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Experts Endorse These 3 Medium Business Accounting Software Packages 2020

by David Friedland
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Without a good track of accounts, business suddenly crumble and fall without warning.
We’ve reached out to business experts who’ve been at the stage where they could called their business medium sized. As accounting became even more important, they successfully picked the accounting software that has worked for them.

Look at each description to see which software fits your business, and bring your accounts up to scratch, with these proven systems.

#1 Xero

Who suggested this product?
The Xero was recommended by Gene Caballero from GreenPal. You can find out more about Gene Caballero here or read their product recommendation below.

Xero is the best medium business software on the market. It gives us direct feedback from banks, software applications, and all other of our financial institutions to let us know exactly where our finances stand. It also allows to track each employee to see who is spending what–if any issues are raised, we are alerted immediately.

#2 FreshBooks

Who suggested this product?
The FreshBooks was recommended by Pratibha Vuppuluri from She Started It!. You can find out more about Pratibha Vuppuluri here or read their product recommendation below.

One of the best medium business accounting software for me is FreshBooks. It’s like a one-stop-shop for small and medium businesses. The app is very reliable and it makes the most complicated accounting operations bearable. FreshBooks delivers accurate billing, invoice-to-payments tracking, flawless reporting, as well as online payments and alerts.

#3 Sunrise

Who suggested this product?
The Sunrise was recommended by Melanie King from Lendio. You can find out more about Melanie King here or read their product recommendation below.

Sunrise is the first freemium bookkeeping software to meld accounting, loan and credit information into a single platform. A user-friendly billing and expense tracking solution, Sunrise gives business owners more accurate, real-time insight into their business finances and allows for more streamlined accounting, invoicing and reporting. In turn, business owners can better visualize their cash position and predict their future capital needs. Sunrise also has integrated access to capital through Lendio’s marketplace of over 75 business lenders.

Sunrise comes in two versions. The first is a free plan that removes unnecessary enterprise features and allows businesses to do both cash and accrual-based accounting. More cost-effective than alternatives on the market, a paid subscription to Sunrise allows growing businesses to expand accounting capabilities. And by leveraging Sunrise’s tech-enabled bookkeeping experts, business owners never have to reconcile their own books again.

Who contributed to this article?

Gene Caballero from GreenPal

Pratibha Vuppuluri from She Started It!

Melanie King from Lendio

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