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How to Start Freelancing as a Web Designer

Many people see great potential in web design and planning their future in this field. There are creative and enjoyable positions for which you can develop your skills and find a niche that is right for your talents and abilities.

As an independent web designer, you can work from a coworking space, the comforts of your homes, or while on the move. In addition to this, a professional web designer is a high-paid position that brings in an attractive salary. If you want to find out how to become a freelance web designer, continue reading.

One of the main reasons beginning as a web designer is more accessible than before is that it is now much easier to use a website builder. The technical aspects of creating a website have been simplified, so the design tasks have become more important. If you want to build a website or microsite, you can do this in a short space of time. Remember to check out microsite examples before starting creating a website.

What does a web designer do?

The position of a web designer should not be confused with that of a web developer, as these are quite different. A web designer is involved in designing a website’s appearance from a visual and user-friendly point of view. On the other hand, a web developer deals with the back-end aspects related to servers and databases. While there are some crossovers between web designers and front-end web developers, web designers are more concerned with the artistic design features that appeal to visitors on an immediate level.

Web designers work on the design and layout of web pages, and they also optimize and upload web content to the best visual effect. It is useful for web designers to understand programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but this is not absolutely necessary. In 2021, freelance web designers can learn skills on an as-needs basis, and these are usually easy to pick up from online resources.

5 main steps to start a freelance web design career in 2021

You can begin your career as a freelance web designer by developing your skills and following the right steps.

Do your research

The first important step is to familiarize yourself with your playing field: resources, tools, market, and competitors. For learning more about web design and all related topics, there are endless online articles, courses, forums, and other web resources.

Find your niche

Now that website building has become an easy task for a wider range of people, those who are interested in becoming web designers will need to specialize. There are more opportunities for people to find their particular niche in an industry that is growing steadily. You can focus your skills and services by choosing a specific design style that will appeal to certain clients.

Price your services

All freelancers need to be clear about the services they offer, after which they can begin to put a price on each of these services. The most obvious way of doing this is with competitor analysis to see common rates in your field and location. Then you can decide if you are in a position to undersell your competitors or make special offers or bonuses that they don’t have.

Build your portfolio

The best way to attract clients is with an impressive portfolio that shows your style and what you offer. If you haven’t yet completed any paid assignments, you can always include your personal projects, websites you designed for friends and family, or unpaid work experience.

Market your talents

The next step is letting everyone know you are here and available for work. This means promoting your abilities and services through your website, social media profiles, employment platforms, and business listing sites. There are many platforms and boards where you can promote yourself and your business, such as LinkedIn, Upwork, or Fiverr. It is also recommended to be active on social media for extra exposure, and you can also contact clients directly if you need extra work.

How to create a portfolio

If you want to become a freelance web designer or start your own freelance web design business, you will surely need a portfolio. Creating a portfolio is an easy task using one of the online tools like Boxmode, Duda, or Yola.

These platforms allow you to choose the template that is most suitable for you. Many templates are specifically aimed at helping professionals develop their portfolios to showcase their best work and provide a way for potential clients to get in touch. In addition, they give you the chance to show your unique creative flair by selecting the fonts, colors, layouts, and other design features of your choice. Using a website builder is a great starting point to launch a career in web design.

For those looking for a fun and creative occupation that is easy to get into and make a visual impact, web design is the job for you. If you enjoy the freedom of working independently and being your own boss, you should think about becoming a freelance web designer.

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