Experts Tell Us the Best CRM Software For Home Builders

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2 years ago

This article showcases our top picks for the best CRM software for home builders. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Isaul Carballar from CODESM Marketing

GoCRM is the only customer relationship management solution that takes on a full-funnel approach by combining powerful marketing and sales features. This means you get a robust platform that supports scalable business growth, streamlines sales processes, and enhances the overall customer experience. GoCRM is designed to help home builders increase conversions, optimize sales tactics, and streamline sales processes for higher ROI and easy sales.

Contractor Foreman

This product was recommended by David Shell from TradesmenCosts

If you’re looking for an estimated solution dedicated solely for builders, then Contractor Foreman is for you. The tool is also an integrated cloud-based project management tool. It offers a dashboard that is customizable and comes with data about metrics. Through the app, you can monitor your employees’ whereabouts, local weather, calendars, corporate notes, and appointments. It also has a tracking capability that lets you track time, progress billing and reports, and reimbursements. The program also helps you maintain OSHA 300 logs, add safety topics, create safety meetings, and more. Contractor Foreman is the greatest tool that any builder should have.

Pipeline Deals

This product was recommended by Gian Moore from Mellowpine

Pipeline Deals is a really great CRM software, ideal for home builders, especially small businesses.Although it misses a few of the integrations an expensive software like salesforce has, it does almost everything else really well without breaking the bank. Pipeline deals is really easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface. It also has a smooth onboarding process. It integrates really well with most email providers and data can be exported with just a few clicks. The support personnel were always able to resolve any issue quickly.


This product was recommended by louis Vierra from Vierra Fine Homes

Strukshur as the best in modern day Construction project management software. The Platform is a cloud based web application, it is integrated with Pinterest has been ranked in the top 10 in the U.S.Strukshur is free to start for Homeowners and Professionals. Your Project remains active forever and becomes your living Manual for warranties, remembering your paint colors and finishes etc. Pro plans range from 10$ a month to several hundred depending on the needs of the company.

UDA Construction Online

This product was recommended by Aqsa Tabassam from Adjustersladders

UDA ConstructionOnline is a software uniquely designed for building and construction jobs. It allows you to share pictures and site drawings on the software. It gives you access to comprehensive estimating with the help of accounting tools. UDA has multiple tools to assist builders, but the purpose of ConstructionOnline is inbound marketing and customer relationship management. This software enables file management, project scheduling, prospect communication, and change order management. The software offers three different pricing plans; firstly, the Pro plan costs $200 monthly, followed by the Team plan, which is at $400 monthly, and the Business plan, which is billed monthly for $600. The Team plan of the software is the most used and highly recommended.


This product was recommended by Werner Jorgensen from Tooleto

Impriveit360 provides multiple solutions for larger remodelers and contractors focused on improving their data tracking and business decision making. One aspect of the software is the CRM. The Imporveit360 CRM allows users to track and manage leads along every step of their buying process. The automated activity tracking in the software saves you time; it collects lead information electronically and takes the burden of lead management off your shoulders. The software allows you to have a free demo, followed by charging you $150 per month per user.

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