How Much Money Can I Save If I File For Divorce Online?

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10 months ago

If you have begun exploring your options for divorce, you will be aware that it can quickly become an expensive process. 

The cost of lawyer and court fees could be daunting for you therefore you might have considered filing for divorce online in order to ease the strain on your finances throughout the process.

If your finances with your partner are fairly straightforward and your divorce is uncontested, the dissolution of your marriage could be made simpler and cheaper to file for divorce online, reducing the need for a lawyer throughout. 

Using an online divorce service can certainly result in making the process much more affordable and can prevent the cost of legal processes being the barrier to you moving on with your life.  

This guide will help outline the key ways in which choosing an online divorce could save you thousands of dollars and how it could be the best option for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Divorced?

Divorces in the US cost on average $15,000. This of course means that some divorces in some states can cost much less, but when taken to court some cases can end up costing over $20,000. 

There are a number of factors which will affect the total cost, including how much is spent on lawyers, court fees and whether the divorce is uncontested. 

In complex cases when multiple court visits are involved, you can experience loss of income by missing work to be present at the trial. 

Furthermore if you have children, the cost of childcare during meetings with lawyers can soon lead to you experiencing financial strain. 

The cost of legal support often is the largest expenditure in a divorce. An experienced lawyer can charge as much as $500 per hour, which is substantially more expensive than filing on your own.

By getting an online divorce, you can avoid spending on unaffordable lawyer fees and take the process into your own hands. 

You can find out more about how much a divorce costs by visiting our helpful state-specific guides which also contain further information about how long the process can take, information on child custody and how community property is divided in the state you live in.

How Does An Online Divorce Service Work?

An online divorce service works by helping gather all of the necessary paperwork you need and getting it ready to be filed. Everything is put in the correct format creating a stress-free process before your forms are submitted. 

With your online account you are able to go back and make amendments at any time and have the help of a customer service team who want to make your divorce as smooth as possible. 

What Are Other Benefits Of Online Divorce?

As noted, it can be extremely difficult to manage applying for a divorce around your work commitments and childcare arrangements.

For instance if you work nights or need to pick up children from school, it can be difficult to find the time to file for divorce. With the online filing, you can complete the documents at a time that is convenient for you.

Filing an uncontested divorce online helps you to avoid time spent in court. You will only need to go to court if the judge finds errors in your documentation or feels as though your divorce is unfair to one partner. If you are thorough and you use a reputable online divorce service, it is unlikely you will need to visit a court for your case. 

Saving You Money For Your New Life

Filing for divorce online is simple. It’s much less expensive and significantly less stressful than filing for divorce the traditional way. If you’re able to effectively communicate with your partner, make online filing your first option.

While the costs for a divorce can seem high, an important takeaway is that divorce is still attainable and there are affordable options out there. Do not refuse to get a divorce just because you cannot afford it.

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