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This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Logistics. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Faizan Fahim from ServerGuy

Pipedrive is a user-friendly CRM solution for logistics. The intuitive design, with overly simple drag & drop feature, ease the management. My favourite feature of Pipedrive is rot visibility, & the contact timeline it shows. It also integrates with Gmail, that helps in connecting with the prospect seamless.

Agile CRM

This product was recommended by Will Cannon from Signaturely

Agile CRM is one of the most useful CRM software for a logistics business. It was developed to make the whole sales lifecycles more efficient, with features like sales enablement, social suite, marketing automation, and web engagement. Special features include communication and pipeline management, lead scoring and tracking, marketing automation, project management, and help desk tools. It’s excellent for logistics businesses wanting to handle major business functions, from prospecting to customer support, in one platform so they have more leverage over their clients’ experience throughout the sales cycle.


This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

Maximizer CRM for Logistics Industry Professionals gives you 360-degree visibility into your business. Replace the functions of disparate systems and databases with a comprehensive customer service module that tracks and logs customer telephone conversations and packages alike. Anywhere, anytime web access, management, drivers, and sales staff can view all customer records and details in real-time.


This product was recommended by Arnold Chapman from ELDFocus

The best asset logistics and tracking company management software is the JungleWorks. It helps manage your deliveries and pick-ups with preciseness and briskness. You can stay updated with their all-inclusive dashboard that will provide you with accurate ETA calculations. It will also let you track every fleet and re-route when necessary. You can easily monitor key metrics, manage returns, and preserve transparency. The app also has a real-time in-app chat and will aid you in managing your customer relationships.

Freshworks CRM

This product was recommended by Andrew Conrad from Capterra

Why do we recommend it: Because of its advantages such as- – Custom fields, modules, and reports – AI workflows and sales sequences – Predictive contact scoring and lead generation – Sales goals tracking and forecasting

SAP Cloud

This product was recommended by Yoann Bierling from New Simple As Possible ERP

SAP Cloud covers the whole SCM Current trend to move to web based solutions and to work remotely has made it more relevant than ever to use Cloud software, the SAP Cloud suite includes everything a company needs to manage its whole supply chain, from logistics to human resources. The logistics side of the product includes all the standard tools necessary to handle any business process from procurement, production or delivery in and with any country, currency or unit of measure, and it is flexible enough to customize any specific needs of internal business units. The migration can be facilitated by the internal interfaces already present, and given the track of records and client base, it can manage any company from small business to multinationals, ease integration with partners, and has a good outlook on decades of past experience and future updates.

Attivo All-in-One

This product was recommended by Len Reo from Attivo

Seeing the many shortcomings of typical process improvement software, Attivo specifically designed Attivo All-in-One, a comprehensive software solution with a built-in CRM, to simplify process improvement for businesses with one integrated, affordable, and customizable solution. This tool helps businesses streamline operations, increase efficiencies and inventory turns, reduce manufacturing lead-time, and improve customer service. More than ERP alone, this collection of integrated systems and services eliminates inefficient islands of automation and error-prone manual spreadsheets to help youanswer the million-dollar question, “How can technology help you achieve your business vision?”

StockIQ Software

This product was recommended by Jatin Kumar from Software Advice

Key features – Supply chain planning, demand planning, supplier management and procurement, proprietary demand forecasting algorithm, purchasing module, order cycle intervals, holidays and delivery schedules, promotion management, inventory management and much more. Pros: a) The software is feature rich. They are very good at forecasting methodologies. The people are very customer focused. b) Excellent filtering and graphics helps us to accurately forecast our product needs. Great staff and they are very helpful and worked with us to configure the software properly for our usage.

Hybrent Software

This product was recommended by Jatin Kumar from Software Advice

Key features – Order supplies, manage inventory, and control overall supply spend, Integrate with accounting, create custom reports and much more. Pros: a) I really enjoy having all orders on one dashboard to be able to view and manage. The support and customer service is also amazing! b) Hybrent is very easy to use to place orders and I find all of it’s features to be very user friendly.

Elinext CRM

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Elinext CRM that allows our clients to keep their customers contented and provide them with an exceptional experience. Empower your business with a robust solution with CRM development services offered by our teams.

Creatio CRM

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

CRM Creatiooffers a vertical-specific solution to nimbly manage interactions with customers, streamline critical business operations, improve the efficiency of the transportation processes, and reduce manual work for your frontline staff.


This product was recommended by Ishita Kaul from Best Gift Ideas

Simple, elegant, and adaptable. The software has a very minimalistic design and is focused solely to organize logistic data and manage customers for logistics. And the best part is you can access this software anywhere.

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