Experts Tell us the Best CRM Software For Customer Service

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Customer Service. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Sylvia Manman Kang from Mira

The best customer service software is the one that covers multiple channels and platforms- email, chat, voice, web, mobile and helps you seamlessly manage all these customer interactions in one place That’s why i think HelpCrunch is the best customer service software.. It’s live chat, in-app messenger, emailing, and help desk in one solution.. It’s good for lead capture, website visitor engagement, customer support, and sales (both reactive and proactive). In order to get the best results, it’s better to set up personalized proactive messages, event-triggered email campaigns, reply fast, and speak in a friendly, conversational style. HelpCrunch offers a whole set of tools to speed up your service- video and file sharing, typing insight, saved responses. You can track your agents’ performance via customer ratings. In sum, this tool is able to boost your conversion by 20–30%. And if you hire agents that are able to chat with several customers concurrently (3–6 ), you will cover a lot of customer cases with just a few agents.


This product was recommended by Alex Libutti from 5W Public Relations

For a one-liner, I would like this: – a system that gives studio owners the tools they need to grow their business through relationships and to make contacts with members more meaningful, streamlined, and personal via integrated messaging, scheduling and payments. The company was founded by Andy Swansburg who came up with the idea after spending hours helping his mom run her yoga studio and realizing there had to a better way to build relationships, other than manually.

Giraffe Window Cleaners

This product was recommended by Filip Duz from Giraffe Window Cleaners

Our office/customer service staff used Crmble in our early days. Its a free CRM that plugs into Trello. For smaller organizations, this is an excellent place to start with a CRM. It’s very easy to use, and very customizable.


This product was recommended by Kelsey from CocoSign

Bitrix24 is a CRM application with multiple channels for customer support. If you provide customer support through Telephony, you can even rent the phone number from Bitrix24 itself. It can be used to interact with customers as well as within the team itself.


This product was recommended by Kelsey from CocoSign

Great interface that comes with a lot of features. There is also the option to track the customer’s happiness with the application or with the support itself. Comes with a vast knowledge base and help guide so the customer support team can find the answers they are looking for.


This product was recommended by Kelsey from CocoSign

A great CRM for customer support that comes with reporting features. Features like multi-position management make sure that customer tickets can be handled on various levels based on the requirement. Also comes with web forms for online form filling.


This product was recommended by Raghav Dudeja from PandaTechie

I work in a multinational conglomerate, manufacturing tyres, with 5000+ employees. We use Salesforce as our CRM for customer service and I highly recommend the same because: 1. Highly customisable: The biggest USP of Salesforce would be that it is highly customisable. With little to no knowledge of coding one can personalize the software to suit their needs. 2. Plug and Play: Out of the box features of Salesforce are amazing. As an example it has something called Action Logs, so anytime agent feels he needs to raise a concern, he raises it via action logs and it escalates after a set period to next level if left unnoticed. 3. Console: The ability to create Salesforce apps in a UI format is unique. I can create beautiful dashboards with entire customer info on a single page. All in all, my experience with Salesforce has been great.

Agile CRM

This product was recommended by Atta Ur Rehman from Gigworker

If you are someone looking for an all-in-one CRM that includes sales, and marketing, etc. in a single platform, you have come to the right place. The agile CRM is your all in one go-to software that has easy sales tracking, web statistics, multiple directed emails, and other essential customer service programs in a more modern and simple user interface for easy use.


This product was recommended by Atta Ur Rehman from Gigworker

If you are a tourism professional or run a travel industry business, look no further than the tailor-made CRM software ‘Emerald’. Emerald records all customer-related activities from day one. Additional features include its modular design that can be customized for various individuals’ needs and access to detailed customer data through a centrally controlled system.

Free CRM

This product was recommended by Atta Ur Rehman from Gigworker

Free CRM by Congmento is specifically designed for the people and businesses that do not want to invest much in CRM software. It is a cloud-based free solution CRM program that stores and manages sales data, voice, SMS, emails, social accounts, and other company contacts and deals.

Zoho CRM

This product was recommended by Marc Fishman from Call Center Sales Pro

Zoho CRM has helped our business by saving many hours of manual data crunching by automating tasks and eliminating manual reporting. With Zoho CRM’s automation features such as workflows, actions, and functions, we’re able to take complex processes and key them to our necessary timelines. It’s streamlined our sales and implementation process by orders of magnitude unforeseen with any comparable business platform.

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