Experts Tell us the Best Monitor For Home Office Use

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Monitor For Home Office Use. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor – U2719D

This product was recommended by Matthew Digati from Pro Real Estate Photo

I’m a real estate photographer, so I needed a large monitor with great graphics, but I didn’t want to break the bank. I purchased the Dell UltraSharp 27” Monitor and have loved everything about it. It has great sharpness, as it’s name would suggest, and is big enough for all of the photo editing that I need to do. At only $400, it was cheaper than the other monitors I was looking at, but still provides excellent quality graphics. It also looks great in my home office thanks to its sleek and simple design. Highly recommended for those that need high quality graphics for photography/design work.

Dell 27 LED Backlit LCD Monitor

This product was recommended by Jacob Dayan from Finance Pal

If you are looking for something that is not too expensive but is worth your cost for everyday usage, then the Dell SE2719H 27-Inch 1080p Monitor would be a great choice for you. The screen has vibrant colors thanks to the IPS panel and the 1080p resolution makes text look clear and sharp to read. If you aren’t needing to use the monitor for editing or gaming, this one is amazing for home office use and is also under $200

Dell Ultrasharp U2720QM

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

Dell Ultrasharp U2720QM monitor for home office offers 27 inches of crisp display space. The best Dell monitor for the home office supports HDR, high dynamic range, which means more visible detail, especially in the darker areas of the screen.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

The Odyssey G9 offers an astounding 32:9 aspect ratio, driven by a company known for its pin-sharp panel innovations. It’s got a curvature of 1000R, which matches the human eye and keeps the entire image at the same distance to minimize eye strain, with great peak brightness and reflection handling perfect for those well-lit office appointments.

BenQ PhotoVue SW321C

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

It offers a 32-inch 4K 16:9 display with 10-bit color depth and 99-percent Adobe RGB, 100-percent sRGB/Rec. 709 and 95-percent P3 color spaces, as well as HDR 10/HLG Support. The soft-matte IPS panel resists reflection and supports many software/hardware calibration tools.

LG Electronics UltraGear 27GN750-B Monitor

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

LG 27GN950-B’s “Nano IPS” panel can achieve a 144Hz refresh rate (overclocked to 160Hz) and 1ms response time, which is ridiculous for a 4K monitor. It is both G-SYNC and FreeSync—offering flexibility if you do decide to purchase a top-shelf graphics card, but is a solid performer with low input lag right out of the box, offering multiple calibration presets and customizable parameters.

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27

This product was recommended by Andrew Martins from LVBet

This monitor is slick, sharp, and incredibly pretty. The display is of incredible quality, and 4K can really manifest itself with beautiful, full colours very nicely here. While it’s more on the expensive side, if you’re going to be staring at it for 8 hours a day, it’s well worth investing in it. Also, since I have multiple monitors on my desk, its slim design makes for a great fit.

BenQ PD2500Q 25 inch QHD 1440p IPS Monitor

This product was recommended by Martin Kristiansen from Home Studio Ideas

The benefits of working with the BenQ PD2500Q boil down to one thing: more space, and minimal eye movement from left to right. It really depends on the type of content you work with. I’m writing and examining large sections of text and code which makes it faster and easier, with increased productivity as a result. You’ll get much focused and have less strain if you scroll down the text rather than side to side.

Dell P2721Q Ultra-Thin Display

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from HomeInsuranceRates

This monitor includes all the functionality and convenience features you need for a home office. The USB-C port allows you to connect all your peripherals to your monitor with one wire, keeping your desk free of messy wire clutter. Image quality is superior in this monitor thanks to 4K resolution. The anti-flicker and reduced blue light emissions features help prevent your eyes from getting fatigued. You can adjust the monitor with tilt and swivel options so you can see it clearly while sitting ergonomically.

HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

This product was recommended by James from GiftASoldier

The HP VH240a is a Full HD monitor that delivers a clear, beautifully bright image. The sleek ultra-thin bezel-less frame lends itself well to multi-screen setups and ensures you’ll enjoy a seamless experience that is stylish and not distracting. Its IPS panel allows you to view the image from all angles without distortion, while integrated speakers allow you to listen to videos and see them. This is the best monitor on the market for power users who want the best home office experience.

HP Pavilion 22CWA 21.5-Inch 1080p Monitor

This product was recommended by Stephen Light from Nolah

For less than $120, you’re getting a 21.5-inch full HD television monitor with an anti-glare IPS LED-backlit panel. It offers 178-degree viewing angle experience, which is perfect for sharing with a family of 10 people seated across the entertainment room.

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