Expand Your Landscaping Business With These 9 Extra Services

Expand Your Landscaping Business With These 9 Extra Services
6 months ago

The landscaping industry continues to be highly competitive. With a low barrier to entry, more and more companies are testing out their landscaping skills. The best way to stand out in the market and gain a competitive edge is to offer services that others don’t. Consider these nine extra services that you can offer on top of regular lawn care to generate more revenue.

Tree Care

Most vacant and residential lots have trees, making it a potentially profitable service to add to your list. You might offer tree trimming, brush mowing, or tree removal services. Depending on your location, some tree services may require special equipment or skills. It can also be helpful to do some research to understand the tree types in your area better. Proper care of trees typically depends on the type of tree and your local climate.

Yard Cleanups

Many landscaping companies limit their services to ongoing lawn care. Yard cleanups are also highly in demand. A yard cleanup may include getting an overgrown lawn in shape before then moving to an ongoing service. It might also include removing trees or bushes to start over with a fresh landscaping design. Effectively clearing lots will typically require special equipment and heavy machinery. Additionally, yards may sometimes include more difficult barriers, like garbage or disposed of household items. Cleanup crews must also take special care to avoid electrical, phone, or water lines.

Weed Control

Weeds are a common problem in most climates around the United States. Left to grow, weeds can quickly take over a resident’s yard and may even make it difficult for flowers or vegetables to grow successfully. Offering weed control services on top of routine landscaping services can be a great upsell that many customers will likely take advantage of.


Lawn fertilization uses special equipment and products to encourage the grass to grow. Landscaping companies can add this to their list of services to help residents with patchy or brown grass. Some customers may also be interested in one-time fertilizing services, especially in peak fertilizing season or when attempting to sell their home or buy a new one.

Land Clearing

Land clearing involves removing any leftover debris following a construction project. A homeowner may purchase a vacant plot of land in which they can build their dream home. Offering land clearing allows you to monetize removing trees and other shrubbery and gives them the room they need to build. Land clearing services may also include removing grass, sand, rocks, or other debris left over after a large-scale project.

Offering land clearing services requires special equipment. While your crew may be able to remove some quantity of rocks or debris using large commercial-grade buckets, this leads to a slow, time-consuming process. Investing in a skid steer bucket for sale allows you to speed up this project. You can also choose from a wide range of bucket sizes to offer even more hardscaping services, like compacting, digging, or grading.

Pest Control

The outdoors and pests go hand in hand, and while routine landscaping and yard maintenance are important in controlling pests, they’re not always enough. Add one-time or ongoing pest control services to your offerings to help customers stay pest-free. Your crew is already at the customer’s home completing regular landscaping tasks, so adding one more can be a cost-effective way to earn more.

Landscape Designing

Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful yard, and while regular lawn care is an important part of that, it’s not the only step. Buying the right equipment and landscape software design programs can help make a beautiful lawn a reality for your existing customers. Consider adding services like 3D landscape, Japanese garden builds, or brick paver designs.

Curb Appeal Service

Curb appeal is an important part of selling a home. Marketing your services to those planning to sell in the next couple of months can help you generate more business. Offer to assist sellers in boosting their curb appeal, being sure to highlight the benefits of a professionally maintained lawn during the sale.

Garden Cleaning

Garden cleaning services help homeowners either design or prepare to put in a garden. It doesn’t take long for a garden to grow out of control, and some homeowners may be willing to pay to get it back under control. If you have any horticulture experts on your team, you could even offer gardening consulting services.

Most markets have a large demand for professional landscaping services. But, with so many landscaping companies, it can be difficult to earn enough for a successful business. Consider adding additional services and revenue streams, including pest control, gardening, or hardscaping designs.

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