Guide To Getting The Best Office Table Mat In 2021

4 years ago

Table mat are a great way to spice up your workspace and protect your table from everyday use.  They are one of those staple office accessories that serve a purpose and add a little bit of style at the same time.

Sometimes simple accessories like a table mat enhances your environment, which in turn, can help make you more productive.

Table mat have practical use as well.  The most common uses include protecting your table, preventing your keyboard from sliding around, and serving as a writing pad.

Best Office Table Mat In 2021

Office Desk Mat

Office Desk Mat

Desk Writing Mat for Office

Office Desk Mouse Mat

Desk Mat

Types of Office Table Mat

1 Vinyl table mat

This is perhaps the most common type. They are easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl office table mat may slight stick to the table surface while they are in use but they don’t pose the risk of damage that is seen with PVC table mats or some types of cloth table mats.

The drawback of vinyl office table mat is that they will absorb spills from being accidentally spilled on them.

2 PVC table mat

 – Is in better quality than vinyl office table mat in that they don’t absorb spills and they are much more durable. Pvc office table mat is also waterproof and oil-proof.

– Pvc office table mat can be used in high-traffic areas such as restaurant’s outdoor tables because of their resilience.

-Pvc office table mat are not the best choice for a tabletop where there are constant spills, like in an office, because they will absorb some spills. PVC table mats are also less expensive than vinyl table mats.

3 Cloth table mat

 Cloth office table mat is  the most delicate and will be damaged by the smallest spill and will need to be replaced if they are left on a table for more than a couple of weeks.

Choose an office table mat that won’t detract from your workspace by selecting one that provides a classy look but is also durable and has a specific purpose.

4 Custom table mat

 This office table mat is not limited to computer. For large tables and larger work-spaces, you might want to think about a custom office table mat.

A custom office table mat can turn your desk, eating table, or dining table. into a work station.

Special tables provide storage possibilities while still looking stylish. They allow for more desk space.

6 Foam table mat

 Foam office table mat emulate the feel of a real table mat but are more suited to irregular surfaces.

They do a better job at preventing the keyboard from sliding around desk. and they are more affordable than PVC office table mat and cloth mat.

What are the Benefits of Office Table Mat?

1 Protection

Possible spills on your table could cause damage to your workplace. Protect your table by using a office table mat. Mats prevent your desk top from getting scratched or damaged by spills and debris.

2 Durability

Having an office table mat will increase the lifespan of your office table. Mats are made of strong neoprene material that can absorb spills so that you don’t have to.

3 Style

Office table mat not only provides protection for your table but it will also add a touch of style to your workplace.

4 Leather

Leather office table mat looks great and is known to last for a long time.

5 Cost-effectiveness

Office Table Mat are budget-friendly and will save you money. They can also add extra value to your office.

What Features to Look for in an Office Table Mat?

1 Size

The size of the office table mat should be determined based on the size of your table. If it is large enough, you can pick a size of PVC office table mat that is larger than average.

2 Durability

Think about the overall life of the your office table mat. If you are going to be using your office mat for 10 years or more, it might be worth investing on a more one. Pouring drinks and spills may not happen often, but it is inevitable.

3 Style

Think about how you will personalize the look of your office desk. Do you want an office table mat that stretches across your desk or one that gives you a lot of surface space?

4 Leather

Leather office table mat looks and feels like a real table mat. They are also more aesthetically pleasing and more stylish.

5 Absorbency

When considering the various office table mat, one might want to consider how absorbent they are. The absorbent properties of the mat may described by its name.

For example, a cloth office table mat is less absorbent than a vinyl table mat and they are sealed better.

6 Graphics

If the office table mat of your choice will be affixed to a table surface, you might want to consider the graphics the mat has. Does it have a variety of geometric shapes that will enhance the look of your workspace?

Consider getting an office table mat with a variety of different designs such as the ones made by EMCO.

7 Padding

It must be noted that an office table mat will have some type of padding. Without the space padding it can be a little uncomfortable for the user.

8 Readability

The purpose of the office table mat is to help prevent spills from damaging your workplace, desk and keyboard. Some of the desks may be less readable because of the presence of the office table mat.

9 Cost

It may be useful to consider the total cost of the material that goes into making a specific office table mat. Cost is usually measured by the size of the office table mat.

