EXCEL Diabetes Case Podcast: A Must in Your Radar

EXCEL Diabetes Case Podcast: A Must in Your Radar
3 years ago

Throughout the history of diabetes care, there has been a tendency toward developing new tools, methods, and measures to assist individuals with diabetes and healthcare professionals in their attempts to control the condition as effectively as possible. Recent advancements in the digital learning paradigm for diabetes treatment are ushering in a new era of care. To enhance access to the value embedded in this new age of care, physicians’ experiences assessing, using, and benefiting from applying diabetes treatment approaches must be understood. Diabetes clinical knowledge and practice is astounding, which can be perplexing for physicians attempting to develop the best therapeutic regimen for a specific patient.

Your universe is only growing busier as a result of such challenging scenarios driving your professional practice. Consider your hectic schedule of patients, conferences, and peer meetings. At the midst of all of this, the only free time you may have is when driving to your clinic or hospital, resting with a cup of coffee, working out in the gym, or going for a stroll in the garden! Would you like to turn this “me time” into a real “me time” that you use to strengthen your clinical practice? Do you want to learn more about difficult diabetes cases? What if you had a hands-on platform where you learn about clinical real-time cases and peer experiences?

Well you’ve arrived to the right place. Whether you’re searching for in-depth talks on difficult situations, astute advise on clinical practice, or decision-making, there’s a time-efficient method of communication available in the shape of a podcast. A diabetic case podcast curated just for you. EXCEL is a 10-15 minute podcast in which prominent Endocrinologists and Diabetologists from around India explain a practice-changing case, what they learnt from it, and clinical pearls and pitfalls that you can apply on your next shift. At its finest, tacit knowledge exchange.

Tune into the EXCEL podcast with prominent Endocrinologists and Diabetologists, to learn about clinical real-time cases, peer experiences, and more about difficult diabetes cases.

Catch the EXCEL podcast episodes from the below channel:

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