Free Spins and Other Tricks to Win at Online Slots

Free Spins and Other Tricks to Win at Online Slots
3 years ago


Aiming for high returns when playing slot games need a lot of self-control, discipline, and getting a little lucky. As it is a form of gambling, there is no fail-safe way that lets you win big every time you play. Even the greatest gamblers know that there will be moments where losses are high. But there are some tips and tricks that can help you strike gold more than other people do at online slots, and which are safe for UK customers. From using free spins, sticking to your game plan to seeking advice from more experienced players, here are some pointers where you can learn how to win more than you do now.

Understand Your Bankroll

Before starting on any slot games or going to a casino, set a budget on how much you can gamble. It is crucial to have a great bankroll so that you have enough money even after a few bad runs until you begin winning again. Professional gamblers all know that there is a guarantee to have a few losses. Only bet the amount of money you can afford to lose for good entertainment fun. Make sure to never bet beyond your own financial capabilities. Keep a healthy bankroll and you will have a good chance of winning more cash than you lose in the overall scheme.

Use the Bonuses

Many new upcoming online casinos are popping up every day with enticing prizes and bonuses offering to new players. Search for casinos that allow you to try their games before you buy so you can have a taste of how it would be like without putting your money in. Some casinos offer free slots or no deposit bonuses to give you a trial run before making an account or any real commitment.

A good example is free spins that online slots offer to new sign-ups. Although some require a deposit before they are awarded those spins, some casinos give legitimate free spins that require no deposit. These spins may require a turnover of a specific multiplied amount before you can withdraw your profits, but it is still a low commitment on your end. These free spins and bonuses can help you find the games you like before you put in any money.

Find the Best Slot Games

As we mentioned, there are many online casinos opening every day. In order to increase your chances at winning money, check out the slot games’ return to player percentage. Preferably, it should be above 95 percent as that is the percentage of the money played on the machine that will be returned to the players as prizes. There are a few slots that can go up to 97 percent but there are more slots that have a much lower rating.

It is good to keep in mind that these percentages are not applicable just to you playing but across the entire board of people playing the game. This means if you are losing, other people are most likely winning at the moment. The same can be said vice versa. Take note that playing a game with a 97 percent return to the player does not mean that you will win 97 percent of the time. It only means that you have a higher chance of winning compared to games that have a low return to player percentage. Researching each slot game can assist in your choices of games and help you win more than if you did not check.

Stick to Your Strategy

You could be tempted to change your bankroll and other betting limits that you have set at the beginning in order to win more. But raising or lowering your starting amount may give inconsistent data of your winnings. This hinders your strategy-making as your betting performance does not have a clear indication and you will not be sure if the casino you are playing in produces good returns or not. Never deviate from your starting balance and practice self-control so as to not lose all your money because of erratic betting amounts. Stick to your strategy and games you know well to win more and increase profits.

Play Around

That is not to say you should not look for more online slots. Online games usually give out free offers or demo accounts as mentioned before. These usually are given to new players so picking out some of these games and fully utilizing their bonuses can give you a boost in winnings. You could find various types of online games like poker or stick to the usual slot machines that are readily available in the market. There are tons of unique games ready for you to play around with and figure out your playing style. You may even stumble across an online game that you are good at that produces high returns.

Talk to Other Players

There are many blogs and chat forums formed just for online casinos. You can use them to ask different kinds of questions like tips to maximize your wins to which online casinos give the best returns for beginners like yourself. Gaining inside knowledge on the recent trends of how online casinos work can also help you rectify any misconceptions you might have had before. Finding out more from experienced players about their strategies and game plans can help you formulate your own unique one that fits your style. These are important information that can lead to more successful runs.


The online casino industry is becoming more popular which makes it the best time to start getting into them. These companies can only earn profits by making the online casinos fun and exciting to play yet still deliver returns to players that are satisfying. Even though many people believe that the players always lose, it is not entirely the case. Especially when players control their playing habits and stick to their game plan. Remember to check the terms and other conditions that each online casino has so that you do not get tricked by their marketing scheme. The strategies given above can ensure more winning hits than losses, proving many others wrong about online casinos.

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