10 Maintenance

It is also useful to consider how easy the office table mat is to maintain. The cost and maintenance requirements of your office table mat will also affect how often you have to replace it.

Is Office Table Mat Easy to Maintain?

For most users office table surfaces sound easier to maintain compared to really doing it.

People never really think about all the extra things that have to be done to maintain an office. From vacuuming the office table mat daily, to maintaining the fans and air conditioning unit, there are tons of little things that have to be taken care of.

Even for those who are on top of the maintenance process, there is always something else that comes up you may not have planned.

Where To Find The Best Office Table Mat?

1 Online Shopping

A lot of people think that they can’t find office table mat at a reasonable price online. But, they are wrong.

You can find quite a few ideas on online shopping on which office table mat you should get. There are many sites that offer different office table mats for office and business.

You can compare the best office table mats and decide which one is the right one for you.

2 Hardware Stores

A couple of hardware stores will have materials that can be used to make office table mat.

Old paint, scraps of materials, and other materials found around the house can be used to make office table mats.

Generally the office table mat should fit the table or surface it is to be placed on. So, you need some something else that is the right size depending on the type of surface to be placed on.

3 Other DIY

Home Maintenance and DIY website guide you on how to make your own office table mats from old carpet, scrap materials, and even other materials.

You should make sure that your own office table mat is not a pile of old materials that will look a mess, and it would be hard to maintain for a long time.

4 Don’t Abort It

Finally, if you are thinking about buying office table mat, you should not abort it. Many work stations may not look elegant because the office table mat makes is clumsy.

People who don’t buy an office table mat often feel uncomfortable in a workspace that doesn’t look formal and beautiful.

How To Select the Most Refined Office Table Mat?

1 Standard size

First, you need to consider the standard size of the table. If the table is small, you don’t need to get an office table mat that is too big.

The standard size of an office table is about 30 inches by 30 inches. So, if your desk is smaller than 30 inches wide, you’ll need a table mat that is around 21 inches, and if it is 30 inches wide, you will need around a 16 inches table mat.

2 Colors

There are different colors offered for office table mat. Think about the colors that you feel looks best.

Option 1 if you are having a little hard time finding the right color for your environment, you can consider sticking to the colors that the office provides.

Option 2 In additions to this, you can just try and see which colors are important for you. Lots of colors will give a refined look for your workspace.

3 Graphics

Some business will want to associate themselves with a certain in-house brand to stand out from other business in the area.

In addition to the standard designs for office table mat, some businesses will want to display a variety of different company logos which can be done through graphics on the office table mat.

You can get a transparent office table mat which has a variety of different logo, graphics, and bright colors.

4 Durability

Make sure that you are getting a durable office table mat. Choose the one with a durable material.

The material for the office table mat should be mildew resistant so that the mat lasts for a long time.

5 Printing

The material for your office table mat should have good printing in case you want to use the mat for printing.

The printing design can be used to draw out additional attention to the business.

6 Padding

Is the office table mat you are about to buy has the proper padding. The padding is important, since it will prevent the table mat from sliding.

Thinking about an Office Table Mat?

It was an exciting thought for the office to start the working day with a nice cup of coffee in your hand, now didn’t it? Well, unfortunately, if you are one of the many people who never thought about purchasing office table mat before, then you should probably start thinking about it.

After all, the office table mat is a vital part of your office. It is a relatively inexpensive investment that will serve you well in the years to come.

It is important to get a good one because different colors and designs have different uses in an office.

For any of you who are getting confused in picking the best office table mat, we have mentioned below some options that will help you in heading into the right direction.

If you are looking for an office table mat in a simple and stylish way, you can consider a leather office mat. They come in various designs and patterns that can help you to decorate your office quite easily.

You can also get an office table mat that is a complete and stylish fit for your office. These are available in a variety of interesting varieties and are a great trend in the modern workplace. So, there are no chances of you getting bored sitting in your office for a long time.

In case you have set up a little cafe in your office space, then you should also consider getting an office table mat that can fit up really well with the color theme of your cafe.

If you want to have a classy look in your office, then you can consider the best office table mat  that are available in different styles and designs.

These are available in a variety of different colors and designs that will really help you to stand out in a crowd. So, you can enjoy looking at them for a long time.


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