ali Hasan here or read their product recommendation below.

If you want to drive rapid growth then try out the Microsoft Dynamic 365 designed to improve the financial system and meet specific business growth. The software comes in five products to support SME’s projects. The best ERP software for medium-sized and small-sized business. Available in different pricing plans.

#3 LOCATE Inventory

LOCATE Inventory
Who suggested this product?
The LOCATE Inventory was recommended by Scott Yoffe from LOCATE Inventory. You can find out more about Scott Yoffe here or read their product recommendation below.

A small startup with 15 employees that launched in early 2017, LOCATE developed a cloud-based order/inventory-management software platform that’s perfect for SMBs looking to remain in the QB and QBO ecosystem and we’ve recently expanded our offerings to integrate with XERO as well. LOCATE is a GREAT tool for SMBs, particularly in the warehouse and e-commerce space.

#4 Odoo

Who suggested this product?
The Odoo was recommended by Mihai Corbuleac from StratusPointIT. You can find out more about Mihai Corbuleac here or read their product recommendation below.

What I believe to be a very powerful ERP solution, developed for small businesses, a tool that ensures mobility and functionality without spending a fortune is Odoo. You can easily migrate to Odoo and you can create your own module/s, or hire someone to create one for your business, due to the open source nature of the software.

The company improves the software several times a week and with thousands of prebuilt apps such as a website builder, recruitment automation software, project/sales management, accounting, automated invoicing, marketing tools etc. in their app store, adding major functionality and workflow is quite simple. The open source nature of the code makes it one of the most flexible ERP solutions on the market.

Who contributed to this article?

Sanjay Patoliya from Teclogiq

Syed Ali Hasan from Film Jacket

Scott Yoffe from LOCATE Inventory

Mihai Corbuleac from StratusPointIT

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