How New Technology Helps Recruit And Retain Employees Who Are Only Getting Younger

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After the 2021 “Great Resignation”, business owners are now struggling to find ways to retain top talent employees, and technology is the first adopted strategy in this regard.

Unsurprisingly, employers’ primary goal in 2022 is to hire the best of the best and then keep it. But this is not always possible, as the recruitment process is daunting and time-consuming. Besides, workers have started to demand more: more recognition, more flexibility, and more pay. This is especially true when it comes to Generation Z (or shortly, Gen Z), which accounts for nearly a quarter of the workforce, according to Statista. Outnumbering their millennial predecessors, young professionals have great expectations of employers and are likely to leave a company if it does not align with their needs.

This generation expects faster access to information in the workplace and instant gratification, and employers need to adapt to their requirements. This is where AI (artificial intelligence) comes into play. Due to the latest AI-based technological tools, modern employees now have the possibility to automate their tasks and stay focused at work. The latter is of the utmost importance in the global context, as a significant number of individuals these days put mental health and work-life balance first. To achieve this, businesses should explore the latest list of ats software to streamline their recruitment processes and free up valuable time for both employees and employers alike.

There is no doubt that technology is key to employee retention, so let us discover how you can take maximum advantage of it:

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New technology is crucial to recruiting Gen Zers

With the young generation making up the bulk of new employees, it is no wonder that most want to work in the tech industry. And no matter the chosen field, Gen Zers expect top-notch technology in the workplace. Not to mention that even before entering a company, these individuals ask and take into account what tech organisations have implemented. That is why businesses need to constantly look for ways to satisfy this new generation of workers and exceed their high expectations.

Out-of-date technology could be a sticking point for modern employees

If older generations, including millennials, have tolerated outdated technologies, there is no chance for the Gen Zers to do the same. Moreover, old-fashioned tools are likely to become a thorn in the side of young professionals, leading them to resign. Thus, ensure you get rid of inadequate technologies and implement new ones, as this can be a decisive move in retaining employees. Make sure you do not overwhelm workers with unnecessary emails, meetings, and mundane duties. The latter could be easily accomplished with the help of digital tools, which are now abounding in the market. So, take your time to research the latest technologies and think about ways these could benefit your business and employees.

What tech should your company consider to recruit and keep talent

Do you want to appeal to Gen Z? Consider the following tech trends that will take recruitment and employee retention to the next level:

Applicant tracking systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) should sound familiar if you have already embraced digital HR. If not, it is never too late to learn. Thus, an ATS implies a type of HR software that handles the job application process digitally. This technology has significantly reduced paper use and eased the HR professionals’ efforts, which is one of the reasons it is increasingly adopted within organisations worldwide. With the automation of most steps in the application workflow, the HR team can now turn its attention to reviewing applicants and choosing gifted individuals.

Software for payroll, billing and expense tracking is also of great help if you want to keep your employees interested in working within your company. Just imagine how easy it would be to have your payroll done each month without error: it is a huge advantage for both you and your workers who, remunerated as expected, will likely remain in your organisation. Software like Timesheet Portal, for example, provides all the above-mentioned features, plus employee onboarding, which makes new starter detail recording more accessible than ever.


AI-powered chatbots are already known for their undeniable contribution to fruitful digital marketing. Employers use them to reach out to users, and now there is an outgrowing trend to use them to attract employees. Chatbots provide consumers with valuable and actionable information about products and services. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, they can also perform candidate screening and offer potential workers updates on the status of their applications. Recruiters worldwide are advised to turn to intelligent assistants with solid conversational skills to gain candidate trust and deliver a smooth user experience. That confidence, in turn, will result in improved candidate engagement and increased completion rates.

Programmatic recruitment

This tech trend is going to increase in popularity, as there is a growing tendency among employers to develop ads on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or pages candidates visit frequently. This way, you draw users’ attention and have better chances of reaching them. It also reduces job ad costs, as no paper or other recruitment forms are involved.


The use of blockchain in the recruitment process is no longer a fantasy. Although it is not so popularised, it is believed to go mainstream in the near future. It can significantly minimise recruitment hassle, as employers can retrieve verified candidate information while complying with GDPR on data privacy. Talent acquisition (TA) departments can leverage this technology to gain verifiable candidate data like educational institutions, salary history, or background checks. Having all this information in place is imperious to hiring gifted employees, so blockchain technology comes to your aid.

Virtual reality

VR-based HR applications are making waves as they help improve the candidate experience enormously. It is an excellent solution to reduce the time and costs associated with flying candidates in. With VR, applicants can familiarise themselves with their future workplace and thus make informed decisions when taking the job. The future of virtual reality is still blurred, as it is pretty expensive to implement, but it is expected to have a real moment soon since an increasing number of entrepreneurs get to know its incontestable benefits.

It is time to adapt

Technology has evolved and, with it, employees’ needs. So, you have to adapt to the technological developments in order to recruit and retain competent workers. Acquiring quality talent is no longer such a challenge, but consider implementing the right technologies in this sense.

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