How To Become a Motorcycle Pit Crew Member

How To Become a Motorcycle Pit Crew Member
3 years ago

Motorcyclists may get all the glory when they win a race, but there is an entire pit crew working behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. If you want your first steps into the motorcycle racing field, then you should think about joining a pit crew. Here is how to become a motorcycle pit crew member.

Learn the Motorcycle Essentials

It is one thing to be a motorcycle enthusiast who knows all the races, models, and statistics; it is quite another to have useful skills to contribute to a real motorcycle pit crew. As a thought exercise, imagine yourself in the heat of the sun on race day as your racer comes into the pit. What role do you play? How do you perform? What do you do on your off days? All these questions and more can help you find direction on a pit crew.

It is more than likely that you will work as a mechanic of sorts. Tires need changing, engines need checking, and tanks need refueling—enough work for an entire team each time the motorcyclist stops. The only way to get knowledge like this is by gaining hands-on experience with motorcycles. Try to get in with a local repair shop and work on as many bikes as you can. Learn your way around the vehicle until you know it like the back of your hand.

Complete Pit Crew Training

While mechanic school or tradecraft experience is great on its own, nothing can replace the job-specific training of a pit crew program. There are dozens of options around the country from which to choose, so find one that will teach you the specifics of motorcycle pit crew work. These programs range anywhere from eight to fifteen weeks, and you can go from simple mechanic to pit crew certified in no time.

Climb the Racing Ladder

The pit crew scene is competitive. There are hundreds of highly determined individuals who want the most coveted spots on the best teams in the best leagues. So, instead of vying for the top with a slight chance of success, work your way up the ladder. Start with smaller tours and grow accustomed to the pit crew life. Then, you can climb up to bigger circuits with higher stakes work.

Knowing how to become a motorcycle pit crew member can help you make it in the motorcycle racing industry. Who knows? Maybe after your time as a pit crew member, you will get started in motorcycle racing behind the wheels.

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